Chief Bratton Calls News Conference to Address Concerns
16-year-old Shot and Killed

Notes for the October 20, 2008 Police Commission Weekly Meeting

  • The Police Commission held a special meeting at Southwestern Law School in an effort to reach out to the Pico Union, Silver Lake, MacArthur Park and Filipino Town communities.  Police Commission President Anthony Pacheco took the opportunity to thank the school and members of the community for allowing them to hold the meeting there. 
  • After introductions, President Pacheco discussed the myriad of issues which had been prevalent in the news that day.  He spoke about the recent issue with the Scientific Identification Division’s Latent Print Unit by stating the problem was of considerable concern but added that after extensive discussions with Police Chief William Bratton, he considers it a non-issue for the future.  He stated he was pleased with Chief Bratton reaching out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for assistance and said that this was a very defining moment for the Department in many ways.
  • President Pacheco then spoke on the back log of DNA rape kits.  He said he was encouraged by City Controller Laura Chick’s report on the issue and that it is of critical importance to the Police Commission.
  • Finally President Pacheco said that he was still in the process of thoroughly reviewing the report released by the American Civil Liberties Union.  This is an issue which the Commission has looked at in the past and President Pacheco welcomed the report.
  • Police Chief Bratton then offered his report.  He again touched on the issues which President Pacheco had raised. He stated the Latent Print Unit has a number of dedicated employees and announced the formation of a task force to be headed by Deputy Chief Charlie Beck. He also announced that the unit would be moved from the command of the Office of Support Services to the Detective Bureau.  It is his goal to come out with best practices.
  • Chief Bratton then announced that the death of Mr. Kazuyoshi Miura while in Department custody was found to be a suicide.  He said contrary to Mr. Mirura’s attorney’s statements, he was very comfortable with the Use of Force division’s preliminary report and that the coroner’s report will confirm the internal investigation.
  • The Executive Director of the Police Commission, Mr. Richard Tefank, and the Inspector General, Mr. Andre Birotte, then offered a brief synopsis on each of their responsibilities and functions as it pertains to their respective positions.
  • The final speaker of the evening was Captain John Egan of the Rampart Community Police Station.  He offered up a brief overview of the area including population, communities, youth programs and new facility particulars. 
  • Once the speakers were done, the Commission opened the floor up to public comment.  Members of the community were able to speak on the issues that were closest to them.  Many offered their sincere gratitude to the officers who patrol the area and others voiced concern over various issues.  The public comment portion of the meeting is the primary reason for holding the Commission meetings at special locations.
  • The Police Commission holds these special meetings a few times a year and anticipates continuing to reach out to the residents of the City of Los Angeles.  


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