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Crime Statistics December 26, 2009

VIOLENT CRIMES                2009**           2008**          % Chg

Homicide                             308*              376            -18.1%
Rape                                    758               828             -8.5%
Robbery                            11997            13186             -9.0%
Agg Assaults **                  10428            11884           -12.3%
Total Violent Crimes        23,491           26,274          -10.6%


Burglary                             17,846          19,411            -8.1%
BTFV                                 28,302           29,750           -4.9%
Personal/Other Theft         26,915           27,654           -2.7%
Auto Theft                        17,827           22,126          -19.4%
Total Property Crimes     90,890          98,941           -8.1%
Total Part I Crimes        114,381        125,215           -8.7%

* Numbers reflects a change in reclassification for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines and numbers are adjusted accordingly.

** Prior to 2005, Aggravated Assaults included Child/Spousal Simple Assaults


Dear LAPD: What is the status of the homicide case of Michael J. Jackson? Why have the fans heard nothing further? Please, we are hanging on barely.

These crime stats look like big improvements until you consider call response times. Last night there was a murder on my corner in Hollywood and it took a half hour to get a cop there. Any time I've called police about other disturbances, from noise complaints to fights on the verge of escalating to serious violence, getting a response takes 1-4 hours. Crime isn't down; just the willingness of citizens to waste their time report it.

I moved from West Los Angeles to West Hollywood and the difference is night and day in response time. The Sheriff Department Deputies are well respected by the community because they always arrive very shortly after they get called and they are polite and don't give off the attitude that we are lucky they showed up hours after they were called. I recently read that the LAPD has lowered the starting salary from 58K to 46K a year. Good luck getting good applicants!

Finally the correct questions are being asked. Too many specialized units results in too few patrol officers on the streets to take care of real complaints.

Keep asking these hard questions and maybe there will be changes.

LAPD is much too specialized and the command staff is way too over paid. A 20% pay cut for captains and above is long overdue. Use the savings to fund the officers that really do the work; the guys and girls in patrol!

Ok, all this lamenting about LAPD having to many "specialized units" is getting old and tired. Everyone agrees that patrol is the backbone of any Police department, and yet they always get the least help. I am not saying that is right, but lets attempt to be a little more specific in where you would like the help to come from. If your just whining and not offering any ideas or solutions, your part of the problem. In patrol, we need some of those specialized units around. As a law enforcement profession we have evolved with the ability to now target and focus on a certain criminal activity with resources you just cannot bring to bare with a uniformed presence. Most of us that have either been around a while or are open eyed about the complexities of law enforcement, understand that. Now if you want to say that we have to many Officers sitting behind a desk doing jobs a non-sworn civilian could be doing? I agree 100%! These folks didn't tell the interviewer at personnel division, they only want to be a Police Officer for one year while on probation, then they want to fade as far into obscurity as possible and play hide and seek for two grand a week, ducking and weaving the hard work in patrol. And yet we have an over abundance of those types of folks. But lets not cut off our nose to spite our face when it comes to the necessity of specialization. We live in a very different world now, and there are threats we have to be proactive about now that were not on the radar 10 - 20 years ago. If an Officer cannot yield that fact, they are not worthy of being involved in the debate, and we would be better off having this discussion with a lobotomized poodle. Less of the necessary specialized units means more work for street cops, and that's just a fact. For example, most officers would not want to get rid of Traffic Division, correct? That's a specialized unit, as is Gangs, Dope, Vice, SWAT, SIS, MCD, Motors, Juvenile Division. So lets take a breath and focus properly where the fat could be trimmed. And try not to beat up your fellow officers that are actually working, just because they happen to be working in a specialized unit that you didn't get into. Or that you don't want to get into. Either way, the world needs ditch diggers, and Traffic division, though a very important specialized unit, is not my cup of tea. I never shy'd away from a T/C report, but they aren't my favorite.

Stay Safe All.

PS As for the crime rate, even without the numbers shell game, crime is down. Patrol and specialized unit Officers are the ones to thank for that.

PSS.... Ed Kimble.... I toss out the BS flag on the 1/2 hour you claim it took Patrol Officers to get to a murder scene. Didn't happen, so try and be honest in your post if you want to be taken seriously. If you want to talk about response time to a code 2 call, that is plausible, but no way that happened on a call involving a murder. If it did, it would be front page news on the Los Angeles Times. And if your talking about citizens being unwilling to call the Police about a murder, because they don't get a 20 second response on a call of a loud party or other lower priority call? That's a significant morale void in that person.

Ed is on his soap box again. My remark will probably trigger a 2 page response.

No Citizen, what you fail to see is that Ed is an example of what a public servant is all about. The LAPD attempts to conduct a thorough background for the very few that do make it and put their lives and livelihood on the line, putting the public in front of themselves, family and friends. It troubles me when I see the selfish and ignorant, not having the cerebral capability and lack of understanding. Some see the work as a numbers game, the fact is men and women put what is so precious LIFE of others before themselves.

30 Minutes to a murder? Knowing the fine "citizens" of Hollywood, they may have been so drugged up that they reported it as an intoxicated homeless person. lol

As to the Michael Jackson 'murder' investigation.... Did one of his fans wake up and realize that he was 'really' dead? Anyway, that investigation concluded that he OVERDOSED on illegally prescribed medication. Should we now expand the murder rule to say that when someone takes it upon themselves to overdose and convict the doctors? How about when someone dies of a car crash, going back to the car dealer and convicting them of murder too?

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