Man Shot and Killed in the Mid City Area
Man Commits Suicide while in Police Custody

Off Duty Officer Shot by Fellow Officer in Accidental Discharge

Los Angeles: One off duty Los Angeles Police Officer  was seriously injured by an accidental discharge of a firearm.

On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 8:13 p.m., three off duty Los Angeles Police Officers were in a guest room at the Comfort Inn Hotel on 6th Street in the City of San Diego.  This gathering of off duty officers was social in nature and was unrelated to any official function of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Based on preliminary information, off duty Officer Christopher Campagna, 5 years with the Department, was handling a .38 caliber revolver which was believed to be unloaded when an accidental discharge of one round occurred.  A second off duty officer was passing in front of the weapon when it went off and was struck by one bullet in the abdomen.  Emergency medical services and the San Diego Police Department were immediately summoned.    

The injured officer was transported to the University of San Diego Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery.  After successful surgery, the injured officer was listed in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.  The third off duty officer in the room was not injured.    

The San Diego Police Department is handling the investigation as a Non-Criminal Accidental Discharge of a Firearm.  The Los Angeles Police Department, Force Investigation Division responded to the scene and will be conducting the administrative investigation.  The results of an administrative investigation of this type are presented to a Use of Force Review Board.  The Use of Force Review Board then makes recommendations to the Chief of Police who in turn presents his findings to the Board of Police Commissioners.


Did it come out that this was a result of playing quick draw? I don't recall reading that. Maybe I missed it. I also don't remember reading that there was alcohol involved? Did I miss that too?

Oh, and I do hope that Gomez is going to be ok. But Gomez and the rest of Campagnas "friends" should grab him by the scruff of the neck next time he shows them the dumb side of his gun. I know that if one of my "friends" pointed a gun at me, I would be jumping up and down on his unconscious body like donkey kong JR.

yeah, that's the problems with cops now. They hide, just like a house mouse does, beacsue they don't like to confront problems. If you have a problem with Campagna address it to him like a grown man, not like a high school teenager on a computer.Why would IA get involved? who said it has to be an aggressive confrontation or combative? There is no need to be scared to confront your problem(s) or frustrations. All I'm saying is if you have a problem with Campagna, walk yourself to Northeast Metro Stables tell him to his face after all you have earned the "right to vent." "Vent" like a grown man. Don't be scared of "venting" or PSB so long as you act like a grown man. If your trying to slam or be critical of this issue or any other situation,and if it bothers you so much that you have to take 10-20 minutes of your time to put a fellow officer down confront the Officer to his face, its much more respectable than having Cops and Citizens read your comments about a fellow brother Officer on this or any other public blog.

SouthEndGrunt wrote, in part:

"Grown Men don't horse around with guns, play quick draw with thier buddies and shoot them in the gut. And "hiding" behind a computer saves us from being targeted by IA and having to become a part of Campagnas infantile investigation."

I sure hope you don't investigate crimes to whcih you respond by aSSuming the facts instead of knowing them.

There was no horsing around and quick drawing going on, and no alcohol was involved. Not to excuse the event, but don't blast rumors and assumptions on a forum, and then say you're affraid of being part of an IAG investigation. If you don't know the facts, keep quiet and don't guess.

The officer who negligently fired his weapon will have his punishment from the Department, but the personal punishment he will exert on himself for the rest of his life will be more severe than anything the Department will do to him. Let's learn from this and move on.

Everyone, remember to read your posts to this forum twice before pressing the "send" button. If you're making guesses about events or repeating innuendo and rumors, you don't even belong working a U-boat and taking crime reports, because your investigations will leave victims of crime deserving more.

Everyone be safe.

Okay, btwop, since you sound like you know all the facts to this negligent shooting, why don't you enlighten the rest of us?

As for confronting Campagna face-to-face to tell him something he already knows (which is that he made a very stupid and dangerous mistake), I think there are folks out there like me who don't think it's that serious enough for me to take my valuable time to find some guy that I don't even know to tell him what I can express on a public blog.

After all, can't we all learn a valuable lesson from this incident even from a blog? I think we can all learn from other's mistakes since it could be one of us next time (hopefully nothing this serious).

in case you missed my point, my frustration is with careless officers doing something stupid and jeopardizing the reputations of the many who've worked hard to establish them. those that are mature enough to avoid antics that may lead to such humiliating publicity. those that are continuing to work hard to uphold the fine reputation of this great organization.
as for your recommending that i say something to that officer's face, that's the kind of cowboy attitude that gets you young guys in trouble to begin with. kinda guys who would choose such user id's as 12021a1. why resort to aggression?
my earlier post was intended for the officer who got shot. i simply disagreed on some of the points he made on here. by the way, there are lotta things i'd like to say to the officer (Campagna?) but i chose to withhold them. i'm glad i did 'cause some cowboys on here call it "hiding behind the computer." in reality, i think many would've been more inclined to offer criticism or advice if they met that officer in person. i think some of us chose to hold back a lot because we're on this public forum.

Hey 12021a1: You stated, "As a Cop, I just don't know how hiding behind a computer and venting is going to make things better, or make cops respect even hear out the point your trying to make."

Dude, then get the heck off the blog!

"Elite" Metro? Sorry. After seeing countless qualified, proven street cops get passed by for less experienced officers who just happened to provide the Minority-of-the-Day they were looking for, I and many other cops lost respect for Metro.

Once Metro goes back to filling spots based solely on performance and ability, I'll consider them elite again.

12021a1, Pretty cool of your parents to name you after a charge of weapons possession, tough guy. Put your name and serial number behind your comments, you 2 year OG you. These types of pretenders crack me up.
I hope Gomez is going to be ok, and I hope that Campagna has learned his lesson.

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