Man Shot and Killed in the Mid City Area
Man Commits Suicide while in Police Custody

Off Duty Officer Shot by Fellow Officer in Accidental Discharge

Los Angeles: One off duty Los Angeles Police Officer  was seriously injured by an accidental discharge of a firearm.

On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 8:13 p.m., three off duty Los Angeles Police Officers were in a guest room at the Comfort Inn Hotel on 6th Street in the City of San Diego.  This gathering of off duty officers was social in nature and was unrelated to any official function of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Based on preliminary information, off duty Officer Christopher Campagna, 5 years with the Department, was handling a .38 caliber revolver which was believed to be unloaded when an accidental discharge of one round occurred.  A second off duty officer was passing in front of the weapon when it went off and was struck by one bullet in the abdomen.  Emergency medical services and the San Diego Police Department were immediately summoned.    

The injured officer was transported to the University of San Diego Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery.  After successful surgery, the injured officer was listed in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.  The third off duty officer in the room was not injured.    

The San Diego Police Department is handling the investigation as a Non-Criminal Accidental Discharge of a Firearm.  The Los Angeles Police Department, Force Investigation Division responded to the scene and will be conducting the administrative investigation.  The results of an administrative investigation of this type are presented to a Use of Force Review Board.  The Use of Force Review Board then makes recommendations to the Chief of Police who in turn presents his findings to the Board of Police Commissioners.


As a citizen I find all of this so hilarious! These grown men sitting around being stupid and then reaching for a gun! How in the hell did that happen? I mean come on…you guys are supposed to be experts in the field, this unit is called on to train and to lead. How can someone with all that training pick up a gun and not handle the gun as though it could actually hurt someone. I kind of understand that each of you get used to being around guns and handling them but I would still think that caution is always first and foremost. How many of this “accidents” have to happen before everyone gets the message that bad things happen in a short period of time. The officer that was riding around in his truck with his son capable of getting out of the car seat and reaching for the gun…what a tragic situation that was too. I would have thought that everyone would have remembered that and would be a lot more careful. Heck I’m not an employee and I remember reading about that “accident” and at some point in the future I guess I’ll remember this one and the other as I read about another “accidental discharge” and someone getting hurt. You are all too valuable to all us ordinary citizen’s to keep hurting yourselves and each other with these accidents. I’ll keep good thoughts for both officers wishing one a quick recovery and the other the character to stand up to what will be a very rocky few weeks.

Good grief - I'm expecting the next posts to be my dad is bigger than your dad.... neener, neener, neener.....

Be careful how you judge a fellow officer - you may be in a position to be judged in the future, for some mistake you make, and will hear your words coming at you.

If a civillian did this, the cops would arrest him and he'd lose his gun for sure. The recent quality of LAPD officers is disappointing.

I placed a loaded Kimber in my garage two years ago and locked the door,as of this moment it has not 'accidently discharged'.
The operative words should have been,'negligently discharged'.
USMC-5811 1976-1979.

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to say that I know everyone knows the kind of pressure that LAPD is currently under-consent decrees, media, etc..I love our LAPD officers and respect the jobs that they do for our city...I just wish and hope that you all realize the scrutiny you will be placed under with this job...they bash, judge harshly, dehumanize have to know that going in..therefore, in cases like this don't be surprised by the comments from the public and the criticizm from fellow officers, what you do affects you behave on and off duty really matters and is watched and reported and commented on sometimes very harshly...I've read many of Ed O'Shea's comments and he seems to me to be for all of our LAPD officers, but his frustration is showing in this incident because as a cop you know you are held to a higher standard and you would think that any officer should know that and act accordingly. I'm sure that officer Campagna feels terrible and I hope everything turns out okay for him and I'm glad the wounded officer is doing okay and he has a speedy recovery.

"Can't we all just....get along"?

I have to agree with Justice, O'Shea, Sullivan and Lynn on this one. Campagna ain't that squared away pulling a junior varsity move like this one. And if he is a Coppers idea of, the most squared away guy they know, they're in trouble. He sounds like he is exactly what Metro doesn't need right now. A Cowboy. He has some serious maturing to do if this is the kind of thing they can expect from him. I don't care what he has accomplished in the USMC. I thank him for his service. And I am sure he has all the credentials that Metro looks for. But clearly Campagna didn't get the memo that he is expected to keep to the high morale and ethical bar that Metro has set.

I can tell you as a former Marine, Campagna would have been treated FAR worse and would be looking at facing UCMJ charges and a Military trial on this if he were still in the USMC. And as a sniper attached to 1st Force, if he were to even attempt to pull some nonsense like this he would have had the Gunny deep in his bunnies and would be in the rear with the gear awaiting his fate, on police duty (clean up, for you non-Marines).

