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New O.I.C. of LAPDOnline

Dear LAPD Bloggers,

I would like to introduce myself to you.  I am Lieutenant Rick Banks, and as of April 2008, I am the new Lieutenant in charge of the blog.  That is to say, I manage the blog by approving the postings and reading all of your comments and evaluating which ones will be published.  Once published, your comment is added to the discussion board for everyone to read.

The LAPD created the blog to be able to disseminate our news and information while managing how it is presented to the public, the cyber and global community.  In its few years of existence, the blog has proven to be a successful and valuable tool, which comes with a great amount of responsibility.  This blog provides people the ability to exchange ideas and opinions on numerous Department topics and events.  The blog allows you to have a good amount of influence and more with complete anonymity. 

Unfortunately, people take advantage of being anonymous.  People find it very easy to make accusatory remarks and point fingers at others without having to provide complete, factual and accurate background information or context and that is irresponsible.  On occasion, I have been unable to publish several comments because they included explicit, inappropriate or slanderous language and were personal attacks. I will not post a comment that will help perpetuate a rumor or an unfounded accusation.  The Department welcomes differences of opinion, and those opinions will be published as long as they are well within the guidelines of the disclaimer.

You can illustrate how strongly you feel about a topic without the use of profanities or abbreviations of profanity.  This will make it easier for me to publish your opinions, maximizing the impact of your comment and inspiring others to share their thoughts.

Please take a quick minute to read our disclaimer.  I look forward to hearing from you soon, and encourage you to continue submitting your comments.  Thank you for your time.


"Unfortunately, people take advantage of being anonymous. People find it very easy to make accusatory remarks and point fingers at others without having to provide complete, factual and accurate background information or context and that is irresponsible."

Thank you, LT Banks!

It is excellent to see someone has responsiblity & is now in charge of this blog.


For the rest of you that have enjoyed being anonymous.......Back your stuff up with facts or git.

The LAPD is or WAS the number one LE agency in the world. You people are the ones that have made a difference on what goes on in the rest of the USA.

I've pointed it out a few times before! From some the postings this what I get.

You seem to spend more time pointing fingers than you do working!

If you were working for me,I'd fire a few............thats for dang sure.

So, wake up, get real & get back to work....sheesh!

PS- By the way, check out the causes your union contributes too...It just might shake you like a 9.0 earthquake in North Ridge.

Just my civilian opinion.

Lieutenant Banks... I currently live in the Newton Devision of Los Angeles. I see crime increasing in my area dramaticly. What is the LAPD doing in my area,and what can I do to help with crime, graffiti,shootings, gangs and dugs?

This blog has had some good things to offer, but it has been more often than not ineffective and intellectually dishonest in it's content. The reason some of us that actually care about the Officers on this job and the people of Los Angeles use pseudonyms is because the department still creates a hostile work environment for hard working cops. It also fosters that same negative environment for those who speak out, even if they speak respectfully. This department and city are run by the far left, and "transparency" to them is a punch line not a believed practice. So You either open up the blog and allow open discourse or remain a could have been! I would love nothing more than to be able to use my real name and have a substantive debate about issues with anyone who welcomes honest and open discourse. But that is not the case and the level of distrust we have for the upper ranks of this department are all deep seeded in reality. Openly challenging the status quo is not worth the department having it's PC crosshairs on your head. No matter how respectful your intent. The rank structure is corrupted by ineffectual "leaders"! Not all but a majority of supervisors, both midlevel and upper supervision have taken the easy route to promote! This department has far to many inside jobs that should be done by civilians, but Officers use them to play hide and seek for 2 grand a week. Officers should mandatorily be made to spent no less that 5 years in Patrol, in an "A" car before they are able to promote to P-3. The spend 5 years as a P-3 before they are able to promote to Sergeant and work a patrol spot for another 5 years before being able to promote to Sergeant 2, then 5 years to lieutenant and so on. These promotions should be based on merit and not a demographic imperative, and anyone who says that they are not based on demographic imperatives quite often right now, is being dishonest. I could go on, but we have beat the proverbial dead horse with these issues and I think you all get where I'm coming from.

The Department has deemed that they do not feel the people of Los Angeles and it's Police Officers are important enough for open discourse. Now I will admit that there have been some serious bomb throwers on here, but we all know when someone is speaking out there rear end, and can make the "choice" to scroll down on our own. We don't need a Lieutenant of Police playing Big Brother and deciding what our delicate eyes can and can't take (No offense Lt.). Anyway, the 1st amendment is pretty specific so let the people decide what is fact or fiction. Not going to waste to much time on this when I don't know if this will pass the kool-aid test. Welcome to the Internet LAPD, either go with the flow, blaze your own trail or be out'ed as an ineffectual propaganda tool.

