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Chief of Police Message - June 2012

Chief’s Message
June 2012

With all that we have going on at work and in our personal lives, it seems as though the months fly by leaving us wondering where the time has gone.  It’s hard to believe that we are already six months into 2012.  So, as we enter this half way point of the year I want to thank you for your continued dedication and sacrifices that you make for this Department and the citizens of Los Angeles, each and every day.  

2012 Safe Summer Tip-Off Event
This year’s Safe Summer Tip-Off basketball game is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 9th at the USC Galen Center.  Already in its third year, this collaborative event features the game itself, static displays of police and fire equipment, celebrity appearances, gift giveaways and a free BBQ lunch.  Having won the game in both prior years, I fully expect the Department to turn out a “three-peat” victory as we face the Los Angeles City Fire Department in our annual battle of the badges basketball game.  The basketball game is a lot of fun and a real showcase of the spirit of competition between the LAPD and the LAFD.  I hope to see all of you there and please make sure to bring your friends and family to the event.    

Summer Night Lights Program
This month kicks off the fifth year of the City’s “Summer Night Lights Program.”  This extremely successful program involves 32 parks and gives youths, in some of our roughest neighborhoods, a safe haven where they can participate in a number of programs and activities during the summer months.  

With your positive influence and generous participation, this year’s “Summer Night Lights Program” is sure to be a repeat success.  

During the month of June we support our LAPD brothers and sisters who are proud members of the gay community.  Their service within our sworn and civilian ranks makes our organization a more authentic reflection of the communities we serve.  Our diversity remains one of our primary strengths and we must remember that we are all one Department.  One family.

This also gives me the opportunity to remind you of our new Transgender policy, which should be familiar to everyone by now.  The policy’s essence is simple;  Treat everyone with respect. Familiarize yourself with the policy and put it into practice.  You can find a copy of the Notice on the Department’s LAN Homepage and on our public website, LAPDOnline.org.

History of Harbor Division
Located at the entrance of the Port of Los Angeles, Harbor Community Police Station encompasses 27 square miles of inland and coastal property which is patrolled by the LAPD.  Harbor Division services Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, Vista del Oro, the Port of LA, Terminal Island, Rolling Hills Highlands and Wilmington.  In 1928 Harbor Division was originally located across the street of the Beacon Street City Hall complex, in San Pedro, California.

In the late 1950’s plans were made to build a more modern police facility which was erected on Gibson street.  In 1962, the station was completed and began providing service to the nearly 162,273 Harbor residents.  The new Harbor Station opened in April 2009, the same year Harbor Area celebrated its 100th Year Anniversary.  The 50,000-square foot Harbor Division Police Station and jail is located at John S. Gibson Boulevard which is at the site of the old Harbor Division headquarters.  Some of the many features of this new modern facility are a helipad, a 400-space parking structure, and a 16,000-square-foot jail which can hold up to 300 inmates.

Notable Harbor Alumni
On February 25, 2012, Harbor Division Senior Lead Officer Joe Buscaino was sworn in as a Los Angeles City Councilman for District 15.  A sixteen year veteran of the Department and a lifelong resident of Council District 15, Councilman Buscaino joined a small group of other LAPD officers who have gone on to become political leaders in the City of Los Angeles.     

Always In Our Hearts
Let us never forget Harbor personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving the citizen of Los Angeles…..

Policeman Herbert Klade           EOW:  02/08/1926

Policeman John V. Wicks           EOW:  03/23/1927
Policeman Alfred C. Madon        EOW:  06/16/1935
Policeman Glenn H. Clark          EOW:  07/08/1950
Policeman John E. Dunphy         EOW:  06/22/1954
Policeman Robert Sweet            EOW:  12/26/1956
Police Officer Robert Mata          EOW:  09/19/2000

By now you have all heard the news of the City’s latest financial woes related to the budget for Fiscal Year 2012/2013.  There are many tough decisions being made that will deeply impact our civilian brothers and sisters.  The City’s financial situation has not improved, as you well know, and there will be concessions that must be made as we enter the next fiscal year.  

