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Michael Jackson Death Investigation Update

Los Angeles: Today, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released their findings on the cause and manner of the death of Michael Jackson.  This announcement affords the Los Angeles Police Department the opportunity to provide an update on the ongoing investigation.

On August 20, 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) met with representatives from the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE) to discuss information discovered during the investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.  Based on that meeting and at the request of the LAPD, the DEA and BNE have initiated their own independent investigations into matters that the LAPD’s investigation uncovered that may not be directly related to the cause of death.

The LAPD is the primary investigative agency responsible for the investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.  The Department will continue to use the assistance of the DEA and BNE as necessary, and these agencies will continue to cooperate with each other as their various investigations progress. 

The investigation into the death of Michael Jackson is ongoing and will result in the case being presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for filing consideration.  Until that time, LAPD detectives will continue to meet and confer with District Attorney representatives.

The LAPD would like to acknowledge and thank the following law enforcement agencies for their assistance in this investigation: the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration; the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement; the Houston Police Department and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The LAPD will not comment on any further aspects of this investigation.


I was and still is a big fan of Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009, I was in LA on vacation. When I heard from my children back on the east coast, I did not believe it until a coworker called me and told me about Michael Jackson had died, I was totally devastated. His death really took a toll on me. All I can think about is Michael and his children. All the videos I saw of Michael at the Staple Center, he looked healthy to me for someone his age. Granted, Michael looked thin, but he was not fragile as the media report it. I believe Conrad Murray and other doctors surrounding Michael had something to do with Michael Jackson dying. Conrad Murray has not been telling the truth from day one. I believe that Michael was dead or not breathing the early morning hours of June 25th. No one in their right mind would perform CPR on a bed. The day Michael Jackson died, the whole world is left wondering what happen to him. I will be glad when the police arrest Conrad Murray real soon and put him behind bars for a long time. Michael, I miss you. You will always be in my heart and soul. I know you are looking down on your children making sure they will be ok. Rest in peace now. Rest in peace.

it's not just that Michael Jackson was a spectacular entertainer for the 45 of his 50 years of life, but he was indeed also known to be a an immense humanitarian who gave not just his time and effort to very important causes (such as to the families of 9/11 victims), but also one who gave over $300,000,000 of his own money to various charities, raising millions more in the process. beyond his celebrity, his uniqueness, his kind character, he was an American that deserves justice by the law in which we place our collective trust.
for all that Michael has given to this world - which he may not ever be truly recognized for, his death is indeed a great loss. that loss is felt on a global scale for many reasons, not just mere fanaticism. this truth can only be denied by hatred for so long.
so with all my heart and soul, i wish the LAPD constant light, safety and strength, as i have many loved ones in the police and armed forces. and i also hope with all my heart and soul that justice will prevail above all.
a man was put to death by the hands of another. given the trials that MJ had endured at length, which ultimately were proven to be that of extortion, it is not a far fetched concept for the general public to believe that this homicide case reaches beyond prescription drugs and a negligent cardiologist with 20 years experience in the field. for justice to be served, it is imperetive that every angle be considered, as there is much to be implied with the history of this case and how it is handled.
so may our heroes do their stuff, and do it true.

You need to be more compassionate and understanding of those that love MJ. He died June 25, 2009, today is October 17, 2009 some almost 4 months later and "NO ARREST". Quite unusual for an obvious foul play incident where there is a clear suspect who has admitted to wrong doing. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see there is a big problem here.
I think we all understand that this is hughe and that there are probably more people involved but by the same token don't think people are gonna just go away. No, they are not, not by any means. You wait long enough and you're gonna have a gigantic problem on your hands, one I don't think you're gonna be able to solve by any means. Keep the public informed and maybe you can prevent this!!!!
Your public relations person is not doing their job. At the very minimum there should be a bi-monthly if not weekly update on the ongoings of the MJ investigation. You had better not make people panic. This man was widely loved. Not only in America. I think you need to pay attention. And you really do have a problem if he was also loved in heaven. OH MY !!!!!
You'd better get on the stick and show a "good faith" effort to do this thing right and on the up and up because when "the bill comes due" if you have enough credits to equal all the debits maybe you'll still be standing.