We Officers are in the process of researching the legalities of starting our own blog, so we will keep you all posted via the LAT, Daily News, Pacific Breeze, Watts times and other media outlets. And ours will not be an anti LAPD blog, it will be honest and open and if you are an ineffectual leader or your policies make the people less safe? Standby! And if your fair, that's all that can be asked. You don't have to be loved by all, but I have one question that I use when even I step out into my Office: Politics aside: I will preface this question with the fact that it requires Total intellectual honesty. Is what I am doing or the policy I am enacting making people less or more safe? If the answer is the ladder your doing your job if it's less, then you need to get into a different line of work. That type of intellectual honesty has been absent at the top of our Department for quite some time and might never return.

To the Good people of LA only you can make the changes by way of voting. So get rid of this one party socialist government and vote in some checks and balances. Our children deserve it! If you don't, stand by this ride is about to get very violent at the hands of LA's horrible gang problems. You can thank the Christopher commission, the gangs and the CD for that.

Stay Safe all, inside and out!

Ed O'Shea

PS: Good luck Lt.

One more thing: Police Commissioner Alan Skobin is the only one in our city Government with his head and heart in the right place! This City owes him a great debt of thanks.

Thank you for that Sir.

Ed O'Shea

Lt. Banks

Congrats on your new assignment. I don't envy your position, that of referee. It's definitely a difficult task. I support your efforts to keep the discussions professional. There are many ways to say the same thing but not all of them should be used.

Ed, I agree in principle with a totally open forum, but in this world there have to be some limits. There is a fine line between disparaging remarks and libel. The Department and the City have some obligation to control the Blog simply because they are responsible for it and therefore have some liability exposure. That being said, the goal should be as open a discussion as possible.

I hope those of you out there with something to add on the many Blog topics will come forward, even if you are concerned about perceived retaliation. I have always used my name on all my Blog submissions, as has Ed. Ed you seem to be one of the very few who will take the risk you describe by putting your name behind what you say. You have my respect.

The world is watching. Much of it is our law enforcement world. We have just as much a reputation to build in the cyber world as we do in the physical world. I hope all of us on LAPD think about this when we write our comments.

All the best,

"The world is watching. Much of it is our law enforcement world. We have just as much a reputation to build in the cyber world as we do in the physical world. I hope all of us on LAPD think about this when we write our comments."

Robert said:
You betcha tail the world is watching!

Now, let's kick some leftist butt & call it day! Where's the rest of you at?


Officer O'Shea's comments show that some of the rank and file in this department still look back fondly to the Daryl Gates era.

Blaming the Christopher Commission reforms for the gang problem or police morale issues is very, very telling of where this officer comes from.

The "one party socialist" city council seems to represent the will of the citizenry of Los Angeles a lot more than Officer O'Shea realizes.

Ed, with all due respect, the First Amendment is not an absolute right to free speech in any forum you choose, to say anything you choose.

Maybe there are some other Constitutional issues you may wish to brush up on as well.


John, I'm thinking you don't work for the same Department as myself, Ed, Centurion, etc., because if you did, you would totally understand the need for anonymity in posting, and our frustration when posts are not approved by the moderator because the content, although truthful, casts the Department in a less than favorable light. We're not talking the blog equivalent of yelling "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater, but when we attempt to post items that challenge the effectiveness of Department programs, decisions made by the Police Commission, or simply to educate the public about how some things in the Department REALLY work (as opposed to the numbers and stats according the the COP office), many times, we get quashed. The anonymity issues goes to protecting ourselves, our tenure, our paygrade rank, etc, from the pencil-necked pinheads that follow the Department party line blindly, and will make sure that anyone who attempts to publicly disagree, will be pencil-whipped until they give up. Contrary to what citizens such as yourself may think, we take a great deal of pride in our jobs, our performance and abilities, and the Department as a whole. Unfortunately, we generally get appreciation of our work only from one another - not much from the public, command staff, the City Council, Police Comission, etc., etc.

robert said:

"The world is watching. Much of it is our law enforcement world. We have just as much a reputation to build in the cyber world as we do in the physical world. I hope all of us on LAPD think about this when we write our comments."

Ok......where are the rest of YOU at??? 'Mon people! Lets go.....'mon....jesus go, people....lets go!

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