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February 22,2011          

Los Angeles: An armed prowler suspect was shot and killed by LAPD police officers after leading them on a short foot pursuit and then pointing a handgun at them.

On February 19, 2011, at about 9:25 a.m., Northeast Area Patrol Officer Peter Kim, 5 years 6 months on the Department, along with his partner and a supervisor, responded to a radio call of a “Prowler Suspect There Now,” in the 1200 block of Westmoreland Avenue.

When three arrived on scene they saw the suspect trying to leave the area. He was later identified as 49-year-old David McMahon. Officers gave McMahon commands in an attempt to detain him, but McMahon ignored their orders and led officers on a short foot pursuit.

As McMahon was running west on Fountain Avenue, additional Northeast Area Patrol Officers,Brenda Escobedo, 2 years and 3 months on the Department, and her partner, Ricardo Aguirre, 7 years and 7 months with the Department, arrived on scene to assist.  As they drove their black and white police vehicle westbound on Fountain Avenue they caught up to McMahon and stopped near him, got out of their police car, and ordered McMahon to his knees. McMahon stopped and turned towards the officers and pointed a handgun at them, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred. Officers Kim, Escobedo, and Aguirre all fired their duty weapons at McMahon, striking him multiple times.

McMahon was transported to a local hospital by Los Angeles Fire Department Paramedics where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Officer Kim was injured by bullet fragments and was treated and released from a local hospital for those injuries.

The handgun McMahon was armed with was recovered and booked into evidence.

Force Investigation Division personnel responded to the scene and are conducting the officer involved shooting investigation.

Northeast Area Detectives are investigating the prowler complaint.


The L.A.P.D. officers are confronted with crime on a daily basis. Mistakes make headlines but, all to often, heroic conduct is largely ignored. Incidents of heroism occur each day. Some times it is an officer talking a suspect out of hurting an innocent citzen or hurting himself. The Law Office of Sean Erenstoft salutes the heroism of the men and women of the L.A.P.D. Sean Erenstoft is a California civil rights attorney who has served to protect Los Angeles citizens from the sometimes over-bearing law enforcement techniques utilized by the agency. But credit is due to the L.A.P.D. who most gets it right. Salute.

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