Man Shot and Killed in the Mid City Area
Man Commits Suicide while in Police Custody

Off Duty Officer Shot by Fellow Officer in Accidental Discharge

Los Angeles: One off duty Los Angeles Police Officer  was seriously injured by an accidental discharge of a firearm.

On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 8:13 p.m., three off duty Los Angeles Police Officers were in a guest room at the Comfort Inn Hotel on 6th Street in the City of San Diego.  This gathering of off duty officers was social in nature and was unrelated to any official function of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Based on preliminary information, off duty Officer Christopher Campagna, 5 years with the Department, was handling a .38 caliber revolver which was believed to be unloaded when an accidental discharge of one round occurred.  A second off duty officer was passing in front of the weapon when it went off and was struck by one bullet in the abdomen.  Emergency medical services and the San Diego Police Department were immediately summoned.    

The injured officer was transported to the University of San Diego Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery.  After successful surgery, the injured officer was listed in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.  The third off duty officer in the room was not injured.    

The San Diego Police Department is handling the investigation as a Non-Criminal Accidental Discharge of a Firearm.  The Los Angeles Police Department, Force Investigation Division responded to the scene and will be conducting the administrative investigation.  The results of an administrative investigation of this type are presented to a Use of Force Review Board.  The Use of Force Review Board then makes recommendations to the Chief of Police who in turn presents his findings to the Board of Police Commissioners.


What is going on here!!!!!! Metro is supposed to be “locked on” and what ever happened to all guns are "ALWAYS" loaded…Perhaps the LAPD Metro backgrounds needs to tighten its standards.

FYI, why does this blog and news release refer to the shooting as accidental. Officer Campagna was negligent and the posting should be noted as such. I’m glad that the victim off duty officer is recovering, but if I were him I would'nt choose friends that don’t “believe” their guns were loaded.

Good job Campagna, another black eye for METRO by an immature idiot! That's two stellar performances from this last batch of new guys that have failed to uphold the Honorable traditions of Metro. Metro used to be the place to be, until the Chief neutered it, and these last two morons blackened the eyes of OLE 114. Campagna needs to be 114L90 until further, if not pack to a line Division. And this guy was a Marine, what a tool, and embarrassment to the Corps. Being a Marine myself, I'm sure Gampagna had the 4 firearms safety rules DRILLED into his cranium for the last ten years. But it appears he forgot #1 so here they are. And it's not an "accidental" discharge, it's "negligent."

4 BASIC safety rules

(1*) All guns are ALWAYS loaded.*

(2) Never allow the muzzle to cover ANYTHING, you are not willing to shoot (destroy).

(3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned on the target AND you intend to shoot.

(4) Be sure of your target.

I know Chris Campagna and he is one of the most squared away individuals I know. His resume in impressive, both on the LAPD and in the Marines in Iraq. For those of you, who know nothing about this situation; hold off on your comments until all the facts are in. The LAPD is lucky to have Chris in its ranks and he epitomizes the best of the best. Have some respect for your fellow officer who is obviously going through a very bad time right now...Mistakes happen and this was a terrible one.

Gaslamp Quarters is party central in San Diego, any alcohol involved?????

My bet is that there was a bit of alcohol involved in this "accidental" discharge. Anyone want to wager a bet too?


Before popping off about something you know nothing about, step back. You don't know Officer Campagna, I do! The LAPD is lucky to have Officer Campagna in its ranks. 77th Gangs was lucky to have him in their unit and the tax payers of this city are lucky that the LAPD has officers like Chris Campagna looking out for the safety of its citizens. Its always the usual suspects who are first to throw a fellow officer under the bus.

Ed O'Shea, I read your attack posts on this blog all the time and I get the sense that you don't have much of a life other than your job and this blog. Although you claim to be a Marine, I doubt you were a Scout Sniper in Iraq. Furthermore, as a former Marine myself, I would never so publicly attack a fellow Marine or police officer. I wouldn't want you in my foxhole or as a partner and I am sure there are many who know you who feel the same way.


Amend rule number one to:

1. All guns are always loaded. And all off-duty cops in San Diego are always loaded.

Speedy recovery to the injured officer. Hopefully he AFLAC'ed up.

