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Councilmember Jack Weiss Donates $250,000 Towards DNA Testing of Backlogged Rape Kits

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Los Angeles:  At a press conference held yesterday outside the Los Angeles Regional Crime Lab, longtime LAPD supporter Councilmember Jack Weiss presented the Department with a $250,000 check to assist in the clearing of backlogged rape kits.  “Fighting violent crime must be top priority and DNA lets us target some of the most dangerous repeat offenders lurking in our neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Weiss.  “With this $250,000 LAPD can test 250 more rape kits, solve these crimes, and prevent more rapes.”

Detective Bureau Deputy Chief Charlie Beck thanked Councilmember Weiss on behalf of the Department, noting “Our politicians, especially here in Los Angeles, are behind us 100% on these issues but, I think what the Councilmember has done here really shows his commitment.  It shows his passion and his sense of justice, and that’s what this money is about.  This money is about bringing justice to victims.”

Los Angeles Police Foundation President Karen Wagener was also on hand to request the public’s assistance with private donations to help further clear the Department’s untested rape kits.  With a goal of $4 million, to date, the Foundation has raised $1.4 million thus far towards the Department’s DNA backlog.  Ms. Wagener asked, “For anyone who would like to make a donation that is fully tax deductible, please visit our website at  The Foundation guarantees that every donation, 100% of it, goes to the DNA backlog.”  To contact the Los Angeles Police Foundation, please call 213-489-4636.    


Hey Jack dig a little deeper. I just read that McArthur Park will cost
10 Million to settle. But in the cops eyes they did nothing wrong.

What kind of person brings up the McArther Park "melee" in order to insult the LAPD in the context of untested rape kits?

As if the bumps and bruises of the people in McArthur Park compare to the thousands of women awaiting justice after sexual assault. Maybe those that were in McArthur Park could show some class and give up every penny of their settlement money to clear the shameful backlog of rape tests.

I think it is sad that people like "citizen" can look at headlines like these and not see the twisted irony involved, meaning some people get millions for not following directions while true victims with actual injuries have to wait for justice. What a terrible place we live in.

-Master of the Obvious

Citizen, I'm trying to figure out if you actually live in the city and/or have any clue about the job responibilites of a Los Angeles Police Officer. Speak easy on ur harsh verbal lashing as you have never had the awesome responsibility of being an LAPD cop.

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