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LAPD Supports Urban Military Training Exercises

Los Angeles:  From June 15-27, 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will be providing support for joint military training exercises in and around the greater Los Angeles area.

The operations will be routine training exercises conducted by military personnel, designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments and meet mandatory training certification requirements.  

Training sites have been carefully selected so that activities do not interfere with the daily routines of the local populace.  Safety precautions have also been taken to prevent risk to the general public, as well as to military personnel involved.  The training is not open to the public.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Officer Steve Scallon at 213-305-4685.


Our police and Military should remain separate. The police has no business training with military. More and more Posse Comitatus is being chipped away at. Follow the law.

Hey Aaron...It didn't say they were training together..It said they were providing support..Joint Military Training means with multiple branches of the military. Relax and take a deep breath.

Aaron Johannsen,
What are you talking about... how is Posse Comitatus relevant in this sitaution? Or did you just want to practice your latin? No one said they police would be training with the military. Furthermore even if they were to train together PC would not be violated/chipped away unless the US military took on domestic law enforcement responsibilities. If I'm not mistaken (Mods correct me if I'm wrong) the LAPD is just providing notification/security as it is mandated to do. The dept is trying to make sure that civilians do not panic if they happen upon the training site.

So take off the tin foil hat and relax.

Today is Monday, June 22, '09 and tonight the military exercises have been going on now well over an hour, off and on (it is now 10:25pm). There are really loud helicopters flying overhead. Looking out of the window I can see them flying close together extremely fast in a circular motion. I don't think flying over any residential area is safe for military exercises. A crash could easily occur (it happens often). We have a young son and all I've been thinking about is "what if the helicopters crash." The best place for these type of military exercises is in the desert or over the ocean. (Not to mention, who can sleep with such noise going on? Although, thankfully, my son has remained asleep.) I wonder if these exercises are taking place over any wealthy communities? I'm in San Pedro, very near Palos Verdes, but I'd be willing to bet these helicopters aren't flying overhead there.

Martial law soon?

Are the LAPD and Miilitary preparing to take people to FEMA detention centers??

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Obama's promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is Obama's gestapo militia in training why isn't there more media reporting it. Let me guess the media is in it as well.

as a vietnam veteran, the wop wop wop of helicopters in the night is not my idea of peace and quiet, and I do have mixed feelings about these sort of excercises not just because they are a spectacle to watch, but more because this did not seem to be a matter for public consumption till after the fact, a little like the Air Force One NYC matter?
Are We The People supposed to quietly accept the official line here...keep moving, move along now nothing going on here, keep moving thats right, just a rountine combined joint military excercise with local authorities and millions of dollars of specialized equipment and highly trained soldiers and airmen?

"Training sites have been carefully selected so that activities do not interfere with the daily routines of the local populace"

Not interfere. Umm, these "activities" take place every night when i'm putting my kids to sleep. Nice work.

Just to clarify, I saw another article forwarded via neighborhood watch in which an LAPD spokesman stated that this is involving both police and military personnel, to share "urban police training methods".

These comments are coming from "the very people that sleep under the blanket of freedom that we provide and then question the manor in which we provide it. You can't handle the truth !!!."

WOW! Where do all these ignorant people come from? Oh well at least I got a good laugh from reading half of these comments. Good job US Military and please keep up the great work LAPD.

These Whiners who don't want the military training in an urban environment, especially over their neighborhoods because it is disturbing to them and their children can't sleep are hippocrites. They love to live under the peace and protection our militaty and local police provide for them but don't want to hear the helicopters flying overhead. Our military MUST train in real world environments so they will be better prepared when they are deployed anywhere in the world. If you don't train for real world scenarios you will fail and DIE. If you "citizens" don't care if our military live to come home to their families then just keep on complaining and whining. Maybe some other idiot with some power will listen to you and you will get your way. In the mean time, let's thank GOD that our military doesn't take anything for granted and the LAPD is willing to HELP them anyway they can. By the way at least six helicopters flew over my house twice during their training exercise and I got out of my recliner, went outside with my wife at 2200hrs (that's military time for 10:00PM for you whiners) and looked up. I was thrilled to know they had been training to protect my family.

I certainly have no issue with the training exercises taking place. I thought they were supposed to discontinue though on Saturday, 6/27 - per the notice. Have they been extended? I'm hearing and seeing at least one helicopter in the skies at all times of day and night and it is now July 2nd. Is it the same situation, or is this something new?

In these military training exercises did they use airsoft guns for this activity? I've been hearing a lot about the military using air soft guns to train their solders.

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