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Trust Funds Established for Police Officer III+1 Randal Simmons and Police Officer III+1 James Veenstra

LAPD Mourns Loss of Veteran SWAT Officer

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Simmonsrandy Shortly, after 9:00 last night, the Los Angeles Police Department's Communications Division received a 911 call from a home in West Valley in the 19000 block of Welby Way.  The caller indicated he had killed 3 of his family members.  West Valley Patrol Units responded to conduct an investigation.

The suspect refused to leave the home and LAPD SWAT was called to the scene.

Swat_014 Around 12:30 this morning, SWAT made entry into the home and an exchange of gunfire between the officers and the suspect occurred.  Two veteran SWAT officers were shot, removed from the home and rushed to Northridge Medical Center.  The incident at the home in West Valley is still ongoing, and for that reason there will be no more tactical information released at this time.

Despite the efforts of the Los Angeles Fire Department and hospital personnel, one of the officers passed away just after one'clock this morning.  The other officer was seriously wounded but will survive.  The names of the officers will not beSwat_016 released until all of their family members have been notified. 

The members of the Los Angeles Police Department are deeply saddened this morning having lost a member of their family.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these two brave officers.  Both have served this city for more than 25-years and have been a part of SWAT for 20 of those years.

Swat_018 The concept of SWAT originated in the late 1960s, and became fully operational in 1971 when personnel were assigned on a full-time basis to Metropolitan Division.  Until this morning, no SWAT officer had been killed in the line of duty despite thousands of incidents this elite unit has responded to in thirty plus years.  The only other SWAT Officer to have died on duty was Officer Lou Villalobos, who died during a training accident in March 2000. 

Lieutenant Ruben De La Torre


God Bless you brother...You will always live in our will be by the side of every boot learning to take their first police will guide every p-2 dog as they try to make the city of LA a little safer just like you are our guardian angel through out our watch until we're EOW....Always David Platoon...

I hope that every citizen of Los Angeles takes a moment to thank our incredibly brave and selfless police officers. They are a group like no other, and my very deepest condolences go out to Officer Simmons' family and I pray for the full and speedy recovery of Officer Veenstra.

To ALL LAPD sorry for your loss our prayers are with you. May GOD bless your hearts and may he comfort your department through these difficult times.

California Department of Corrections Donovan State Prison

Being a Los Angeles Police Officer can be quite dangerous at times, make no mistake about it. However, when danger arises LAPD officers respond. LAPD S.W.A.T. officers often find themselves in the front row seating section during extroardinary crises. They train for these types of problems. The LAPD S.W.A.T. team answered yet another call with 2 of the most professional and dedicated team members getting shot. Randy, may you rest in peace brother and never ever be forgotten. Jim, may you have a speedy recovery. My heart and prayers go out to both your families. Im proud to be a member of this police department because of professionals like you.

God Bless, LAPD Officer Kevin T. Webb #26615 Air Support Division

I simply wish to express my deepest sympathy to the LAPD family, and the citizens to whom they are sworn to protect and to serve - I was born and raised in the Hollywood Division, and my (former) brother-in-law Jim Katapodis has served many years with the LAPD. My thoughts and prayers are with the murdered officer's biological and law enforcement families, and I wish a complete and speedy recovery to the injured officer.

My prayers go out to the families of officer Simmons and officer Veenstra. It takes a tragedy to appriciate the work of these two Los Angeles Police Department HEROS. Wife of a Los Angeles Police Department Officer.

We will cry and morn the passing of a true hero. Randy Simmons, thank you for loving people and giving your life in service to your fellow man. One can only imagine the symphony of joy that reigns through Heaven this night in celebration of your home-coming. God speed Randy!

As the wife of an LAPD officer, this one hits very close to home. These men and women put themselves in danger every single day, and it is a thankless job. To the family of Officer Simmons, I express my heartfelt condolences to each and every one of you.
Officer Veenstra, we are praying for your recovery and are so sorry for your loss.
I really think that it is time for the media to stop "bashing" the LAPD every chance they get. There are not many people in this world who can or would want to do what LAPD (or any other police officer) has to do each and every day. They deserve recognition and appreciation for the job they do day in and day out, and not just when something tragic happens.

My condolences go out to the families of Officer Randy Simmons, and Officer James Veenstra. Both men are heroes to the community they serve. May Officer Simmons rest in piece. May Officer Veenstra have a speedy recovery and continue to make the City of Los Angeles safe for the citizens who live there. Again, my thoughts go out to the 2 officers' families, as well as their extended LAPD family.

From everyone here at LAist, we are deeply saddened by the events that occurred yesterday. Our best goes to the family, friends and officers who worked with Officer Simmons and for a speedy recovery of Officer Veenstra.

My condolences to the family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of Officer Randal Simmons. I am praying for a speedy recovery for Officer Venestra and wish his family all the strength in the world. I am in the hiring process with the city of Los Angeles and it is the brave men and women of the LAPD, LAX Police, LA Port Police, and LA General Services Police who have inspired me to dedicate my life to protecting others. God bless all of you out there wearing the badge.

On behalf of the entire Ventura Police Department I would like to offer our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of Officer Simmons and the LAPD.

