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Vehicle Hits and Kills a Man

City Approves Signing Bonus of up to $10,000 To Help Grow the LAPD. $5,000 for new recruits, $10,000 for lateral officers

LOS ANGELES: With the signature of the Mayor, the LAPD now offers a signing bonus of up to $10,000 for qualified men and women to join the Los Angeles Police Department.

Paid for in part by a $1 million donation from Mercury Insurance, the Signing Bonus is the most recent action in the Mayor's push to put 1,000 new police officers on the streets of Los Angeles by the year 2010.  The LAPD Signing Bonus offers $5,000 to new recruits and $10,000 to returning LAPD officers and current police officers from other jurisdictions who join the Department.

“We at the Personnel Department are very excited to have the appointment bonus to help us in our effort to recruit and hire 780 police officers this fiscal year,” said Personnel Department General Manager Maggie Whelan.  “Working in close partnership with the LAPD, we are well over half way to our recruitment goal for this year and this bonus should help us reach our target.” 

"The Police Signing Bonus is another positive effort by the City to recruit the best and the brightest to become Los Angeles Police Officers,” said Chief of Police William J. Bratton.  “By being creative in our efforts to increase the size of the Department, were are ultimately increasing the number cops who will work hard to continue to reduce crime and make the communities of Los Angeles safe."

“Our ability to recruit and train new officers is the primary reason crime continues to drop in this City,” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said. “Mercury’s generosity will help put more officers on the street at a faster rate and at a time when we need them most.”

For more information on the signing bonus, testing and careers with the LAPD visit or call 866-444-LAPD.


The cash incentives are al well and good, but! Stop MISTREATING the Officers you have Chief Bratton or you are in for a lot more trouble with hiring than you could possibly imagine! Your rhetoric in roll calls is absolutely offensive, hostile, unjustified, irresponsible and would be considered misconduct if used by an Officer, Sergeant or Lieutenant! That would be filed under "creating a hostile work environment"! Last time I checked that was a Consent Decree No-No! At least that's according to the "LAPD E-learning" coarse you had us complete! Or didn't you complete that coarse? Morale IS one of your responsibilities, so take that under advisement, and tone down your hostile attitude towards the very Officers that are on the front lines! I know it's been a while since you yourself were on the front lines, but at least make an effort to appear interested in our plight! The pejorative tone in your responses to valid and respectfully asked questions is palpable and unwarranted. It make one wonder why exactly is it, that you are a Chief of Police if it pains you so demonstrably to have too answer questions, pertinent to your reason for being at the roll call in the first place? And questions I might add that are VERY important to the Officers and their families safety! And that, it seems, would be a very important issue to inform Officers of! Also a very important issued to inform inquiring recruit candidates of, don't you think?

Stay Safe Warriors!

Ed O'Shea

Anybody whose even thinking about joining the LAPD should have his or her head examined; unless of course you're already racist and corrupt or want to be programed to be that way. The LAPD is a very sick organization and the only hope is that Judge Feess never removes the Consent Decree!