And as for line reserve guy and Campagna supporter: I love and respect our Reserve Officers and am of the opinion that they do a fine job. I also love all my fellow full time Officers. But, if this is the type of blind following we can expect from you, please think again about who your commitment is behind. Campagna deserves your support, but not you kissing his behind. He deserves to be called out for this move. You know who else is a Cop that deserves our backing, the Officer who got shot. What if this Officer had been killed or injured in a way that had him wearing a colostomy bag? Now his house that he used to be able to afford? GONE. The cars he and his wife used to be able to drive and afford? GONE. His children and the financial support that Dads Law Enforcement job used to provide them? GONE. The job that he worked so hard to get? GONE. And do you think Campagna would give up his house or continue to come around and financially support this Officer? I sincerely doubt it. And the Department would not pay this Officer 1 single dime because it was an off duty occurrence. So consider that before you start beating on other officers who are understandably frustrated by this childish move. Even my kids know that guns are not toys and, all guns are always loaded. Next time I see Campagna, I'm going to ask to see his hands before I talk to him any further.

I hope this Officer returns to work soon and his family is not financially burdened by Campagnas irresponsible actions.

Hanging him out to dry? It is not that officers are hanging him out to dry. We (LAPD) are tired of working hard every day trying to redeem our good name only to be knocked down by poor decisions by officers. It's getting old and I know im not the only one that feels that way. Maybe our lower hiring standards are starting to surface.

Southend Grunt and everyone else: I'm not making excuses for what happened here. It shouldn't have happened...Ever. There is no excuse for this.

I just don't see how calling him names and running him into the ground on a public forum like this does the Department or anyone any good, although I understand their anger and frusteration because I feel it too. But this doesn't make him a bad cop or a bad person because of one really stupid mistake that I have no doubt will NEVER happen again by him.

Code Six, I feel your pain about the lowering of the standards, but this wasn't a result of lowering the bar because Chris has excelled in everything he's done on the department with ease. He screwed up badly and I'm sure the punishment will be very harsh and appropriate and he will accept it and work through it.

This is proof that we are our own worst enemies, and we eat our own.

Wow!! Whatever happened to praise in public and criticize in private? Regardless of how you feel about the situation, you have to agree that the last thing a person that has gone through something like this needs is EVERYBODY (brass, citizens, and even line partners) jumping on him. I'm sure he realizes what he did was stupid. We've all had those moments where we realized how horribly something could have turned out. For most of us, we've been fortunate that it has not ended as badly as this did.

I think the deeper issue is the misguided aggression. It seems to me that a couple of people on here are not happy about the direction the department is headed and are looking for any reason to point the finger and say "See!! This is why we shouldn't ____"

I hope none of you find yourselves in a situation where it seems like the whole world is against you. But if you do, I'm sure you'll appreciate SOMEONE giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Be safe out there.

I am sure this poor guy is beating himself up over this. I'm sure he's trying to do everything within his power to make things better and he's even trying to figure out what is going to happen to him. I don't think that he should have anymore done to him then what would happen to an ordinary citizen HOWEVER no less should be done either. There are probably so many factor involved here that we don't know about but on the other hand isn't that true for every situation? This particular officer did do something extremely stupid, and sometimes our own mistakes put us in situations where all we can do is learn from then and move on. If alcohol was involved I think the argument that anyone is being to harsh on him fly’s out the window. With all his experience he should have never put his hands on a gun drunk! He should have known better. Yes accidents happen but his wasn't one of them, this was a dumb move mixed in with alcohol. My prayers are with the officer at the other end of the gun. May be heal and be able to return to work. God Bless them both, they both need it.

I think we've beat this horse to death and then some. Best of luck to all the coppers involved.

Lets let some of the words roll off. Lets stick with our positions and get ready for the next HotShot. Lets just move on to another Post.

I just tuned into this page for the first time and can't stop laughing...But I also read a few things I had to chime in on...

Everyone should agree that there is NO EXCUSE for what happened. Wyatt Earp said, "Mistakes happen." Sorry, but that's just not good enough. I don't wish this event on anyone, but the fact remains--Campagna did the inexcusable.

Line Reserve Guy, I also applaud you for defending your friend, but let me clarify a couple of things...77th Gangs was not 'lucky' to have Campagna; Campagna was lucky to get into 77th Gangs. He is a Metro Ofcr with 5 yrs experience, including academy time, military deployment time, and probation. Do the math. That's not much field time as an ofcr. Also, I know for a fact that he didn't do all that much as a gang copper. Anyone that's truly worked it knows that it takes at least two years to even begin to make an impact and learn it right. Would any gangster out there speak his name in disdain?