Sorry, my comment above was intended for the poster "Fan not", who stated,

"you all need more to do in your lives. You won't get any more updates on this site. The LAPD is done with updates on this site. Isn't there a MJ site you can go to? Enough with MJ already".

Insensitive and shortsighted isn't he/she.

Common Sense, WHAT??? Every day crimes go unsolved. This doctor admitted to giving the shot or whatever you want to call it. He did not admit to killing the man. Weekly updates? What makes you think that you have the right to weekly updates? He wasn't that loved all over the world, it was the way he died that made him so loved. If he was that loved why didn't you all show it? Any way I'm not getting into how much he was loved. All of you just need to find another hobby. You are not going to get weekly updates on this case on this site. First of all you don't have the right to that information no matter how CLOSE you think you were to MJ. You are not family!! He didn't even know your name and you think you have the right to know what is going on? Twisted twisted mind.

Common Sense,

Thanks. I agree. "Fan not" is insensitive, uncompassionate, and selfish.

If a family member of any of us died (and the death of MJ is like that to those who loved him. The psychological and grieving process is the same regardless) -- then it's inappropriate for anyone to come along and say: "oh find something else to do besides grieve."

It's particularly inappropriate if the beloved one died under very suspicious circumstances - like Michael did - with a quack doctor who drugged him to death and timelines that don't add up, and other nefarious characters surrounding the situation.

"Fan not" may be a MJ hater (obviously) but (s)he has no right to attempt to control the grieving processes of others or their quest for answers in the suspect death of a loved one. "Fan not"'s efforts are an exercise in futility.

We will grieve, regardless. And, hopefully, we will find answers regarding what happened. We DO know this: MJ did NOT have to die on June 25, 2009.

Although 4 months is a long time without anybody being brought to task over the death of Michael Jackson, the LAPD must be allowed to complete their investigations fully. The case for the prosecution needs to be water-tight when it eventually goes to court. This can only happen with thorough investigations by the police and for their findings to remain confidential until the case is brought to trial. Let the LAPD do their job. Confidentiality can not be breached to keep fans updated on how the investigation is proceeding.

This is just so unfair,that we are still waiting for someone to be punished for the death of Michael Jackson,i feel there was more than one involved,i hope they get what is due to them,Michael should be raising his kids,and he would be if it wasn't for the people that took his life,it is so sad.

Investigate the Bahrain prince who sued MJ and settled out of court in 2008 for secret settlement; investigate Tohme Tohme and even good old brother Germaine and his circle. Also to be found on the net, in Russia, there is talk of our own CIA assasinating MJ for various reasons. Many conspiracy theories. On the domestic front all the cosmetic surgeons should be investigated that knew MJ and all the md's, pharmacies etc, maybe even buying drugs in Mexico. What's taking so long?

its now november and still nothing - ridiculous. Bare minimum, this drug can not be administered outside of a hospital, let alone by someone who is not a qualified aneathesist, so therefore charges should have been initiated against Dr(i use the term loosely) regardless of who else was involved. It will be covered up, like Marilyn Monroe?

so where do the fans come into play? Which fans should be invesigated for his death? You people are the same people that he ran away from and wanted peace and quite from. So which fan should be the first to be put on trial for invasioin of privacy. He just wanted you people to leave him alone and even in death you cannot. None of you are in a position to demand anything. And now all you so called fans are talking about conspiracy theories! Leave him alone all his life that's all he wanted was to have a normal life and you people just can't seem to get that.

AEG hired Murray. Who's over AEG? Illuminati, that's who. WAKE UP!

Looking at all the evidence that is pending against Dr. Conrad, he
need to be behind bars for the rest of his life. It seen like LAPD is not persuding any charges against Dr. Conrad, it dosn't matter what Michael Jackson did.
Dr. Conrad gave him Propol, that's a high doses of drug that will be you the sleep forever. Dr. conrad need that. What taking so long for LAPD to arrest him.

The whole world is waiting every single day to hear that finally dr. Murray has been officially accused of murder (or manslaughter, at least) in MJ's case. We, the fans from all over the world, will nor rest until justice is done!
Long live the one and only king of music and light, Michael Jackson!!!

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