As I write this message in May, it is important that you are aware that the information coming from City Hall is all very fluid and seems to change from day to day.  What I can tell you, with certainty, is that I will always be truthful with you.  Unfortunately at times the truth is not pretty but at the very least you will have the most current and up to date information, via the Department’s LAN Homepage, on matters that affect you and your job.  

You and Your Family
As you all know we work in a profession where we put our lives on the line on a near daily basis.  Although crime is at historic lows, attacks on police officers have increased at an alarming rate.  As part of overall employee wellness, I want to remind you to please make sure that your “house" is in order at all levels.  I’m referring to matters involving living trusts, wills, health directives, beneficiary information, disability and health insurance.  

Some of these are simple decisions to make, while others involve more thought provoking and difficult discussions with family members and professionals.  In my thirty five years on the job, it has been my experience that random tragic life events, injuries and catastrophic illnesses can happen to anyone at any time.  I can assure you that taking care of business now will help make the grief and recovery process a little easier on your loved ones.  

If you are unfamiliar with where to start, the Department has several resources to assist in navigating these types of matters.  If you need assistance with links to resources, please contact the Department’s Wellness Coordinators, Sergeant Mary Kite, at 213-944-6819 or Sergeant Whit Pauly, at 213-925-0963.

My appreciation to all of the officers who worked last month’s May Day events.  For the most part the demonstrations were orderly and the demonstrators were able to exercise their right to free speech in a peaceful and respectful manner.  Unfortunately, the day’s events were marred by a few cowards who came to the downtown area with the sole purpose of starting trouble and assaulting LAPD officers.  During a confrontation at 4th Street and Hill Street, one officer was injured and sent to the hospital and several other officers were assaulted during two unprovoked attacks.  Luckily, we were able to identify and arrest the suspect from one of the attacks and are  working diligently to identify and arrest the outstanding suspects.

Assaults on our officers will not be tolerated and I assure you that I will do everything in my power to locate these suspects and bring them to justice.  I thank you for always being the true professionals that you are and for showing tremendous restraint during these types of situations.
Remember to always keep the tactical edge;  stay alert and aware of your surroundings and always watch each other’s backs.   

Be safe,


Now that the L.A. County Health Department found that the Skid Row section of Central Area is a health hazard, let the Health Department call the dogooder attorneys of the ACLU to come and clean it up. After all, it was the ACLU that sued the LAPD and the area returned to its filthy ways.

Reap what you sow.

Why do we celebrate LGBTQ month? I understand that I have to be tolerant of their lifestyle, however; that does not mean that I should have to be forced to accept and encourage it.

For the past 30 years numerous studies have been done showing that the gay, lesbian, transgender community only makes up approximately three percent of the entire population of the US. That means that 97% are straight, however; us in the 97% are constantly being forced to put up with what some of us consider as immoral behavior.

I know some gay and lesbian officers and they are outstanding at their jobs, but I still don't want to have their lifestyle choice thrown in my face. I find it a complete disgrace to the LAPD uniform when they are allowed to march in gay/lesbian parades. I guess the Chief believes that those of us with Christian values can not be offended and do not matter. Well Chief, you are wrong. Many of us find it an embarrassment to this department when our fellow officers march in these parade and we are offended.

I wonder how the Chief will feel when I ask to march in an anti-gay marriage parade in uniform. I wonder if he really does believe in equality.

I have 16 years with the LAPD too and from day 1 I never forgot what I came on for. That is to Protect the innocent and save lives in many different ways. My family seen me receive medals from two different COP's and man...what an honor. I never harped on change because I accept things that are out of my control and it's really unhealthy to worry all the time about other persons choices such as being gay. Those in any organization who can't cope with change have trouble communicating positive things and it shows in their behavior, no different than a gay basher etc. Really, let it go and get along.

I have a question for the Department. What does someone's sexual orientation have to do with anything? If an officer/detective does his/her job professionally and ethically, what does it matter who they sleep with? Why do we highlight LGBT lifestyles, when we don't do the same to other sexual preferences? Sexual preferences, now that affirmative action is no longer the law in CA, and that change is reflected in Department policies, should not be emphasized in "special months" or "special events."

Stop the political correctness nonsense, and keep sexual issues OFF the conversation.

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