Hey Mr. Metro who thinks Campagna should be L90. Wait until something happens to you and you need the support of your brothers, you will be eating crow. It could happen to any one of us.
A true friend of Campagnas

It's just not Metropolitan Division that has a black eye. Not only did these guys make Metro look bad, but they also made the rest of the department look bad. This caper will have a long lasting effect on the next divisional shooting day with Metro.

Metropolitan is supposed to be the cream of the crop. What in Gods name happened? This is what happens Chief when you lower the standards on this department.

Justice and Ed, I agree wholeheartedly. Perhaps the LT can comment on why the Department elects to label this as accidental. It reeks something awful.

Line Reserve Guy, perhaps you aren’t seeing the big picture here. The main issue is that the Officer was negligent by having his finger on the trigger and assuming the gun was empty. This is not an accidental discharge and yes while it is important to support your fellow officers, it is equally important to ensure that all officers are aware of the grand error this officer committed. This is the type of stuff that is important to talk about during roll call training. I applaud and respect your position as a Line Reserve, you are truly twice the citizen but as for the ND if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, well you know……

I agree this was a horrible accident / mistake and quite possibly Chris was negligent. I've had all the rules of gun safety drilled into my head too and I know this shouldn't have happened, but C'mon, you guys are trying to push him over the edge, have some compassion and come off your high horse.

I could understand the argument if Campagna was a slug, but he was anything but one and anyone who knows him will tell you that.

I don't think that tar and feathering a fellow officer who is undoubtedly going through a very hard time right now on a public forum like this is very honorable. This was a tragic accident and Chris needs support, that's what cops are supposed to do. This is another example of the LAPD hanging it's own out to dry in a public manner and its just wrong.

Hey Line Reserve guy........ You and I would have had a great time in the wood shed back in the fleet. If you were ever even there. I might have been a little harsh, but, tell your weak and kool aid drinking drivel to the Officer that got shot. The other Metro Officer that I spoke of is a hell of a guy too, but he too had his head up his tail. And if it shows that the gun went off all by it's self I will retract my initial statements. Call it like it is, or sit back down on the bench. For the record I have no doubt that Campagna took cares of business over in the sandbox. And all the people that know me, even the ones that don't like me, know that I am the one they want in that foxhole. You on the other hand, I'm not so sure I want anywhere near my foxhole. Meat eaters only Chappy, and if you don't like what I've typed in the past, which typically takes a whopping 10 - 15 minutes to type, feel free to click away on the browser and find a bird watching website. That sounds a bit more your speed.

Wyatt Earp.... Your right, I was a little P/O'd when I first heard this so I might have been a little rough, but this type of garbage irritates me. The Men and Women of Metro work hard, and MOE's like this defecate all over their good and hard earned reputation.

I hope the other officer is going to be ok, and that he has not spent his last days in a patrol car, because of this incident. A shot to the abdomen can cause quite a few internal problems that would keep him out of commission.
Stay Safe.


Are you calling me out?? You're such a tough guy. Before you call someone out, you better know who it is you are calling out....just an f.y.i.

You demonstrate real mental stability and a very poor example of all who read this blog of the higher standards cops are supposed to exhibit. Way to go Ed, you make the LAPD look great!

I'll tell you what, since you obviously know who Chris Campagna is, instead of hiding behind your keyboard, why don't you just tell him what an idiot is to his face??

That will never happen...

Line Reserve Guy, no one is trying to push Campagna over the edge and it wouldn’t make any difference whether he was a slug or not it was still wrong and he neglected the primary safety gun rules. As for compassion/high horse well I’ll say this, I have the deepest respect for friends and peers that work Metro, patrol and admin spots because we are all cut from the same mold one of integrity and honor. Try to see the BIG picture here, because of his negligence he caused a team of resources both internal and external to respond, an officer was injured and a negative focus was brought upon a highly decorated and respected Division. Many will learn from this incident, not by staying quiet.

I agree with everything you are saying Justice, but I think these discussions would be better if they took place internally and not on a public forum such as this.

