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National Dispatchers Week 2012

Blog Photos (2) 210With the large volume of calls for service the Department receives on a daily basis, it takes true professionals who can handle those demands.  Citizens of Los Angeles rely on the Department to keep them, their loved ones, and their property safe.  If an emergency should arise, it is the Police Service Representatives (PSR) who are the direct contact between the public and our officers.  This is why we call them the “lifeline” of our Department, and they are truly some of the unsung heroes of the LAPD.

Blog Photos (2) 199Each year, law enforcement agencies across the nation take the second full week in April to honor the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators.  The week consists of recognition ceremonies, public demonstrations, luncheons andBlog Photos (2) 207 various other activities.  This year was no exception.

During the PM watch roll call, Police Chief Charlie Beck expressed his gratitude to the PSRs assigned to the both the Downtown and Valley dispatch centers.

“What you do is truly amazing,” said Chief Beck. “Thank you for what you do every day.”

Councilman Dennis Zine, who is also a reserve officer for the Department, was in attendance as well and knows the important role of PSRs first hand.

“What you do is such a critical service. You are silent heroes,” said Councilman Zine. “You are that lifeline, not only to the officers but to the community as well.”

Councilman Zine also donated $4,000 to the PSR station fund, which is used for special events.

The roll call event was the culmination of a week’s work of activities in honor of PSRs.  Events included gift giveaways, an open house, guest speakers, catered lunches and much more.

The Department would like to thank our many PSRs for their hard work and dedication to service.  Their work goes a long way in ensuring the safety of our communities and our officers.


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