March 2011 COP Message
13-year-old Boy Shot and Killed in Los Angeles Detectives hope to talk with additional victims to find out more information

Notes from the February 22, 2011 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

•    Chief Beck reported 3,000 officers were deployed at various venues and events this past weekend for the NBA All Star which did not present any issues. He praised the personnel involved in the planning, deployment and execution of the event. He also gave his condolences to the Fire Department for the passing of fireman Glenn Allen, the Department will be attending and participating in the funeral services for Allen. Part 1 crime was 13.3% down in all categories with the exception of homicides. There are currently 9,935 sworn personnel, 50 recruits are currently in the academy, and 2,862 civilians in the Department.

•    Co- Chairs Jean Sinatra and Captain Tia Morris presented the status report for the Van Nuys Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB). Captain Morris presented an overview for 2010 in regards to four areas of concern which were addressed by the CPAB by creating committees, they were Youth Programs, Technology, Membership and Outreach and the Van Nuys Boulevard Rejuvenation Committees. There were also several achievements the CPAB accomplished during 2010, they developed a stronger and diverse membership, attended many activities such as the “Magical bus tour”, in which members were given a tour of the Division. CPAB members also volunteered during the Van Nuys Officers reunion and conducted town hall meetings. Goals for 2011 include the implementation of a Teen C-PAB and a Citizen Surveillance Team.

•    The Inspector General’s report dated February 16, 2011, relative to the Department’s Arrest, Booking, and Charging Reports Inspection was approved.

•    The Inspector General’s report dated February 16, 2011, relative to Second Financial Disclosure Audit, as given by Inspector General Nicole Bershon, was approved. She stated this was the second of the three mandated audits under the transition agreement. This audit involved 171 officers who either transferred into a gang or narcotic units or were incumbents. 63 officers were transfers, 83 were incumbents and 25 command staff officers voluntarily submitted the forms. The Department was at 100 percent compliance in all audit objectives that were tested. The audit tested whether the Financial Disclosure forms were completed and reviewed as required under the special order, and if the compact discs which contain confidential financial information were adequately secured.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 11, 2011, relative to Legislative Proposal Regarding Specialist Report was continued.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 14, 2011, relative to Supplemental Police Account Fourth Quarterly Report was approved and transmitted to the City Council and City Controller.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 11, 2011, relative to the amended GED/ CLEAR Arrest, Booking and Charging Reports Inspection (IAID No. 11-012), was approved.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 3, 2011, relative to Board of Police Commissioner’s Quarterly Report, 4th Quarter, 2010 Categorical Use of Force Incidents Status Report was approved.

•    The Department’s report, dated February 16, 2011, relative to inquiry from the Board of Police Commissioners regarding the Number of Rear-End Traffic Collision Occurring at Photo Red Light Intersections was approved.


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