It used to be that coppers had to work hard for many years to develop the experience, maturity, and mindset to work in a place like Metro. Here's the second time in the past 3 years that a 5yr copper that got promoted to P-3 into Metro has had a major problem...think about it.

And no, it wasn't a 'horrible accident'. I would hope that for the future of the LAPD, you would agree on one thing: this event, while it is truly 'horrible', was no accident. An accident would have been if Campagna had tripped and fell, causing his gun to fall out of his holster, with the trigger catching on a loose piece of furniture, causing the gun to go off. It is no accident when you press the trigger and/or your muzzle is pointed at someone. Call a spade a spade: this was a negligent discharge. And I find it peculiar that I have personally spoken to more than one ofcr that has worked around the ofcrs involved that has stated they 'weren't surprised' by the guys involved. Why? Figure it out for yourself.

While I certainly wish for the best outcome for all of the ofcrs involved, I must say that I am just one of MANY who are disgusted by what happened. You can defend your buddies all you want, but face the fact that Campagna's actions in this incident are an embarrassment to the Dept and to all of it's ofcrs...

Lastly, to Campagna Supporter, I certainly hope you are wrong...It couldn't 'just happen' to any of us, or we should all be reviewed for job suitability...

He has already benefitted from having a badge. A normal citizen would have been arrested and booked (anyone remember the guy from a couple months ago defending himself from an attack by gangbangers and LAPD arrested him?) and a normal citizen would have had to post bail.

The only person here who deserves sympathy is the officer that was shot, but then we have to ask: "Why was he walking in front of a gun, loaded or not? Did he forgot to treat all guns like they were loaded as well?"

JQ, in regards to being arrested and booked for a specific crime, consider one key factor...INTENT...or lack there of.

I'm going to have to agree with Common Sense.....

Most of the people who have blogged on here are just sick and tired of the of the way some of our fellow Officers act off duty. It's this kind of nonsence that makes the rest of us look like immature kids. Then we wonder why the public looks at us like we're idiots.

No matter how squared away Campagna was while in the field in the past, he just showed the rest of us how immature he was. Ask anyone with over 10 years on and has either worked or is currently working Metropolitan Division and he/she would tell you that this would not have happened if the selection process was changed.

If the department wants to know why this sort of thing happened, all it has to do is look into itself. Sometimes making changes for the sake of making changes is not always a good thing.

Metro the "elite"??? Please...its all about who you know, obviously not what you know.The major problem with LAPD today is the selection of under-qualified individuals to coveted positions or promotions. 5 year coppers making Metro or being promoted to Sgt, Det, etc. etc...What a joke! You reap what you sow!!!

I think this is a great format to discuss issues that effect the Department. We can remain anonymous and hit the hard topics without fear of retribution. I have read all the entries in this blog regarding this subject and I had to "weigh" in, because of its importance.

I do not know this officer and I feel he knows he is in some deep kimchi.

But the fact is he "negligently" caused this situation. Let's look at the word and break it down.

Negli•gent•ly adv.

Synonyms: negligent, derelict, lax, neglectful, remiss, slack1
These adjectives mean guilty of a lack of due care or concern: an accident caused by a negligent driver; was derelict in his civic responsibilities; lax in attending classes; neglectful of her own financial security; remiss of you not to pay your bill; slack in maintaining discipline.

I would say this officer covers most of that definition. OK, now what does this mean for the Department and I know and can't wait from the critics to hit me back.

It means we have some serious issues with who we hire. I spent over 13 years in a black and white working the south end and never critique my fellow officers when an incident occurred. Thinking, I wasn't there, and cannot Monday morning quarterback this officer. Then I promoted and after a several years as a field supervisor I went over to the dark side. I always thought those guys did not have field time and didn't understand what we did in the field. Your right, some do not and some have a lot of time in patrol.

Since I been in this assignment, what I found out and been privy too is very disturbing to me and should be to you. We have lots of people sworn and civilian doing all kinds of stupid stuff, off duty and on. You name it, we have it. A lot of stuff doesn't get out due to officer confidentiality. But you should be concerned. How does that equate to this situation. We have young officers running around without proper supervision. Young sergeants, leading young officers. We have officers with a serial numbers staring with 37XXX as sergeants. People that is less than 5 years on the job.

In this situation, you have a new P3 assigned to Metro; really the best of the best. 5 years is not a long time on this job to be assigned to that type of unit. It took me 5 years to really become a good street copper. This is a perfect example of the blind leading the blind.

Now, if you do not think this reflects negatively on you, then you’re dreaming.

Take a look at the most recent events and it should be alarming to you.

1) LAPD officer gets shot by LBPD.
2) Elite Metro officer arrested for hit & run
3) LAPD officer shoots another officer in SD.
4) Off duty LAPD officer shoots hit & run suspect in Corona.

The list goes on and on.

