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The Spirit of Thanksgiving

November COP message 2010


Every year since 1893 chiefs of police from around the world gather for the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference.  The conference provides an opportunity to attend the largest law enforcement expo, the best training available, where the largest group of law enforcement executives gather to exchange ideas and share lessons learned. This year, I am proud we had several members of our Department invited to be guest speakers in Orlando, Florida.  They were outstanding representatives of our Department as they presented their areas of expertise, to share and exchange best practices with other law enforcement agencies.  Our presenters consisted of personnel from Behavioral Science Services, Metropolitan Division, Counter Terrorism & Special Operations Bureau, Information Technology Bureau and our Public Information Office.  I thank each and every one of you for your efforts in maintaining the reputation of excellence and building upon the concept of inclusivity with our law enforcement partners around the world.      

Digital In-Car Video

In continuing to provide you with the best resources to help you in your job in the field we have rolled out the Digital In-Car Video System (DICVS).  The system is a powerful tool now available to the Department that I believe contributes significantly to officer safety.  During the implementation phase of the in-car video system, we have already experienced the value and effectiveness in providing evidence for criminal prosecutions and resolving personnel complaints.  This tool also gives us an opportunity to foster positive relations with the community as well as the media, as it will capture the good work, the men and women of this Department do on a daily basis. 

 The Department has deployed the Digital In-Car Video System within all five South Bureau Divisions: Southeast Area, 77th Area, Southwest Area, Harbor Area and South Traffic Division. This includes deployment in approximately 300 patrol vehicles.

 As of September 29, 2010 South Bureau officers have uploaded 53,711 videos totaling 11,162 hours of recordings Department computers are configured so that officers involved in an incident in which their in-car video was activated may view the footage when preparing their respective reports.  All supervisors also have access to view in-car video footage for purposes of completing investigations, conducting inspections or to assist with training.

 It is the goal of the Department to eventually deploy the Digital In-Car Video System throughout all four geographical bureaus, but due to current budgetary issues, the system will be deployed only in Operations- South Bureau.  Operations- Central Bureau will follow, once funding becomes available.

“Together We Can”…

After the recent officer involved shooting in Rampart on September 5, many of you were verbally abused and faced offensive taunts and slurs.  While it has been a difficult time, I want to thank you for your professionalism and commitment to continuing to police constitutionally and compassionately. We will fight through this together and I will continue to stand with you, not only during the good times, but also during the challenging times, when your acts of heroism may be questioned.  As LAPD officers, we have a rewarding, but oftentimes dangerous job.  It is unfortunate that instances must be sensationalized for some to recognize just how dangerous it is.  Please remember; it is my primary mission to do all I can to keep you safe and give you the necessary tools to do your jobs.  I know the expectations are high.  Every day you put on your badge, you are expected to do extraordinary things no matter what the circumstances, whether at the scene of traffic accident, a neighbor dispute, or a shooting.  It is my commitment to you, that in turn I will support you.  You also need to know you are supported by your supervisors, the Department and most importantly, the communities in which you serve.  We cannot do this alone, but together we can.  We will get through this and in the end, will have created valuable partnerships with those in our Rampart community.   

 When I became Chief I set five goals for the Department.  Employee Wellness is one of my top goals and I know I have spoken to you about this before.  However, I believe it is a topic we should have ongoing discussions about, specifically how to maintain and improve our well being.  After serious and honest conversations with you I know many of you are frustrated right now and I think I know why.  Financial growth and professional advancement are currently stunted.  The Department has had to adapt to these very tough economic times, creating challenges that affects everyone.  In your household many of your loved ones are facing financial difficulties because of furloughs and no cash overtime.  Many of your families have gone from two incomes to one.  Some of you have bills that were predicated on past salaries and now struggle to meet those expenses.  There are resources available and I encourage you to utilize them.  But remember, the single most important thing we can do is to be there for each other, respect each other and keep in mind that each one of us has challenges at home and at work.  Our greatest strength is what we accomplish together.  More than ever we really need to come together as a family to support each other and not fall apart.  Sworn personnel have emotionally supported civilians since they began furloughs.  As a small token of appreciation, last month the sworn members of our Department recognized our civilian brothers and sisters for all of the sacrifice they have made through the various bureau and divisional BBQs.  This small display of gratitude should continue in the coming days and months.  We still have difficult budgetary times ahead and must continue to work together to make it through them. 

 Here’s the latest on the various projects in the works that have been initiated as a direct result of your inquiries and suggestions: 

  • A Special Order is in the final stages of the approval process to clarify the Confidential Financial Disclosure process.  This Special Order will address your frequently asked questions and will put pen to paper what I’ve stated in roll calls and in my video messages.
  • We are looking at integrating SID latent print tracking into DCTS.
  • Many of you have made suggestions on how to generate revenue for the Department; for example charging violators for correctable vehicle code violations, which I will look at.
  • In an effort to create more paperless reports and forms available to you, we are looking at the feasibility of submitting electronic Probable Cause Declarations


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