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Chief Beck Returns Home for Rampart Division Formal Command Inspection

Chief Beck podcast at Rampart Inspection

December 17, 2009 - During a chilly winter morning Rampart Division had its formalinspection.  The officers appearance was flawless as they stood proudly at attention with their uniforms fleshly pressed, glistening badges, and spit polished boots. Rampart Area Captain Steven Ruiz led Chief Charlie Beck, Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger, Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz, Commander Blake Chow and Rampart Patrol Captain Raymond Maltez as they inspected the rank and file.  Chief Beck attentively and proudly inspected the officers and particularly praised individual officers for their outstanding appearance.

Ramp insp_1aAfter the inspection, Chief Beck addressed the officers with a sincere and warm speech, expressing what Rampart Division means to him.  He reminisced about starting his career as a probationary officer in Rampart, then returning years later as a Captain.  Chief Beck spoke about working approximately eight or nine divisions during his 32 years of service with the Department. "Every division is special and unique, every division has great people, but only one division is your home and I have always considered Rampart to be my home,"Chief Beck stated, resulting in cheers from the officers. According to Chief Beck, Rampart is not his home because it was the first division that he worked or because he was a Commanding Officer there, but because "I love the people here."

In closing he thanked everyone in attendance and especially the officers who worked so hard preparingRamp insp_2a for the inspection. He further stated he considered the Los Angeles Police Department to be a living, breathing organism, "If you accept the premise that the LAPD is a living organism, then I would proffer that I think Rampart is its heart."

Ramp insp_3aRampart's 350 police personnel provide service to about 185,000 Angelenos, in a compact 5.6 square mile area. Rampart Area serves the communities of Angelino Heights, Echo Park, historic Filipinotown, Lafayette Park, MacArthur Park, Pico Union, and Westlake.


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