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LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s Monthly Media Availability

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Thursday June 2, 2011 - Chief Beck addressed the media regarding the new Crime Mapping system launched on May 13, 2011 located on the Department’s website, He also spoke on the Summer Safety Program, the Safe Summer Tip-off Youth Basketball Tournament between the LAPD and LAFD, Summer Crime Prevention Tips and the recent crime statistics.  The media availability was held at the Police Administration Building Plaza. Click on the above link to hear the Chief’s comments.


Priviously posted for the Cheif.

Hello Chief Beck, I hope this gets to you..………So I was sitting there eating my breakfast, at the base of the new PAB, at the Officers killed in the line of duty Memorial wall, and I couldn’t help but feel like our LAPD has lost its way. Quite a few of us who had a specific plan or career path, in an operational capacity, not an administrative/managerial one, have lost our direction due to a demonstrable lack of leadership at the highest levels of the Police Department. You’ve got Lieutenants, Captains, Commanders, Deputy Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs who refuse to make a substantive decision that might benefit a lowly Police Officer or Detectives career, because they are not thinking of the operational benefit these officers immediately bring to their unit, division or bureau, but instead these “leaders”, don’t have the gumption, to put forth a well thought out request to the person above them. They refuse to speak up because all they care about is how they “look” to the guy in the officer above them. All they care about is the next bar or star on the lapels, instead of providing the best service to the community by putting the best most qualified personnel in certain positions. If the idea or request is from a subordinate, the answer is, NO. If the idea or request is from the rank above them, the answer is “YES”. We need, but don’t have any problem solving, critical thinkers in these leadership positions, and as a result, they’re destroying morale in this department.
With almost 20 years of public service, my days, like those of quite a few other hard working law enforcement professionals on the LAPD are very long, and professionally disappointing. My Chief doesn’t appear to care, even the slightest, about the hard work I and other Officers have put in to get to a certain level in our careers, only to be denied the opportunity to maneuver or lateral into some of the many critical vacancies that are open throughout the city. Instead the LAPD appears, from within, to be demonstrably fraught with cronyism and demographic imperatives. If you happen to be in-between those two classifications, you’re simply cannon fodder and expendable.
All the law suits and garbage going on in the LAPD, coupled with the city of Los Angeles and State of California’s financial woes, you have an opportunity to make a positive, no cost, contribution to our Officers, Chief. Morale is in the tank, and there are still things that you can do to help Chief. We’re shooting up a flare and looking to you for assistance Chief? Is the call falling on deaf ears, or are you willing to help us out? You’re clearly able and have the authority to do so. The question is, do we front line Officers and Detectives mean enough to you, for you to put a plan to motion. Enough of the broken promises please. We understand the city is not financially in a position to do anything substantial with respect to promotions. But we would greatly appreciate your attention to opening up these critical vacancies to those of us in a position to lateral into these jobs. Again, opening the critical vacancies to lateral movement, cost nothing to the city, but would mean a great deal to us employees.
Thanks for your attention to this issue.

PS Now I see the Sworn paygrade Advancement and Transfer Opportunities dated June 3, 2011... The only positions important to YOU are the Gang and Narco D-1, D-2, P-3 and P-2 positions?! What about the other critical vacancies in the department? This department is absolutely horrible to work for right now, and morale is in the tank. Thank you.

Disappointed Officer, we all feel your pain and agree with you 100%!!!!! This city and department could care less about us ground pounders, and morale is going to get a whole lot worse. Which is saying something. And for this Chief to make the weak attempt in blaming it on the overtime situation is laughable. This is the biggest cop out he could make. This department is a JOKE! But they will soon reap what they've sewn, due to the failed "leadership"! Hello smile and wave, and Hello CLIMBING CRIME STATS!!!!!!!!

The LAPD does not really care about reducing the budget. The department is not willing to do what is required. As a patrol officer, the amount of paperwork that we have to do for an arrest has doubled in the past 8 years and most of the paperwork is redundant. The department's own processes and procedures are the cause of most of the overtime. The department needs to go through all of our procedures and eliminate those that are redundant.

Other ways that the department could save millions of dollars is to put all of the officers in admin jobs into the field and replace them with civilians. We have officers making 80 grand a year to do secretarial work. Civilians get paid half that amount.

Motor officers do not need take home motorcycles. I do not recall any emergency in our history where motors were the only officers able to get to the city. When a motor officer crashes on his way to/from work it is considered IOD. The money saved in gas and IOD injuries would be substantial.
Also, divisional detectives and Captains do not need take home cars.

Chief Beck really needs to examine the way we conduct business instead of just sending officers home.

Bravo FTO!!! The problem is that you're thinking outside the box and making sense. The Chief, may or may not be, threatened we don't know, but all the "Command staff" demonstratively are threatened by that kind of forward thinking and logic. At least that is, when it comes from the ranks below them. This department is doomed, because of the people we've promoted in the past 20 years. Most of the people in specialized units don't even belong there, but we have made our bed, and now we are paying for our years of missmanagement.
DROP has only worked out for the benefit of the department in a few circumstances. Mostly it stifles advancement and promotions while keeping around people that want to as little as possible until they retire. What you get are miserable people that should have just retired and gone on their way, long ago.

I agree with the first two entries.....this department is absolutely horrible to work for right now. And with the arrogance throughout the command staff, I don't see it getting any better.

LAPD false advertising: "...over 250 job opportunities"..."Bilingual pay"..."Promotional Opportuniites". Let's end the DROP, it is a rip off to tax payers and it condones mediocracy, laziness, and burned out leaders who only check off the boxes in the middle and don't give subordinates needed commendations etc. Enough of this! LAPD Brass and LA City Council you are destroying a Department that Bratton once fixed, that's why he probably left.

Waiting for O'Shea to respond.

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