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Liquor Store Robbery Captured on Video

Notes from the May 17, 2011 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

  •   Police Commissioner Robert Saltzman attended the installation luncheon for the Association of Black Law Enforcement (ABLE) over the weekend along with Police Commission President John Mack.  He stated it was well attended.  A lot of history was shared about the Department and the organization itself.  He commended the organization for all the work they do.
  • Police Chief Charlie Beck commended West Bureau, especially Wilshire and Olympic division with the capture of the shotgun bandits.  He stated he highlighted the incident because not only is it good police work but it shows the dedication towards the safety of Los Angeles.
  •   The Department’s report, dated February 23, 2011, and the Inspector General’s report, dated May 10, 2011, relative to the Department’s Quarterly Discipline Report, Fourth Quarter 2010, was given by the Inspector General, Captain Schwartz and Commander Webb.  The Inspector General’s office focused on work place retaliation where an employee reported retaliation. The Inspector General’s audit and concerns were the extent of the investigation and the ultimate adjudication.  Captain Schwartz and Commander Webb discussed how case management has become a problem for the unit.  Captain Schwartz discussed with Commander Webb to elevate the Work Place Investigation unit to become a section and putting more staff in the unit.  The Department’s report and the Inspector General’s report were approved.  The Commission instructed the Department to respond in two weeks with a detailed response discussing their Risk Management strategies designed to intervene early in the employee’s work place cases to minimize litigation.
  •   The Department’s report, dated May 4, 2011, relative to Professional Services Agreement for Charles Esua of Esua Farrier Services, was approved and transmitted to the Mayor and the City Council.
  •   The Department’s report, dated May 6, 2011, relative to Warrant Applications and Supporting Affidavits Audit, Second Quarter, Fiscal Year 2009/10, (IAID No. 09-006), dated December 29, 2009, and Warrant Applications and Supporting Affidavits Audit, Second Quarter, Fiscal Year 2010/11, (IAID No. 10-074), dated January 7, 2011, was approved. 
  •   Inspector General’s Report, dated May 12, 2011, relative to the Inspector General’s Annual Report for the period of May 2010 to May 2011 was given by Inspector General Nicole Bershon. The Inspector General stated this is a time to give her staff praise.  Her staff has been subject to all kinds of uncertainties, furloughs, pay cuts and in spite of all that they have continued to produce an incredible amount of work.  Their work has not suffered and in fact the amount of work they have produced has increased.  It is a real testament to their hard work and dedication. 
  •   The Inspector General stated they have three sections: Audit Section, Complaint Intake and Review Section, and the Categorical Use of Force Section. The Audit Section has completed twenty five projects which include five actual audits from start to end.  They have conducted eighteen reviews of audits and inspections and completed two special projects.  The Complaint Section has 1,368 contacts with members of the public and has reviewed 201 complaint investigations. The Categorical Use of Force Section has received notifications of 93 categorical use of force incidents including 52 Officer involved shootings.  They have completed 235 redacted summaries of categorical use of force incidents and reduced the back log substantially. The Inspector General report was approved.



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