Notes from the December 22, 2009 Weekly Police Commission Meeting
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Chief's Message - Dec. 2009

For my family and I the holiday season has always been a time to reflect on our many blessings, enjoy spending time with each other, our friends and colleagues.   As we celebrate the holiday’s and look to the New Year, I want to take the time to reflect on all of our accomplishments and experiences in 2009.  It is ironic that during the year when we were celebrating 140-years of LAPD history, we were living through a year in which substantial change came to the organization, change that in itself is history making.
In 2009 we were released from the Consent Decree.  While Federal oversight is no longer required, that the reforms brought about by the Consent Decree must become the way we do business, the very best practices of this Department.  It was also a year of grand openings and moving into several new state-of-the-art facilities.  We opened the Real-Time Analysis and Critical Response Division, Emergency Operations Center, our 20th and 21st Area stations, Olympic and Topanga, and new Hollenbeck and Harbor stations.  We also moved the granddaddy of them all, our new Police Administration Building.
In 2010 we will continue to work hard to drive crime down while continuing to police in a constitutional manner, and we will do all that we can to prepare for and prevent acts of terrorism.    Our jobs will be made more difficult because of the current and future budget shortfalls the city faces.  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and our elected officials have committed to continue to hire to attrition, but we have to do our part.  The people of this city expect us to give them the best policing value possible for the precious dollars they are spending.  We have to make maximum use of all of the money we are given before we ask for more

During this holiday season please also take time to remember the 48 Los Angeles Police Department employees that continue to serve in the United States armed forces.  Many of them have not been with their family and friends for the holidays for several years.  I am struck by the extraordinary sacrifices they and their families make to serve our country on foreign soil and here in our communities.

Officer Micheal Almasy 31030 Army National Guard
Officer Francisco Argueta 38829 USMC
Officer Micheal Bain 38932 USMC
Sgt Thomas Bojorquez 30872 Army
Officer Christine Bulicz 34690 Air National Guard
Officer Ismael Chaparro 38731 USMC
Officer Jean-Pierre Charles 39485 Navy
Officer Robert Cottle 29940 USMC
Sgt David Craig 31411 Army National Guard
Officer Cesar Espinoza 37930 USMC
Officer Dominic Evans 38564 USMC
Officer Peter Galan 31808 Army National Guard
Officer Issac Gonzalez- Clemente 38092 Army
Officer Ramon Garcia 39097 USMC
Officer Evan Guevara 34091 USMC
Detective James Hayes 23916 Air National Guard
Officer Eric Hermann 35481 Air National Guard
Officer Mell Hogg 35351 USMC
Officer Manuel Huezo 33990 Coast Guard
Officer Brian Indreland 37296 USMC
Officer Eric Jimenez 39222 Army
Sgt Michael Johnson 31570 USAF
Officer Eui Joung 39150 Army
Sgt Jonathan Kirkpatrick 27400 USMC
Officer Bruno La Hoz 39050 Navy
Officer Brady Lamas 37904 USAF
Officer Timothy Ledingham 32869 Army National Guard
Sgt Chad Lewis 30713 USAF
Officer Erik Loomis 38329 USMC
Officer Victor Lopez 35269 USMC
Officer Kevin Marshall 38399 Army National Guard
Officer John Miller 39293 USMC
Officer Raul Olivares 38917 USMC
Officer Viengkham Ounsombath 37351 Army
Officer Edward Palacios 36023 Army
Officer Edward Petterez 34154 Army
Officer Christopher Phelan 39661 USMC
Officer Noah Pippin 39064 USMC
Officer Brian Putnam 33871 Coast Guard
Officer Thomas Ralph 35104 Army
Officer Jonathan Rocha 38919 USMC
Officer Jose Salgado 39307 USMC
Officer David Sanchez 38115 Army National Guard
Officer John Seffel 35330 US Navy
Officer Francisco Serrano 34668 USMC
Sgt Martin Spann 25923 Army National Guard
Sgt Hector Villanueva 35500 USMC
Sgt Robert White 32998 Army

This year we sadly said good bye to co-workers, partners and friends who passed away. As members of our LAPD family, we keep them alive in our hearts.

Ruben Baca Police Officer I Southeast Area, End of Watch – 2/6/2009
Kenneth Otto Garner Deputy Chief Operations-South Bureau, End of Watch – 3/1/2009
Joyce Diane Corrales Police Service Representative II Newton Area, End of Watch – 3/4/2009
Darlene Goya Commission Executive Assistant I Police Commission, End of Watch – 3/11/2009
Kelvin M. Lee Garage Attendant Motor Transport Division, End of Watch – 3/11/2009
Janine Manji Detective I Wilshire Area, End of Watch – 4/13/2009
Gail Bealey Senior Clerk Typist Detective Support & Vice Division, End of Watch – 5/12/2009
Susan J. Clemmer Detective II Gang and Narcotics Division, End of Watch – 7/6/2009
Bianca Brown-Greene Senior Clerk Typist Communications Division, End of Watch – 7/23/2009
Maria Victoria Castro Management Analyst II Commission Investigation Division, End of Watch ― 8/13/2009
Byung Sun Lee Auditor I Internal Audits and Inspections Division, End of Watch – 9/16/2009
Yvette Jean Pierre Police Service Representative II Rampart Area, End of Watch – 9/23/2009
Willie B. Ford, Jr. Photographer III Scientific Investigation Division, End of Watch – 10/23/2009
Edward Peter Pandolfo Police Officer III Hollywood Area, End of Watch – 10/26/2009
Max Kerstein Reserve Officer Olympic Area, End of Watch – 11/17/2009
Kenneth C. Aragon Police Officer II Northeast Area, End of Watch – 12/3/2009

At this time of year many of us reflect on our own lives and renew our commitment to each other and the causes we believe in.   We look for opportunities to give thanks and help those who need it most.  I encourage everyone to support the LAPD Angels Community Toy and Book Drive by donating a toy and a new or gently used book.  Every little thing we can do to make the holidays a brighter for children in our communities helps to make a difference in their lives.  Each station will mark the holiday season by hosting a party, and inviting those families in their area that are in special need. Your donation will go towards these generous efforts.  I also extend an invitation to everyone to attend the annual Department Holiday party on Saturday December 19 at the Los Angeles Downtown Marriott Hotel.  More information can be found on the LAN.

As we say good bye to 2009, I thank each one of you, sworn and civilian, for all that you do to make us the best law enforcement agency in the world.  From my family to yours, I wish you and your families a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.


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