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Notes from the April 21, 2009 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

•    Police Commissioner Alan Skobin mentioned a study on DNA and forensics conducted by the National Academy of Science in February and how it could have a tremendous impact on policy and procedure.  He asked Assistant Chief Sharon Papa to keep the Commission abreast on the Department’s response to the findings.

•    Police Commission President Anthony Pacheco commented on the Board of Education’s decision to terminate the Diploma Advisory Project, which retrieves students who are at risk of dropping out of high school.  President Pacheco believes the elimination of the program would have adverse implications for police and encourages the Chief to continue to work with the school district in order to save the program.

•    Assistant Chief Sharon Papa informed the Commission the Department just broke the 9,900 mark in sworn police officers.  The new academy class for this month brings the total of sworn officers in the Department to 9,904.

•    The Department’s verbal report and discussion relative to City Council Motion (CF #09-0546)  regarding the naming of the new Police Administration Building was given by Assistant Chief Sharon Papa.  She informed the Commission the motion to name the new Police Administration Building “Parker Center” is going to be heard by the City Council on Wednesday, April 22.  The Commission authorized the President of the Board to prepare and send a letter to the City Council setting forth the Board’s position relative to naming the new Police Administration Building.

•    The verbal presentation and update from the Commanding Officer and Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) representative regarding community initiated problem solving, crime strategies, and other programs and goals within the Central Area was given by Captain Blake Chow.  He informed the board his area is a very diverse community.  They place an emphasis on youth outreach with an Explorers program, a youth committee, Internship opportunities, and youth programs which have approximately 225 people enrolled. Events planned are a National Night Out event at Pershing Square and a Central Area open house tentatively scheduled for October.  Their primary goal is to change the nature of what C-PAB’s are and should be.

•    The Department’s report, dated April 8, 2009, relative to the Department’s response to the recommendation of the timekeeping and Fair Labor Standards Act audit, March 2008, was received and filed.

•    The Department’s report, dated April 9, 2009, relative to the City Council Motion 09-0066: procedures related to monitoring of sex offenders, was approved.

•    The Department’s report, dated April 6, 2009, relative to the Gang Enforcement Detail quarterly status report, first quarter 2009, was approved.

•    The Department’s report, dated April 16, 2009, relative to the Criminal Case filing rates of individuals arrested – 1st Quarter report (January 1, 2009 – March 31, 2009), was approved.

•    The Inspector General’s report, dated April 9, 2009, relative to the review of the Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Audit, fiscal year 2008/2009, was approved.


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