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Notes from the May 18, 2010 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

  • Police Commission President John Mack spoke on behalf of the Board and offered his condolences over the recent passing of Vice President Alan Skobin’s mother and wished his wife a speedy recovery.
  • Vice President Alan Skobin said the La Ley Scholarship program awarded 3 Cadets with scholarships during the graduation last week and added the organization plans on offering similar scholarships in the near future.
  • Police Commissioner Robert Saltzman attended the University of Southern California Commencement ceremony and thanked the Department for their tremendous support on campus.
  • Assistant Chief Sandy Jo MacArthur informed the Board the City Council passed a budget for the next fiscal year and included in it was the allocation of funds for the Department to continue to hire police officers to attrition.  She added the Department is going to continue to recruit next year with 266-295 new officers expected to be hired.
  • The Department’s report, dated May 7, 2010, relative to Supplemental Police Account first quarterly report (January through March 2010), was approved and transmitted to the City Council and City Controller.
  • The Department’s report, dated May 13, 2010, relative to City Council motion regarding LA River Security Resources, was approved and transmitted to City Council, Ad Hoc River Committee.
  • The Department’s report, dated April 29, 2010, relative to response to Board of Police Commissioner’s request for written report on overview of training, as given by Assistant Chief Sandy Jo MacArthur and the Director of Police Training and Education, Dr. Luann Pannell.  Assistant Chief MacArthur stated there are two goals for the report.  The first is come up with a standardized process in training and the second is to make sure training does not suffer.  She added the Department created a Civilian Supervisor Course for employees to take while the City is on a hard freeze and no hiring is being done.


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