May Officer Veenstra's recovery be healthy and speedy!

God bless and Semper Fi!

Randy, I'm profoundly affected!! You were one of the best this world had to offer, I knew when we worked the south end together that you were a man of his word a man to be respected and admired, when you volunteered to assist in our training at Camp Pendelton, I saw how much you had grown within our Dept. I am proud that you called me "friend, brother". I heart is heavy... Do not worry about what happens to your family, we (have circled the wagons ) around them , we have taken them into our hearts forever.
I'm feeling guilty that God will allow me to retire in 3 months, why me? and not you... I love you brother, rest in peace.....

Det. Javier Gonzalez #20911
R.H.D/ S.I.S

The life of an officer with over 20 years of service in one of the most dangerous positions on the most understaffed and beseiged department in the country has been taken. To the family of Officer Simmons, please take this post as a token of the grief and overwhelming sadness of an entire community, both law enforcement and those your beloved saved.

To Officer Veenstra, our prayers are with you and godspeed with your recovery. Your service has been outstanding and without peer, may our support be the same.

Randy, I saw you as a absolutely fantastic officer. My husband and I saw you as an awesome man of God. You were dedicated to the youth of this community and devoted to the church. The work you did through Glory Kids touched the lives of countless children as well as their parents. Your love for the Lord radiated through your smile. You will be missed by us here on earth. But, those of us who know Christ, know that we will see you again someday. Your life was lived glorifying God. At the setting of your sun, I know He said "Well Done".

Randy lived his life as a hero, and died one as well. What an inspiration he is to all of us!

Rest in Peace, Randy. Your courageous work here on earth is completed, and the world is a better place for your having been here. God bless you and your family, both at home and in the Department.

I had the pleasure of meeting Officer Simmons on a few occasions through work. This department's loss cannot be measured. You were a stand out within this department and any other for that matter. Your years on the job never jadded you. You never took anything for granted. You never spoke badly about your proffesion or your department. My eyes tear as i write this just thinking about you. I know you touched many lives while you walked here on earth. I wish that there was a way to bottle everything that you were and all that you gave so that it could be passed to others in law enforement. I know those that worked with you are better off for having you touch their lives. You were a kind spirit here on earth and a light up in heaven you will be too. Thank you so very much for everything, but especially for educating my about your department. I learned so much from you and with every conversation my respect for you grew. You were so proud of your department on so many occasions. You quietly pointed out the other side of stories when we would discuss the latest write up in the news paper. You always ended our conversations with...every department has their ups and downs, it just depends on what side of the paper you are on that makes you happy or unhappy. A good cop is a good cop no matter where he works and a bad cop is a bad cop no matter where he works. All the rest in the middle sit and complain and dream of the grass on the other side. Well the tears are coming on stronger now so I must end this...who will I call when I need to know if something someone did was on the up and up? Thank you for being there for me and helping me understand procedures, I'll be forever grateful for what you taught me. And I promise to always keep an eye out for the small guy who is getting rail roaded and fight for him and always if its a cop LOL.

Respect and admiration always.

"Love hath no greater man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." On behalf of the SLCPD SWAT Team, our prayers and thoughts are with the Simmons family, the Veenstra family, and the entire LAPD police family. Your team continues to be the model we all strive to emulate. We were saddened to hear of your tragedy, but are proud of the duty, honor, and sacrifice you represent to the tactical community. Best wishes for strength, solace, and safety to LAPD...our team to yours.

Having met Mike Odle and other operators from your team, I was deeply saddened to hear of this tragic event. Please know that I and the other members of the SLCPD SWAT Team have a great respect for your professionalism and innovation. It is always sad to hear of the passing of another law enforcement officer, paticularly in a circumstance such as this. Our prayers are with you and your families. Thank you for all that you have done.

I just want to thank every man and woman of the LAPD for the job that you all do every day, and generally without many thank you's. Well, I for one salute you all, and you have my gratitude.

To Officer Simmons family, I am so very sorry for your loss, and for Officer Veenstra, I wish you a very speedy recovery.

May God bless all of you brave men and women.

On behalf of The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department our thoughts, prayers and respect are with both families and the LAPD.
Both of these men exemplify what it means to put on the badge and serve the community.
Although it is such a tragedy for those of us left behind. It's important to remember the last door Randy went through led him into the arms of God.
God Bless the Families and LAPD

On behalf of the Garden City, Idaho, Police Department,our thoughts and prayers are with members of the Veenstra family, Simmons family and extended LAPD family. Our hearst go out to all of you.

This loss hits us all very hard in the global tactical community. None harder than your own families, and your fellow team members. You are leaders, and examples for the tactical community. We have trained with you and we now mourn with you over this senseless loss of a good man's life and the upheaval of another man's life and that of both families. We know you will be strong and that you will go on and properly honour the memory of Randy Simmons and the recovery of Jim Veenstra. We will be with you in Los Angeles next week and in spirit always!

On behalf of the men and women of Central Patrol Division of the Las Veas Metro Police our thought and prayers are with you and yours. In the hours before a suspect had fired and struck one of our officers her in Las Vegas. Our officers survived. This was followed in the murder of the two officers in the City Hall shooting. Lets all stay safe and make it home to our families and loved ones.

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