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Chief of Police responds to Officer Involved Use of Force Incident in Foothill Area

Los Angeles:  On August 21, 2012, Los Angeles Police Officers assigned to Foothill Area conducted a traffic stop which resulted in a use of force incident.  The officers reported the incident to a supervisor  who conducted an investigation into the incident which included obtaining a video from a nearby business.  Based upon his investigation, the supervisor became concerned, informed his command and initiated a personnel complaint.

One week later, Chief of Police Charlie Beck became aware of the incident and after reviewing the video had significant concerns about the propriety of the use of force.  He immediately removed the officers from field duties and assigned one of the officers to home.  Additionally, the Chief directed that Internal Affairs Group initiate a criminal and administrative investigation.

The Chief has mandated that the video be played at all roll calls and that Commanding Officers attend and discuss use of force issues throughout the Department.

Chief Beck said, “I have serious concerns about this incident and I believe the Commanding Officer of Foothill Area was severely deficient in his response.  Proper steps were not taken, including appropriate notifications and the removal of the involved officers from the field.  Because of these issues, I have removed him from his command and initiated downgrade procedures.  Every Los Angeles Police Officer, regardless of rank, will be held accountable for their actions.”


Excellent Chief. Keep up the good work. You should proud of yourself!!

Here we go again. Just another couple of officers out doing a good days work. Abusing a handcuffed woman. What is it about the LAPD culture that has abusive behavior appearing on a regular business. These two officers have been reassigned? They should be put on suspension until the investigation is complete. And the fist bump at the end of the video? Really classy.

I'm a bit disturbed by the lack of comments.

I feel so much safer now that these two out of control cops beat a handcuffed women for talking on her cell phone.
Where were these cops when my house was broken into?

Just another example of out of control police action. What part of "use of excessive force" don't you guys understand.

Very disturbing!!!

I feel good about the response by the Chief. However, it's quite obvious that the general attitude of the employees leaves much to be desired. When will the police start treating others as they themselves want to be treated? Perhaps when power stops corrupting.

way to go Chief,,burn them to learn them.. The cops are guilty until proven innocent. And the Commanding officer, shame on him for trying to let the investigation be complete before jumping the gun and assigning the officers to home. They should of immediately pulled these officers out of the field, announced they were wrong and then completed the investigation..

I think several changes in department police over the years have degraded the quality and overall training of officers in the field. While many of the officers involved in some of the recent incidents of poor decision-making may have had many years on... I only see the problem potentially worsening as a result of softening the requirements for training and most importantly, reading and being tested on department policy.

The FTO program is now only 6 months instead of one year.  Then typically a p1 ends up working with a p2 who really doesnt have a material amount of time on in the field. Couple those two together, and you have a mess that does not breed good decision-making.

Another crippling issue that has long-lasting impact is that there is no longer a P3 exam.  An officer can hide in the buiding then interview for a p3 spot after 5 years.  They then have no true field experience and are suposed to teach P1's?? They dont even have to read the manual to get a p3 spot. It should be mandatory that all P3's are tested on the manual.

The  P3 exam made the officers who would eventually be in critical training poistions learn the Dept's policies and procedures.  Even if they didn't get a spot, they would be eductaed and know policy and procedure and be better educated for their next time around.

The bibliography for the sgt's test has been reduced dramatically.  It's almost a joke "Read thse 5 Special Orders" etc...  They should be required to read everything and learn everything.  If they dont get a spot, then they are smarter officers for the dept. and again, they know what to do the next time around.

Another strategy that would help quality in the field would be to move some of these officers who are in admin spots back into the field.  Officers in the field are overwhelmed with calls and dealing with the enormous amount of parolees and probationers and overall criminal element.  they are strecthed thin and stressed and moe likely to become frustrated resulting in shorter fuses. Officers assigned to trainig division can be reassigned to a division and then go to the academy when they have to teach a class.  With the minimal number of recruits being pumped out, it makes you wonder what theyre doing in their down time.

I hope that these officers realize that just about everyone has a camera on their phones now...I mean do they think they live and work in a vacuum? If they are wearing an LAPD uniform everything they do will be noticed. Their good behavior must be maintained at all times. I hope the investigation clears the officers but it doesn't look good right now.

