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2010 Toughest Cadet Alive

April 22, 2010 - In a test of endurance, speed, agility, and toughness, the Toughest Cadet Alive competition was held on the campus of James Monroe High School.  The physical abilities challenge pits students from the seven Department Magnet schools against each other in a day long competition.  The schools included were Monroe, Reseda, Dorsey, San Pedro, and Wilson High Schools along with Mulholland and Burbank Middle Schools, with Burbank Middle School being new to the program this year.   

Toughest_Cadet_Alive_2010_003 Students competed in strength events such as pull-ups/chin-ups, push-ups and sit-ups; endurance events such as jump rope, the mile run and the obstacle course; Toughest_Cadet_Alive_2010_006 and a speed event in the 100-yard dash.  Participants also had to show academic excellence in their classes and compose an essay in order to participate.  Winners are awarded medals for individual and team performance and the student with the highest average score is awarded with the envious title of Toughest Cadet Alive.

Toughest_Cadet_Alive_2010_011 This year’s competition saw the Reseda High School Police Academy Magnet team take home the top honor in the essay portion of the competition.  However after combining total scores in fitness and academics the Monroe High School Police Academy Magnet team took home the top honor and was awarded the Toughest Cadet Alive trophy.

The police magnet program offers a rigorous curriculum geared toward preparing students for a career in law enforcement.  In addition to the basic high school requirements, magnet programs offer students specialized coursework, training, mentoring, work and volunteer opportunities.  There are approximately 1500 students currently enrolled in the seven area magnet programs. 

The Los Angeles Police Department would like to congratulate the Monroe High School Police Academy Magnet Cadets on their victory and thank all the participants in this year’s Toughest Cadet Alive competition.


YAYYYYY go Monroe!!!!!

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