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LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Statement on the Arrest of Los Angeles Unified School District Police Officer

Los Angeles: This evening, Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) arrested Los Angeles Unified School District Police Officer Jeffrey Stenroos on one felony count of filing a false police report, a violation of Penal Code Section 118.1.

On January 19, 2011, the LAPD responded to and launched an extensive investigation after Officer Stenroos reported a burglary suspect attempted to murder him by shooting him in the chest, while he was on patrol near El Camino High School in the San Fernando Valley.

The current state of the investigation refutes Stenroos' initial account of the incident and we are now certain that there is no outstanding suspect in this shooting.

RHD Detectives worked tirelessly to ensure the case was thoroughly investigated and the community was not at risk.  Detectives followed up on more than 350 clues, conducted a number of neighborhood canvasses, made hundreds of community contacts and distributed countless Community Alert Notices in hopes of gathering any valuable leads in the case.

While I understand the media and the public's intense interest in this investigation, and the desire for answers to the many questions that will be asked with this new development of the Officer's arrest, I cannot provide more detailed information at this time.


to all people who blame LAPD. stenroos was not LAPD HE WAS LA SCHOOL POLICE.IT'S JUST THE FACTS . MA.AM THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE DEPARMENTS.please do not stay ignorant . joe zelenis PCR. LAPD WEST VALLEY AREA,

He wishes he was shot now!

This once more shows ALL citizens that POLICE LIE, in fact it is my belief that they lie on a daily basis. The officer that lied along with all California officers should have to pay from their salaries the cost of this incident. Why should tax payers have to pay. The laws in this country need to change and make them responsible for their lies and actions that cost others. This country and the public employees are what has ruined this country along with the last 30 years of outrageous laws.

Dear Anthony,

He will pay by going to jail like any other criminal. Those in law enforcement are not above the law and should be held to a higher standard but when a law is broken the penalty for breaking that law should not be more excessive then that which you would pay for breaking the same law. Should this person pay for what he did of course should the punishment be more no. He should pay the exact same price that you or I would pay. As for your statement that public employees are what ruined this country really? Because from where I sit there are a thousand jobs out there that public empolyees carry out on a daily basis that you would not want to do nor would I for that matter. I'm glad that your choice of a profession has not allowed you to steep to the bottom of the barrel and you have not had to take a public employee's job but don't you think that putting everyone into one catagory and labeling them is what has contibuted to the demise of this country?

what you are doing is stating a stereotype. You are saying that all police lie because of the actions of one officer. You are a typical police hater. Not brave enough to come and do the job yourself, but always want to insult what we do. You should be happy with what happened. The officer was caught lying and he was arrested BY THE POLICE!! There were no alleged cover-ups, scandals, etc. As usual, we cleaned up our own but all people like you see is the negative.

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