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Board of Los Angeles Police Commissioners Community Meeting

The Los Angeles Police Commission held a special community meeting on April 7, 2009, in the Founders Room at the Galen Center on the campus of the University of Southern California.  Police Commission President Anthony Pacheco welcomed the large gathering and expressed his thanks to the University, staff and students for allowing the Commission to hold the meeting on their campus.

Police Commission Vice-President John Mack announced on Thursday, April 9, the Los Angeles Urban League will be honoring Police Chief William Bratton at its 36th Annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Awards Dinner. 

Once the Commissioner comment portion of the agenda was complete, Commissioner Alan Skobin offered an overview of the Police Commission and their role as a civilian oversight committee.  He stressed the importance of hearing from the community on matters and issues most important to them and offered his commitment to discussing them with the Commission. 

Councilmember Jan Perry whose district falls within Newton and 77th Division boundaries, then addressed the Commission and crowd.  She offered her thanks to the LAPD for their dedication and focus on reducing crime but added crime in her district was still prevalent.

Police Chief William Bratton took the opportunity to provide the audience statistical data on the decline in crime rates since he began his tenure as police chief.  He also stressed the importance of continuing to grow the Department in order to maintain the downward trend in crime.

Southwest Division Captain Steve Zipperman presented the Commission an overview of the area, personnel, programs and relationships his division has developed.  He stated, programs such as the Community Police Advisory Board, Juvenile Impact Program, the Parolee Re-entry Program and several youth and block clubs make for a very involved and integrated community.

Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese and Chief Carey Drayton of the USC Department of Public Safety briefed the Commission on the relationship between the Department and the school.  Both expressed favorable opinions on their working relationship and pledged to keep working together as they move forward.

The final portion of the meeting consisted of the public comment period.  Members from the community took the opportunity to express concerns over issues in their neighborhood and some extended their appreciation to the men and women in uniform.

The Police Commission appreciates the opportunity to hold community meetings, as they provide community members a venue to express concerns that might otherwise not be heard.  The Los Angeles Police Commission holds special meetings throughout the year in various geographic areas.  


Does the public know that Councilmember Bernard Parks still can't take the fact he was rejected as police chief and is still trying to run the LAPD? Does the public know that Chief Bratton and the Police Commission approved a revised Code-3 policy that benefits both the public and looks after the safety of responding officers, only to have Councilman Parks exercise legislative authority over the policy and refer it to the Public Safety Committee? A policy that has take TEN YEARS of review and study, but which the LASD has had for a long time?

The revised policy is now suspended until Bernie (I'm still chief) Parks looks at it and rubs Chief Bratton's nose on the fact that he can still be a negative for the LAPD.

Good grief.

Parks is a malcontent and an obstructionist! He is still like a petulant child over being shown the door in 2002. Pull up on your boot straps and march on Mr. Parks, or be intellectually honest enough to admit this code 3 change in policy is a great and necessary change in keeping the People AND Police of LA safe. Something tells me his ego is far to fragile to do the right thing. His ignorant position on this matter and how he has chosen to attack the merits of it are quite pathetic. He needs a dose of reality, CODE-3!

Purple Heart???????
As I sit here typing this, fresh in my mind is that of the recent deaths of 4 Oakland Police Officers. Also in Pittsburgh, where 3 Police Officers were killed and 2 more injured in a shoot out with a crazed gunman. These men served their Communities with unrelenting Honor, Courage, Pride and Tenacity right up to their untimely deaths. They provided, and we all continue to provide an unconditional umbrella of safety and security for our respective Communities. There deaths shall not be in vein! I attended the funeral for the 4 Oakland Officers, and was taken aback by the heart felt displays of sorrow and affection by the People of Oakland and San Francisco. Not that I needed reminding, but it reminded that no matter how unappreciated we Officers feel at times, the majority of the public, understands and appreciates the fabric of safety that we provide in their name. Most of the Community also understand that some of us get injured and others lose their lives for them, and we gladly do it. These moments also serve as a grim reminder to me that our own Los Angeles Police Commission hasn't cared enough to take action on the request by Commissioner Skobin that LAPD have a Purple Heart Award for seriously injured or killed LAPD Officers. Commissioner Pacheco seems to have forgotten what he said when the Purple Heart was brought up, which to remind him, " It's the right thing to do." Clearly he was posturing politically, and lacks the courage of his conviction. I do know that Chief Bratton is no Commissioner Pacheco, while the Chief in Boston and in New York, he put the Purple Heart award in place for his Men and Women. Chief Bratton clearly understands what the sacrifice of his Men and Women mean to them, their families and the People of Los Angeles. Perhaps the Commission is waiting for another LAPD Officer to lose his or her life here in Los Angeles before they exit Alice in Wonderland and step back into reality. After all, they demonstrably take no time in lambasting the Police Officers and attacking our credibility on a regular basis. Also, they waste no time in implementing any restrictions they deem as necessary, on LAPD Police Officers. The People of Los Angeles deserve a real Police Commission, not an Antipolice Commission, that is motivated by their negative and obtuse opinions of the front line Police Officers of our City. Their pessimistic views of Law Enforcement are palpable and clearly do not make this City as safe as she should be. Again, this lack of leadership at the Police Commission is indicative of a body of people that have disdain for the Police Officers who protect this great City. If not this Purple Heart award would be a no-brainier to the pragmatist. And their failure to properly do the right thing and hope that this topic fades away, is further evidence to the charge that they are a bunch of obtuse and callow individuals to the officers who put their lives on the line day after day. The Commissioners manage to show up and mug up for the cameras at Officer's funerals. But they are loudly absent when it comes to standing up for something as important as a Purple Heart. And my father always used to say," you don't have to stand tall for every fight, but you do have to take a stand!" Dad, would be ashamed of this Police Commission with it's silence and failure on a matter so important as the Purple Heart. Only one Commissioner has stood up and advocated for this Award, and why is that, other than what I have outlined? Shame on the others, especially the lack of "leadership" from President Pacheco and Vice President Mack. Perhaps they're afraid of what the criminal element and their facilitators will say if they recognize the sacrifice and service of our police officers. Whatever their hesitance, it is squandering an opportunity to boost morale, and do something that is more than the hollow words we so often hear from the Police Commission. As I said, Chief Bratton clearly and demonstrably understands the importance of this award, evident by what he did while in charge at NYPD and BPD. But then again, he's a leader and likes cops.

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