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Serial Female Robbery Suspects Caught on Video

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department detectives are seeking the public's assistance in identifying two armed robbery suspects.

Since November 25, 2007, two female suspects have committed numerous armed robberies targeting convenience stores in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding cities. In most cases, one suspect walks into the store and while pointing a handgun at the cashier, demands money. The other suspect stands near the door as a lookout and shouts out orders to the employees. Once they receive the cash, and prior to leaving the store, they order the employees to lay on the ground.

The suspects are described as one female White or Hispanic, 5’0-5’2, 110-130 pounds, 25-35 years of age and one female Black, 5’4-5’7, 130-140 pounds 20-30 years of age.

The female suspects wear hooded sweatshirts and commit the robberies during the late evening hours.  They are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Surveillance video is available through Media Relations Section 213-485-3586.

The Los Angeles Police Department is working in conjunction with the San Fernando Police Department, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, and Oxnard Police Department. If you have any information concerning these suspects please contact the Los Angeles Police Department, Robbery-Homicide Division at 213-485-2511. During off-hours or on weekends, call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).


It must be that time of the month for those girls. Imagine being married to one of them? Jeez!

Thelmaz and Louisa, Part Deux, the LA version.

Does anyone (including the police) believe it's time to BAN HANDGUNS ? While I think it is reasonable for citizens to own rifles, the proliferation of all these HANDGUNS, makes it hard to do business and for the police to do their job.

I'm thinking more like Ringo and Yolanda, with the female version of Ringo more calmly collecting the loot while Yolanda swears at the employees and barks orders at them hysterically. Let's hope the boys of Valley Bureau get to them before they run into Jules and Vincent.

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