Officer Randal Simmons Eulogy
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Notes from the February 19, 2008 Police Commission Meeting

•    All five police commissioners, as well as previous commissioners David Cunningham and Shelley Freeman, attended Officer Randal Simmons’ funeral on Friday, February 15, 2008. 
Commissioner Ordin remarked on the “magnificent outpouring” of the Los Angeles community on the day of Officer Simmons’ funeral. 

•    Commissioner Skobin twice visited the West Valley station last week to visit with officers who were involved with the incident in Winnetka where Officer Simmons’ was killed.  Mr. Skobin wears a black bracelet in honor of fallen law enforcement officers.   

•    Chief Bratton said that Officer Simmons name will be added to a memorial site in Washington, D.C. and will be included in the two memorial sites planned here in Los Angeles - one at headquarters and one at the Elysian Academy.

•    Chief Bratton spoke of a recent community movement that 77th Area station be renamed to honor Officer Simmons.  The Chief proposes naming the new Rampart replacement station in honor of Officer Simmons as more appropriate.  The new Rampart station will permanently house Metropolitan Division and SWAT, currently housed at Central Area, and is slated to open as early as July of this year.

•    The Department passed “with flying colors” an FBI audit that checked the way we report crime statistics, among many other things, said Chief Bratton.

•    The Department currently has 9,639 officers in our ranks, up from 9,284 in 2007 and 9,177 in 2002.  The Department is on-target to meet recruitment goals for this year. 

•    The future agenda item pertaining to in-car digital video cameras is now with the Public Safety Committee and a hearing will be held within 30 days.  This agenda item will be updated weekly.

•    The verbal presentation from the Department on the current status of the personnel investigations and adjudication process relative to the MacArthur Park incident occurring on May 1, 2007, as presented by Deputy Chief Mark Perez, was accepted.

•    The Executive Director’s report, dated February 13, 2008, relative to a request to modify the Los Angeles Municipal Code to facilitate master permitting of automobile parking lots and an abbreviated same-day permitting process for automobile parking lot master permit holders, was approved and transmitted to City Council with recommendations.

•    The Department’s report, dated January 30, 2008, relative to the Harbor Area Gang Enforcement Detail Command Accountability Performance Audit (AD No. 07-057), as presented by Police Auditor Erin Kenney, Commander Rick Jacobs and Captain Billy Hayes, was approved.

•    The Department’s report, dated January 31, 2008, relative to a Hollenbeck Area Gang Enforcement Detail Command Accountability Performance Audit (AD No. 07-056), as presented by Police Auditor Erin Kenney and Captain Blake Chow, was approved.  This agenda item will be revisited at a future meeting.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 6, 2008, relative to the Hunter-La Ley Second Quarter Report - covering Deployment Periods 10-13, Fiscal Year 2007-2008, was accepted.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 8, 2008, relative to the protocols of Miranda warnings to suspects who are interviewed in administrative investigations, was accepted.  Commissioner Saltzman’s help was requested on this issue. 

•    The Department’s report, dated October 31, 2007, and the Office of the Inspector General’s report, dated February 13, 2008, relative to the Ethics Enforcement Section Quarterly Report, Third Quarter 2007, in accordance with the Annual Audit Plan, were both approved. 

•    The Department’s report, dated February 1, 2008, relative to compliance with Audit Division's recommendations for the Annual Non-Categorical Use of Force Report - Recommendation No. 3, which was approved by the Board on April 11, 2006, was received and filed. 


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