Your joking, right? I thought $5,000 was a bit much for new recruits...but $10,000 for returning and lateral officers!?! It wasn't long ago that people actually dreamed of being police officers and worked their butts off to become one, without a bonus offer.
This will help with recruiting "the best and brightest"? Why don't you give a bonus to the "best and brightest" who are already here. The ones who continue to work hard day after day all the while being asked to do more with less. The point I'm trying to make is this money could be spent on better things...better equipment (i.e. better radios, better computers, streamlining the booking process, reducing paperwork, better work conditions.) Hire more cops, we don't have enough P-3's to train them. Thats why P-3's are constantly riding 3 deep with 2 probationers. Do they get paid a bonus? No. Gang officers (like myself) can't ride 3 deep because (these are the stupid reasons we were given) we don't train for 3 person tactics and we look too menacing if there are 3 cops in a car. We have to be subjected to a financial disclosure because we are all "dirty". We were directed to destroy all I-cards which are over 5 years old. (I-cards are used by gang units to keep vital information on gang members). So when a gang member goes to prison for murder and comes out 6 years later the new officers who are working the gang will have no knowledge who this gangster is when he comes out. Do we get a bonus for dealing with this BS? No. What about detectives who have a stack of cases on their desks which keep piling up because of all the new ones? Do they get a bonus? No. Patrol officers, who are the backbone of the department, the ones who do 90% of the work in the entire department who are asked daily for more citations, arrests, FI's, etc. Do they get a bonus? No. Do the supervisors who have the tough job of playing the middle-man between brass and regular coppers get a bonus? No.
Now don't take this as just a disgruntled employee rambling, I LOVE my job. It is the best job in the world. There is nothing better than stopping people, arresting those who can't follow the rules, stopping people from victimizing the innocent...The only time I'm unhappy in my job is when I'm dealing with department BS. When I go back to the station and asked why I didn't put a circular gang stamp on the front of my arrest report or why didn't I check that little box on the back of a 10.10. Why are you working that much overtime? Why couldn't you get code-7? Why did you warn that guy for a moving a violation and only give him a fix-it-ticket? Please just sign the financial disclosure so we know your not steaing money...just destroy all the information you have on this hardcore gang member because hes been away for 5 years...25 radio calls and only 1 ticket?...if the suspect is driving his car at you, just move out of the way...your sick? we'll send someone out to check that you get the point?
again, I'm not disgruntled, just tired of the BS. I'm not mad at Bratton. While at times I've completely disagreed with some things he has done, I believe he has good intentions and is doing what he can in a city that is so political. The ones who stay inside most of their careers are rewarded with the promotions and end up making the decisions that effect the ones in the streets. If you are going to make decisions that change the way street cops do their jobs, paramilitary organization or not, consult with the little people. If we object, ask us why. (i.e.Give me a real reason why gang officers can't ride 3 deep. I will do what I'm told, but don't dismiss me as stupid. The reasons I was given are not good enough. If a P-3 can ride 3 deep with 2 probationers then 3 seasoned P-2's can handle it.)
If the rank and file are happy then morale is up. If we are not happy then morale is down. A simple business concept. I firmly believe that the best recruiting tool for us is our officers. If we are happy we will pass the word around. If we are not happy then the word we pass around will not be good.
Besides, $5,000, $10,000 or not,if your looking at this job for the money your wasting your time.
To my second family...the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department, and all cops everywhere, stay safe.

Kudos P! That was OUTSTANDING!

To AGREE, LAPD does not "train" us to become corrupt and/or racist. In all my years on the job I have never even been offered a bribe. Do you know why? Beacuse the INTEGRITY of the MAJORITY of LAPD officers is known world-wide. No one would think of making such an offer because they would be arrested for said offer in a NY second. Racist? Why, because I arrest more Hispanics and/or Blacks? Do you know how many crime reports begin with a description of the bad guy (provided by the VICTIM) that the suspect was "Hispanic" or "Black"? Who do you think I am going to go look for? A white or Asian dude? Yet because I hunt for the person matching the desciption I am labeled as racist. In all of my arrests of white suspects not one ever said, "You're only arresting me casue I am white." Yet I have been told many times, "You only arrested me cause I am Black." And as for the "bad cops", look at who caught them! It was the good cops! Not Judge Feess, or the so-called community activists. It was good cops who exposed the bad ones, investigated them and got them off the job and sometimes to prison. Judge Feess is an anti-law enforcement jurist with a personal activist mission that is misguided. He's got a liberal mindset that causes him to go after the good guys because they have to follow the rules and no matter what, he will be safe from any retaliation. He won't go after the criminals because they might someday revolt and he wants to be able to shout, "Don't kill me. I was nice to you guys!" The hardest thing to deal with at times is knowing you are a part of an organization that has contact with millions of people each year who are delt with honestly and fairly. Yet, if 1/1000th of 1% are not happy with the outcome, we are ALL made out to be bad guys. I try to discourage everyone who asks me about joining any LA area agency because of all the crap with deal with (See Consent Decree). As I told one young man, in the old days, if you made a mistake you got spanked and sent back out to practice what you learned. Nowadays, the department, media, mayors office, police commission, city council, ect. will all chime in with their positions and you will be fired, sued in Federal Court, and sent to jail. It ain't worth it. I used to say "go be a fireman" but they are now coming up on the radar...

To: Chief Perez & PSB;

Looks like Mr. O'Shea reported misconduct to you on the part of Chief Bratton. Did you cut a 1.28 facesheet or will you just bury it like you do with all the other complaints made against the members of LAPD's illustrious command staff?

To all the Officers that commented on this article:

I know that LAPD is bashed and the Officers labled as "the bad guys",racist, etc...I don't know how you guys deal with the pressure or the criticism, but I am so very greatful that you and all of the LAPD officers continue to do the job that you must have been called to do. As you very well know not many people have what it takes to do the job that you all do..So thanks and keep up the good work...

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