Unfortunately as I understand it, in incidents such as these the officer’s names are always going to be publicizing due to the consent decree guidelines. But that said, I believe these forums serve as a great tool to discuss and allow the Department personnel and colleagues from other agencies to learn from these misfortunes.

Line Reserve Guy... That's why it's called a Blog...

Line Reserve Guy, were you a reserve in the Marines too?

Marines don't fight in "foxholes," they fight in "fighting holes".

A fox digs a hole to hide in, a Marine digs a hole to fight out of.

Damn, the most boot Marine knows that one!

Hey line reserve guy.... You're response is WEAK SAUCE! Call it what ever you want son. If you know who I am then feel free to stop by and say hello, anytime. And yes I am as tough as I need to be, and then some. If you know who I am then you already know that, and that my shed door is always open! Typically not for Coppers, but if you need a little tightening up, I've never say no. So I don't care who I am calling out, that's the difference between you and I. My father said "you don't have to stand tall every fight, but you do have to stand." So tread lightly Burtha.

Oh, and Johnny Come Lately, Campagna will hear my position if our paths cross again. I don't want the guy to feel like a leper, he's not a bad guy, but he acted like and idiot in this matter. Ask him, I bet he says the same thing. As for me running to find him to express my thoughts, I 'm pretty sure he's beating himself up more than enough. But if the time comes up, my mouth doesn't write any checks I cannot cash. And get your facts straight if your going to bang on your key board, I have never attacked any grunt coppers on this or any blog, my comments are typically in support of the Officers. If you had an ounce of credibility you would have noticed that. But your a sheep, baaaaa baaaaa.

Now, I am sure that Campagna didn't shoot the Officer on purpose, and I agree and wish that the department didn't further his bad situation by publicizing his name on the blog. And God knows I have and continue to make all kinds of mistakes as I slug through life. BUT, c'mon. Thank God the other Officer is OK.

Sorry to the rest of you that had to read this little tit for tat, but I felt obligated to respond.

I have to fully agree with Justice and his comments.

Stay Safe, inside and out.

Line Guy,
The truth of the matter is some of on this site might know something about that Officer. IT IS UNSAT to be doing such antics in a careless way. This was not the first time he had been up to this "Quick Draw" game. Be real. We know its a bad time for him. Im sure he is embarrased as hell. The other cop could have been killed. Be reasonable. He is in one of the most elite units inside the LAPD. It takes ALOT of MATURITY to be in Metro. Campagna
is not show much maturity by "playing" around carelessly with his own gun. Alot of guys and gals look up to Metro and even have tried 6-7 times to get in. Campagna who is a new guy just makes the whole procees of getting in Mtro look bad and makes the Department as a whole look bad. I hope to god that the injured officer can return to duty, and that Officer Campagna learns a valuable lesson. If it turns out that he was playing around with his gun i believe he has no business being in one of our most elite units. None what so ever. He sounds like a friend of yours and i can respect the loyalty you have for him. But Metro can't aford to have a pistol pulling drunk cowboy getting into trouble while he is supossed to be an elite member of Metro or the department for that matter. Again i wish him luck but im embarresed for him and the department.

You guys sound like a bunch of kids fighting on the playground after the bell rings. The whole situation is unfortunate yet reading "fighting word" comments between two ground men/cops is ridiculous.

Speedy recovery to that 77th copper and best of luck to the Metro copper and his plight.

Coppers are always going to be held to a higher standard; citizens need to remember that we all make errors in judgement and make mistakes. Doesn't change the fact that coppers put their lives on the line to do the job. Give him a break.

NY State of Mind ... God luv ya Brother. In the heat of verbal battle I didn't even think of that. But your right on point.

"Marines don't fight in "foxholes," they fight in "fighting holes"."

Semper Fi.

Uncle Scotty is going to be FIRE UP over this one. Looks like ole Campagna was switched waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off and went to guns a little too quick.

Oh and line reserve guy, take TWO GIANT pills Francis....No need to be a hard guy over being told what's up. You sound like an excuse making type who should just stay seated. And ease up on the lysol under the arm pits and exhale Brutus.

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