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Chief of Police Message - August 2012

Chief’s Message
August 2012

The month of August marks the 29th year anniversary for National Night Out.  This year’s event will be held on August 7th, and will be our 13th consecutive year of participation.  Many of our geographic areas get actively involved by holding cookouts, block parties, open houses, and peace marches to name a few.  I urge you to take this time to engage with the communities we serve and celebrate our partnership.

Command and Control

Part of the Department’s evaluation of critical incidents is the assessment of supervision and scene management – command and control.

The responsibility of exercising timely command and control at the scene of a critical incident such as a barricaded suspect, armed suspect, OIS or termination of pursuit – is applicable to all supervisory personnel, and can also apply to the primary or senior officers at the scene.

Absent unique or exigent circumstances, it is imperative that supervisors avoid becoming part of an incident so they can effectively exercise command and control of the scene.  

Understanding the time constraints inherent in a rapidly unfolding and dynamic tactical incident, the primary role of the supervisor is to quickly assess the incident and assume command and control as soon as possible.  That supervisor’s job is to ensure the safety of personnel; limit as much as possible, the risk to the public; and to coordinate effective tactics to address a threat or take the suspect(s) into custody as quickly and as safely as possible.  

You can find additional useful information by reading the TacOps Newsletter which you can access on the Department’s Local Area Network (LAN).  Simply click the UOF Review Division link under the “Divisions and Sections” folder.  Once on the UOF home page, click on TacOps Newsletter.  I encourage you to be proactive and take advantage of this valuable resource.  

Police Commissioner Andrea Sheridan Ordin

Last month we welcomed back a familiar friend in Ms. Andrea Sheridan Ordin, as she was confirmed by the City Council to serve on the Board of Police Commissioners.  Having previously served on the Board from 2005~2010, she adds her considerable experience and knowledge of the Department to the Commission and I look forward to working with her once again.

History of Wilshire Area

Established in 1922 as the Pico Street Division, Wilshire originally spanned from Culver City to the edge of downtown Los Angeles.  Three years after opening, it moved to its longtime home at 4526 West Pico and took its name from Wilshire Boulevard.  The divisional headquarters remained there until 1974, when the current station opened at 4861 West Venice Boulevard.

Throughout the years, the division’s boundaries have changed to encompass some of the City’s wealthiest areas such as Hancock Park and the Miracle Mile.  More than a quarter of a million people call its nearly 14-square-miles home, while another 250,000 work, visit and study inside its boundaries each day.  It is home to CBS Studios, the Farmers Market, The Grove, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles High School, Museum Row and the famed La Brea Tar Pits.  

Fallen Heroes of Wilshire Area

Policeman Thomas Scebbi        
EOW June 20, 1958        

Policeman Robert Endler
EOW February 1, 1964

Detective Sergeant Charles P. Monaghan    
EOW February 1, 1964        

Policeman Keith G. DuPuis
EOW October 27, 1966

Policeman Fred Early        
EOW March 23, 1973    

Police Officer David Kubly
EOW September 27, 1979

Policeman Charles Rodgers            
EOW November 28, 1980    

Police Officer Mario Navidad
EOW December 22, 1996

Significant Events

Two high profile homicides that gained a great deal of media coverage include the 1984 murder of R&B singer Marvin Gaye and the 1997 unsolved murder of Rap Artist Notorious B.I.G.   

More than a dozen Wilshire officers have earned the Medal of Valor in the past two decades, and recently three officers were awarded the Purple Heart.  

Crime Stats

This year’s numbers show continued declines in almost all Part I categories compared to 2011. Robberies are down more than 10%, Aggravated Assaults down 7.3% and Homicides are holding steady at last year’s rate with Rapes showing a slight increase.  Total violent crime is down nearly 8.5%.

While overall Property Crime is down 1% compared to last year, BTFV and Theft has increased more than 2%.  Let’s pay close attention to these areas so we can ensure that number doesn’t continue to rise.    

In gang related crime the numbers speak volumes.  To date we are experiencing a 15% decrease. This is on top of last year’s 13% decline.  This is something you should be very proud of as the terrible toll that gang violence reeks on our communities is getting smaller every day.


I know you hear me say this a lot but that’s because I can’t say it enough;  I sincerely appreciate the great work you are all doing.  The positive impact that your hard work and dedicated service has on our communities, and in people’s lives, is truly immeasurable.    

Be safe,


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