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Alarm School Now Online For City Of Los Angeles

Los Angeles – The Alarm Unit of the Los Angeles Police Commission now offers Alarm School online, allowing individuals who have experienced a false burglar alarm activation the option of either paying the fee or attending Alarm School online.  This online version of Alarm School is similar to the mailed-in home study version of Alarm School that the Alarm Unit has, and will continue to offer. The curriculum focuses on how to operate an alarm system without false alarm activations, which unnecessarily utilize valuable public safety resources such as police officers and 911 operators. Alarm system owners who have incurred a false alarm may log onto to participate in the training and have one false alarm activation fee waived per 365 days. The activation must also have occurred within the last 75 days.  

In the City of Los Angeles, the vast majority of alarm calls are false. The ultimate goal of Alarm School is to reduce the number of false alarms through alarm operator education and awareness.  Reducing false alarm calls would free up public safety resources for true emergencies.

The online version of Alarm School has been up and running since November, 2010, and so far, 2,780 individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity to have one alarm activation fee waived. It is important to note that there is only one Alarm School online that is associated with the Los Angeles Police Department, and that is  There is no charge for Alarm School and users are warned to not to use any commercial sites offering these types of services.  The Los Angeles Police Department only recognizes completion of the curriculum on

A permit is required to operate a residential or commercial alarm system in the City of Los Angeles.  The required permit is initially $34, and may be renewed for $30 annually. A permit may be obtained by logging onto  Fees for false alarms are assessed annually based on the actual cost for the Los Angeles Police Department to respond to a location as if a crime has occurred at that location.  Currently, the fees are as follows:

Number of False Alarms    Permitted    Un-Permitted
First                              $149            $249
Second                          $199            $349
Third                             $249            $449
Fourth                           $299            $549


My security service ADT failed to notify me when they contacted me and subsequently installed their system on my home last year.
The fine would have been $100 less for this, my first false alarm, had I known the law. I have contacted them and informed them of their lack of information regarding the license law. Their apology is of no help to me, but maybe they will correct the information given to prospective purchasers in the future.

I can't get the Alarm School website to work. It says i don't have outstanding invoices when I type in the Invoice number that I just received.Any word on when it may be fixed?

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