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June 29, 2010 - Chief of Police Charlie Beck, Councilmember Tony Cardenas and Council President Eric Survivors 001 Garcetti joined local and federal authorities to address forced labor and sweatshop activities. Today is the 15-year anniversary of the infamous El Monte sweatshopslavery case which exposed the horrific conditions under which over 70 Thai laborers werefound enslaved, forced to work 18 hours a day, and sleep on floor mattresses. An El Montesurvivor broke her silence to help educate the public on how to identify victims. Chief Beck stated, “Through education, enforcement, prosecution and partnership we can make a differencein our community.” The survivors held colorful Survivors 003 handmade quilts which represents the bond theyshare with each other.

The nation’s first play about the survivors of El Monte “Fabric” will be preformed between July 8 through August 8, 2010. The news conference was held at Los Angeles City Hall.


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