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Newton Area Inspection

Los Angeles:  Come rain or shine, Newton Area’s finest were proudly on display.  Dark clouds and Newton 1rainy weather could not diminish the sheen of Newton Area’s badges as they held their formal inspection this morning.  Captain Mark Olvera, Commanding Officer of Newton Area, proudly lead Councilmember Jan Perry, Police Chief William J. Bratton, Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger and Deputy Chief Diaz as they inspected the division’s rank and file.

Newton 3 Recognized as one of the Department’s toughest divisions, Newton Area is considered by many a “workhouse” and its officers among the most devoted.  Chief Bratton commended the staff for their commitment and dedication to improving trust and relationships in the community.  Congratulating them on a successful inspection, he expressed his gratitude, “Thank you for the work that you do and the phenomenal story I get to tell.”  

Also rallying the officers, Assistant Chief Paysinger noted, “There’s something Newton 7special about this place. With a deep, double-digit waiting list to get into this station, it definitely has something to do with who you are.”  Councilmember Perry thanked the officers for their service, noting they are “not only officers, but also friends to the community.”

Newton Area encompasses an area of nine square miles and has a population of approximately 150,000.  The Newton Community Police Station serves the neighborhoods of Produce/North-End Business District, Fashion District, South Park District, and Pueblo Del Rio Housing Development.


Mr. Bratton needs to spend more time working out. He's developing a bay window.

I recently attended a mandatory training taught by national law enforcement expert Larry Danaher. He said, "work the problem and don't react to guesses." I believe this sums up the above story best.

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