Chief Becks delivers crime report on his one year anniversary
Notes from the November 23, 2010 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

Chief Beck’s monthly meeting with the press

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 – Chief Beck held his monthly media availability in the front plaza of the LAPD Administration Building.  He holds this news conference once a month to discuss different topics with the media.  Officers from the Department's Metropolitan Division K-9 Unit presented two Jindo dogs that are training with the Department’s K-9 Program.  The dogs are donated by the Jindo Dog Promotion and Innovation Agency (JDPIOA) in this first of its kind collaboration with a police agency within the United States.  JDPIA is funding this project.  The Jindo breed is an extremely intelligent, brave and loyal animal, and is even designated as one of South Korea’s National Treasures.

Dogs_001 Dogs_002



Please click on the link to listen to the podcast.

00:00 – 00:28 Chief Beck lists agenda topics.

00:55 – 01:48 Chief Beck discusses crime statistics. This is the 9th year of crime reduction in the City of Los Angeles.  It is projected 2010 will have less than 300 homicides by end of year, which will be first time since the 1960’s the homicide number has been this low.

01:48 – 05:03 Chief Beck provides update on the progress of the investigation of the officer involved shooting in Rampart that occurred on September 5, 2010, at 6th Street and Union Avenue.

05:03 – 08:18 Chief Beck addresses Department of Justice (DOJ) letter to the LAPD relative to bias policing investigations.

08:19 – 09:42 Chief Beck talks about former LAPD Officer Gabriel Morales who resigned while facing discipline for releasing information related to a homicide investigation.


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