I would have gotting in serious trouble if I had been there. I could not have stand buy and let those thugs try and crush her skull

This is what happens when Villaraigosa's Hiring Committee doesn't promote enough Supervisors. The consent decree mandates supervision in the field for this reason. It's not fair to our officers who lace guidance and P-1's are hung out to dry.

This whole incident troubles me deeply. First off, nobody knows if the officers acted properly or not. People are making judgement very quickly based on a low quality grainy video. If the officers acted improperly then they need to be punished. But my fear is that they will not receive a fair, impartial investigation.

I am also disappointed by the Chief's decision. He handed out punishment before any investigation was done. According to the news, the officers requested a supervisor to the scene after the incident. As long as the officers told the truth (unknown at this time) and the required reports were completed and submitted up the chain of command, then I do not understand why the Captain was immediately demoted. It seems that the Chief is reacting purely to politics.

Uses of force are never pretty and handcuffs do not prevent suspects from fighting. This started from a simple traffic stop for talking on a cell phone. A traffic stop is a lawful detention and the person being detained is not free to leave. If the woman would have obeyed the officer's directions this would have never happened. My fear is that this incident is teaching the citizens that it is okay to not comply with the police and that the officers will get into trouble when they react accordingly. I pray that the officers get a fair and impartial investigation. If this use of force does come out as out of policy I hope that it is a training issue and not because they intentionally used excessive force.

So in closing, lets all hold our judgement until an official investigation has been completed.

FTO no reason to slam a handcuffed person to the ground. The first time maybe be to take her out of the car and do it again. Wrong, Wrong. They should both be fired especially the 20 year vet. A fist bump really OMG. What the hell is he teaching the new guy? The new kid when right along with it. No telling what he is really like.Get rid of both of them before its too late.

Unfortunately, it is clear by these comments how little people know about the LAPD. That said, the problem with the LAPD began decades ago when the City believed that the academy requirements were too difficult and lowered the standards to be a police officer. Since that time it is clear how little training people actually receive. And, of course, we must keep the "race" balance equal. Look up the information of the past and you will find this is the case, not just someone's opinion.

Citizen, I disagree with you. Like I stated before, handcuffs DO NOT completely take away a person's ability to fight and resist. A person can still kick, grab, bite, knee, etc while handcuffed. In fact, a couple of years ago in a nearby city (Burbank or Glendale I think) a handcuffed suspect took an officers gun and shot him. The point being, neither you nor anybody else that wants these officers fired immediately, know what this woman did before she was taken to the ground the second time. The officers deserve a fair and impartial investigation! Then, and only then, should they receive any punishment if they did wrong.

FTO I understand what you are saying. But she seemed to offer no resistance other then mouthing off. So at a traffic atop I can't say nothing? I can't say no officer you are wrong I did not run that stop sign? It has been upheld in court that a citizen can say pretty much anything to you (may not be the best thing to do). Giving someone the middle finger is considered freedom speech. I still think these too were wrong and should be fired, especially the 22 year vet. What is he teaching the new kid? If you get mad just slam the person to the ground. Then makeup something to arrest them . Wrong for so many reasons.

Unrestrained Aggression !! That's what you see in the video. The senior officer is out of control and the boot fist bumping needs retraining.The dept. needs to cut the oldtimer loose. The Capt. threw the credidility of trust out the window by not reporting up the chain of command,and deserves what he got. Thank you Chief Beck

To FTO. Mr FTO you made a comment on my brother Colby William Baker's death about a year ago. You have no idea what you were talking about then. Trust me, i know that colby could have prevented his death, simply by not associating with those whom he chose too, but the underlying issue that has constantly been ignored is the "intimidate and harass" ideology that the lapd has adapted. i do agree that you bleeding heart libs are on the wrong site, aclu's site is where you should be at. Capt. Hiltner is gonna have to take a pay cut because the city is gonna need the money to pay for my mansion and 20 Lamborghini's in case i get drunk and crash one. but dont feel bad, i dont... it only took the death of my brother to get that stuff, so what the hell right? see you in hell capt. hiltner, and my pal chucky chuck. ill buy the first round of drinks for us, since your lawsuit bought my first 10 cars =) heres a piece of advice kids...join the highway patrol or the sheriff dept or maybe the department of corrections... you dont hear about them doing this stuff do you? oh and also only commit crime if your willing to pay the price for it, because sometimes that price is death. Forgive and Forget, love God and do exactly the opposite of the LAPD.

Since when is handing a set of keys over a "fist pump"?

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