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Chief of Police, Submits Letter of Concern to State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Los Angeles: Chief of Police Charlie Beck writes letter to State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation regarding early release of parolee who shot at officers.

On July 14, 2010, Los Angeles, Chief of Police Charlie Beck submitted a letter of concern to the State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary, Matthew Cate, with concerns about the suspect who attempted to kill officers this past weekend during a shooting in the San Fernando Valley.  The letter outlines concerns about why Javier Rueda, the suspect who shot at officers on Saturday July 10, 2010, had been paroled early from a ten year conviction for violent crimes and then transferred into the Non-Revocable Parole program after serving only two years of his sentence. Click here to view attached letter .


Chief Beck, where's the THUNDER ???? That letter was too cordial. Cordiality is not what is needed in response to an incident like this. Anger is most appropriate in this matter and all others that involve despots who should still be in cages, yet under the lazy eye of the DOC's parole system are free to victimize and prey on society. I'm sure you feel it, you should make the DOC feel it too.

What you failed to realize is that every chief of police is basically one thing, a politician. Don't expect much else from one. How do you think they got to their position? Why would a chief speak about boycotts against a fellow state when his political view is not needed in that forum. That is the problem with this system. Anytime a person within this organization puts more than one bar on their collar, they have to sell their soul in order to earn it.

The parole system is a farce and we all knew that the new non-revocable parole program would only lead to bigger problems. Kristi Sandoval said it best in the news when she stated that you can't put a price tag on public safety. I know both of the officers involved in the shooting. Thank god that they are ok!

I hope that the person is found and put in jail for life for what she did

I am thinking that Ghost committed suicide by cop after realizing that he would be going back to prison for possession of a firearm. Was he in fact DUI and if so don't you think the alcohol contributed to the incredibly bad choices? 2 years in prison seem like a normal high sentence for possession ( of a small amount of drugs and a firearm) and evading (2800), which he was doing again. Is the chief suggesting that everyone be kept the 5 years on a 10 sentence( halftime). Would he like his budget slashed so that we can build more and bigger prisons? Or does he just want more libraries closed? Or higher taxes?This is a sad case and I am just glad no one else was seriously hurt.

Actually Gary, our neighbor Sheriff Joe has a great solution to the overcrowding problem.
You need to take a closer look at how many crimes have been committed by persons on parole in the last few years alone. Any one of the last high profile homicides is one too many. The feds also need to do their part when it comes to deported convicted felons who continually return to the US. Really, what's the point of sentencing someone to ten years if they're only doing two with irrevocable parole ? Where's the deterrent in that ? Time to start making prison a horrible place to be, time to break the criminal's spirits.

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