Members of the Public are Asked to Call a Non-emergency Tip-Line with Clues to Capture Dorner, Media Inquiries Can be Directed to the Newly Formed JIC
Chief Charlie Beck’s Statement on Christopher Jordan Dorner

Dorner Joint Task Force

Los Angeles:  On February 3, 2013, Christopher Dorner is suspected of killing 27-year-old Keith Lawrence and 28-year-old Monica Quan in the city of Irvine.

In the following days, Dorner continued his violence in Riverside County where he shot a Los Angeles Police Officer in the city of Corona.  That officer was shot in the head causing a grazing wound. Moments later the suspect opened fire and killed one Riverside Police Officer and wounded his partner while they were seated in their vehicle in the city of Riverside.

A Task force has been established including the following agencies Irvine Police Department, Riverside Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshall Service, Los Angeles Police Department and other allied agencies.

The Dorner Task Force has combined investigative resources that will lead to the capture of Christopher Dorner.  Authorities are urging the public to provide information that will assist in locating Dorner as soon as possible.

The investigation is still ongoing and we continue to receive tips and are investigating every lead possible.  The involved allied agencies have adjusted their work details and are continuing the protective details.

We are asking for anyone with information to call 213-486-6860.

Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477). 

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I have a tip: Please look Chtistopher Dorner in the Angeles National Forest. he MIGHT be hiding there. I hope, & pray you catch him. Please be safe!

In all the media reports, there's no details about his description, other than a photo and his age (33). How tall is he? Weight? Any identifying tattoos or scars? Does he walk with a limp, unusual posture? Jewelry (earring, rings, watch, etc).?

i think your looking in the wrong place my sons r all mil and the are trained to adapt to there surounding look for undergroud cave with water in big bear or around there or in the water in the area look for what is teach in mil

i dont approve of the killings of innocent folks,and i dont approve of police force in the way they handle things.this is a good wake up for authority that lie,beat,steal...CORRUPT cops.i hope he finds those that turned against him and i hope Dorner takes every single person that has destroyed his life. I socialize with numerous folks from all over and im hearing the same thing over and over...corrupt cops, corrupt government is getting out of hand along with felony back ground checks for almost every job, house rental,ect its getting out of hand and forcing those who have made a poor decision in life to take extreme messures and now your seeing part of trail.dont think this isnt true because it is and the sad thing is this is how its gonna start...hard to find work,restraunts wont even let a felon wash dishes anymore because of the background check so the felon will be told no,he gets mad takes it out on the manager,then a few days later a robbery of some sort,then the hero's come out flashng their shiny badges and turn the sitution into a bigger one because they are corrupt,then finally a true american will stand for non of the corruption within our police force and takes matters in to their own hands after they exhulted all their might,truth,dignaty,honor.i know you cops think this is another bs comment but i forwarn you all ( every cop,every law enforcer,everyone in the autority realm) this is just a beginning of things will end up being within the next few yrs. oh and wait the lapd is so scared and on their toes that they shot two females delivering news paper,and then they beat the hell out of a kid with downsyndrom,you got some cops who wont even come out of their house ect. civil war is coming to our grounds and i sure would not want to be in any badge wearing persons shoes.

More evidence of the competence of the Psychologists who screen applicants at Medical Services Division... Good Job!

wow, you idiots got all worked up over what ONE man did, shot at innocent people and god only knows what else you badged nut jobs did along the way....if one man can cause all this mess, what are you going to do when 3 million plusof us finally rise up when the civil war starts? bet you wont be so tough then will ya? you bunch of bad dorner's dead...was probably the "fort sumpter" we needed, oh well..maybe next time

Let me start of saying what Chris D. Did in southern CA was to far, and in L.A if and only if the police officers were innocent. It has been shown multiple time the l.a.p.d assault people to their own liking. This comment if for thos who don't uphold the badge but hide behind it and assault people or kill at their own discretion. I hope Chris D. Inspired people to fight back with lethal force against thos kind of officers. And to their familys I would like to say sorry in advance if you spouses are slain in the line of duty. Bottome line be upstanding or reap the whirlwind.

Doner was wrong. But why does a insider turn on his own people ? LAPD is corrupt ?? Maybe, LAPD needs to be investigated by an outside agencies. The bad cops should be made an example off on national TV, if that is the case. People are scard of the police, in America. That is not the land of the FREE. Do the write thing, order an investigation and make it public regardless where it goes. If you have nothing to hide, what will it hurt ?

I only wish Dorner had gotten rid of much much more filth, before the state sponsored street gang (L.A.P.D.) Murdered him by burning him to death, so he couldn't keep talking about their corruption. Soon Piggies, soon, the people will wake up and shut you all down by any means necessary. Lets always remember just like their predecessors the nazis, the only good pig is a dead one. The streets are so much safer and calmer without their murder, thefts, lies, rape, beatings, false imprisonments and corruption. The people shouldn't have to fear the police who are supposed to protect and serve US. the people shouldn't have to feel happy every time one of these criminals they call cops gets killed but thanks to their actions time and time again we do. Every time I hear a cop dies my day gets better and I get happier, one less wolf attacking the sheep.

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