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NOBLE Honors Two of LAPD’s Finest

On Saturday March 12, 2011, two of LAPD’s finest, Commander Regina Scott and Captain Ann Young, were recognized for being two female law enforcement achievers that proved it is possible to achieve your goals.  They received the award for “Women in Leadership, Shattering the Glass Ceiling” by the Southern California chapter of NOBLE, during the 10th Annual Achievers Award Dinner held at the University of Southern California.

These women were the first two African American women promoted to high ranking positions within the Los Angeles Police Department.  Ann Young was the first African American female promoted to Captain in April 2000, followed by Regina Scott, the first African American female promoted to rank of Commander in October 2010.

NOBLE is the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives which was founded in September 1976, during a three day symposium to address crime in urban low income areas.

NOBLE’s mission is to ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities and to serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to justice by action.


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