Off Duty Officer Shot by Fellow Officer in Accidental Discharge
50 year old Man Stabbed to Death

Man Commits Suicide while in Police Custody

*UPDATE: After further investigation, it has been determined that Donald McMasters was an alias name often used by the deceased.  His true identity has not yet been released by the Los Angeles County Coroner.*

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department’s Force Investigation Division is investigating an apparent hanging at Hollywood Division’s jail facility.

According to investigators, 31-year-old Donald McMasters who was arrested for robbery apparently hung himself while being held at the facility.

Authorities said the jail staff was conducting routine cell checks when they discovered him hanging in a holding cell around 10:45 p.m.

Police arrested McMasters on August 25, 2008 at 3:30 p.m. and detained him at Hollywood Division’s jail where he was waiting his transfer to court.

No reportable use of force was used at the time of arrest or at any time during his detention.


Thats one less dirtbag we have to worry about. I guess he wont be robbing or stealing from people anymore. To bad they all dont end it like this.....

No body should end up like this - That was my baby's dad - I don't know why he did what he did - but not everyone is a DIRTBAG!!!! - If someone kills innocent people or something than say what you want - But killing themselves - He has 5 kids who he loved & who love him they don't need people like you saying that kind of garbage - especially now.

He obviously was a model citizen and thought of nobody but himself when he "allegedly" killed himself. Which he most likely did. Kind of left a lot of people out to dry. He took the easy way out...... What are is 5 kids to do now, that their dad thought of himself before them. I wouldnt accuse him of being a dirtbag, but maybe a robber and definitely not a man.

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