People we have a responsibility to take a hard look at these knuckle heads and say "enough." I am tired of reading the paper and seeing another LAPD officer arrested or has done something stupid, causing everyone embarrassment.

I am not holier than thou and will never claim to be, but we have to have standards and when you fail the standard and are found wanting then you should be out.

For the record, we are not the only Department that has officers doing stupid stuff, but due to the proximity of the largest media outlets in the world being in LA, we are the most publicized. Most is due to lazy newspaper editors not wanting to travel when they can pick up the phone and critize us.

I think we are the best and I am proud of this department. We do more with less than other department. It’s time to start holding people accountable.

Lastly, the three things that get officers fired on this job are women, booze and lying.

So there has been quite a number of people that have weighed in on this subject and it has amused me to see that maybe 5% of you out there have even wished me well or a speedy recovery. Everybody else has been so busy putting Chris on a roast. Did I miss something here? If anyone has any right to throw the first stone it should be me. I am the one shot in the stomach, not you. I will go on record and say that Chris has my 100% support
in public and anything that had to be said between us behind closed doors has been said. Chris and I both have quite a bit to look forward to in the next couple of months (for diffrent reasons) and I think that this is a great time to show your support for both of us. That is what this LAPD family is about isnt? Chris is a great friend and has been by my side for most of this ordeal and I for one wish him nothing but the best.

I was very lucky and I am now up and around (limited walks). I will continue to recover and I want to thank all the people that have been there for me. Say what you want about this department but my wife and I have been blown away my the response to this event. Special thanks to the League and to everybody that has called, texted, and visited during this difficult time.

Shot in the Stomach, I'm glad that you are recovering from your injury. I know your immediate and your LAPD extended family wish you a quick 100% recovery. I do want to address the issue of throwing the first stone, AG the Department prides itself by the members that make up the Department. It expresses its disappointment or concerns due in part of all the hard work it has done to make it the worldwide recognized organization that it is. Referencing the infoweb, Commander Webb has always sited how important it is to read the TacOps section and for those that haven’t, July talks about Holster Retention- Know your Weapon and the August article refers to peak performance with two of the topics listed as Personal Gun Safety and Back-up Guns. Throwing a stone isn’t always the intent but as painful as it may appear brings light to mistakes and accidents both of which will happen, it’s now the Departments objective is to minimize these incidents.

AG, glad you're getting better. but first, you probably shouldn't say anything on here other than thanking those who wished you well (for reasons of which I'm sure you're aware). As far as many on here "putting Chris on a roast," rather than wishing you speedy recovery, I'm sure people would've reacted differently if an officer was injured on duty, as opposed to getting shot by a negligent buddy. Many of us, however, wished you well.. Your estimate of 5% is way off.
If you don't want your buddy to be scrutnized in this manner, help him understand the consequences of his such negligent actions how it affects all of us who've worked hard for many more years than Chris has contributed to this department and the city. He's earned every little criticism and comments coming his way. And most of us on here have earned the right to vent and express our frustrations over such matter.

AG....I too am glad that you will make a full recovery. However, I can't help but wonder what your wife or family's reaction would have been had your drinking buddy Chris killed you with one negligent round. You are very fortunate to be alive and you will survive the embarrassment, but let Chris hear what the rest of the police world has to say about this stupid "accident".

AG,I'm glad that you are recovering well and walking now. I've read all the input on this incident over the past week since it occurred and I decided to post my 1st blog entry. To be honest it does not surprise me that cops take the extra 15-20 minutes of their time to voice their opinions, and pretty much hammer and stomp a copper when he is down, beacuse working the southend I see it all the time after a perimeter or major caper. I know both Campagna and Gomez, and after hearing the initial second hand prelimnary info on "the incident", the likely hood that a negligent discharge took place is high, but is it necessary to slam a fellow cop on a public forum? I personally don't think so.

The last comment made stated something to the effect that we (cops) have earned the right to vent frustrations over the incident. My personal opinion is if this issue really bothers you and you have the time to write your opinion on the blog, why not drive down to Northeast walk yourself into the Metro stables and pull Campagna aside and "vent" and be sure to tell him that you have earned the right to let your frustrations out. As a Cop, I just don't know how hiding behind a computer and venting is going to make things better, or make cops respect even hear out the point your trying to make. Approach Campagna personally and "vent" to his face not over a blog. After all isn't that how grown men handle situations?

Grown Men don't horse around with guns, play quick draw with thier buddies and shoot them in the gut. And "hiding" behind a computer saves us from being targeted by IA and having to become a part of Campagnas infantile investigation. Campagna is going to hear about his head in behind bush league move for the rest of his life. So he better get used to it. Coppers are ruthless when it comes to stuff like this. And rightfully so.

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