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Child Abduction Regional Emergency (C.A.R.E.) Alert Father wanted for Violation of Court Order

LAPD Statement on Former Officer Wanted in Double Homicide


Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), issues a statement regarding former LAPD officer who is wanted in connection with a double homicide that occurred on February 4, 2013 in the City of Irvine.

The Los Angeles Police Department is working in coordination with the Irvine Police Department regarding the investigation related to Christopher Jordan Dorner.  Christopher Dorner is wanted by the Irvine Police Department for a double homicide that occurred in their City last week.

The Department has learned that Christopher Dorner has made threats against members of the LAPD and we are taking those threats very seriously as we do all threats against our personnel and the public.  Our Department is implementing all measures possible to ensure the safety of our LAPD personnel, their families and the Los Angeles Community, and will continue to do so until Dorner is apprehended and all threats have been abated.

The Los Angeles Police Department stands united with the Irvine Police Department in urging the public to provide information that will assist authorities in locating Dorner as soon as possible.  

Dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous and we ask that anyone who sees Dorner, to not approach or attempt contacting him, but to immediately call 911 and notify law enforcement authorities. The Los Angeles Police Department will remain in constant communication with the Irvine Police Department until Dorner is apprehended.

The only information that the Department will confirm regarding Dorners’ previous employment is that he was employed as a police officer from February 7, 2005 until September 4, 2008 when his employment with the Department terminated.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).  Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).  Tipsters may also contact Crime Stoppers by texting to phone number 274637 (C-R-I-M-E-S on most keypads) with a cell phone.  All text messages should begin with the letters “LAPD.” Tipsters may also go to, click on "webtips" and follow the prompts.

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I read the Manifesto and it is true what it says then LAPD brought this upon themselves. Hopefully LAPD will heed the warning and get rid of corrupt officers once and for all. It's a shame it had to come this far to try to root out the disease within the department. Corrupt Officers.

Please let non-involved motorists go about their daily tasks without being shot.

The NY Post is reporting that LAPD has shot and injured two innocent women so far in the course of this manhunt. Reportedly, this former officer who is being hunted was brave and responsible enough to report police brutality (confirmed by the victim's father) that he saw, and he was fired for stepping up to do so. Every year, LAPD costs taxpayers too much money needed elsewhere because the brutality of its worst cops is enabled by its code of silence rather than being promptly reported and curbed. The lives taken by this ex-cop and the cost of the manhunt to find him would have been saved if LAPD applauded its whistleblowers instead of firing them. LA's citizen-taxpayers deserve better than this.

First, I am saddened by the loss of live around the events that have taken place.

With that said, this morning I was awaked at 5:12am to the sound of gunfire from multiple pistols for about 30 seconds (probably 30+ shots fired). I didn’t know what to do, I was scared to go outside. 10 minutes later I heard sirens responding to the scene. 20 minutes later 2 police helicopters circling.

I thought living in Manhattan Beach that I was safe from crimes and violence. This today was an awakening.

I then learned it was an officer involved shooting, of a newspaper delivery vehicle, then hear about an undercover Honda Ridgeline being shot at and hit in the side by Torrance PD 10 minutes later.

The fact is, something has got to change. I know people make mistakes, and when an officer is down and a criminal is on the loose, error on the side of caution. Anyways, I don’t think it’s right to open fire on a vehicle like that on 2 older Asian women in a blue midsize Toyota Tacoma when you are looking for a large black man in a gray Titan.

This motivated me to read up on the case. During the press conference, the chief said he would not apologize. The gunman is not looking for an apology, just reopen the cases he mentions and look into his side of the story. Obviously he is passionate about this, and there is no way he would make all this up and start killing police officers. It’s all obviously true. Times, dates, doctor records, video, etc.

Reopen the cases he mentions and put an end to the killings. Paperwork/procedure vs life? Open the cases back up.

It’s not typical I write letters like this, especially after life is lost, but I really do see what the gunman is saying. I have heard all sorts of things about the police. I realize officers are people and do not always have the good of LAPD at heart, but they should be dealt with, even if its 10 years later and they have been promoted.

Thank you,

Eric Schrader

What I don't understand is the person themselfs said "I was kicked". Ther person's father said the same thing even said saw the bruises. So why did no one believe them? So are all citizens liar's unless there is a video? Sounds like there is a lot more to this story. Just catch him before he hurts someone else PLEASE!

Dude is Black Rambo

The Department is embracing and showing extreme operational incompetence in taking the MAJORITY of our plain clothes undercover assets and putting them in full uniform. This includes all detective assets as well. This guy needs to be brought to justice, or have justice brought to him... Which ever he decides. But the palpable incompetence by supervision, with zero operational clarity, is unacceptable and Chief Beck NEEDS to get those plain clothes assets out there on these PSD details. Who ever is advising the C.O.P. needs to be sent back to the officer, where they cannot infect the operation with the extreme level of mediocrity that has taken over! And don't even get me started on the incompetence at the divisional level...Come on Chief we NEED leadership here and NOW. And most of the "managers" aren't capable! The inept decisions being made, confirm, that the antiquated LAPD promotional process is in DIRE need of an overhaul!
You've said MANY times that we are your "Family", and I believe you. But now Sir, your family needs leadership, and we're not getting it. Especially at the divisional level. This is far to important, for you to not act immediately.
Thank you.

On behalf of a grateful city, I just wanted to thank the Los Angeles Police Department for defending us from the evil newspaper terrorists who were shot yesterday by the gallant officers of the LAPD.

Where would we be, if it weren't for brave and heroic officers like this, putting their lives on the line to defend the citizens of Los Angeles from the evil doers of the newspaper delivery gang.

Well done, officers! Thank you for keeping us safe! Give em hell!

To all LAPD officers, I hope this is a wake up call to your operations. After reading the manifesto, I can't help to think, these issues need to be investigated. I understand the brotherhood, and code of conduct between officers, but you guys have taken this too far! I'm still wondering if I should be concerned that because I too have a blue truck, if I am cought driving this, will I too be shot at? At the end of the day, remember your jobs are nothing more than being a public servant, and to serve and protect. Your job does not entitle you to be above the law. When a fellow officer reports inhumane activity, he doesn't deserve to be fired. Extremely disappointed in your organization, and all of you should be embarrased! I think after this is investigated, most of you will be behind bars, and or relieved of your duty!

I saw End of Watch the other day and was blown away by what you guys have to deal with in the regular course of your job. Best film of the year hands down. Just the best.

And, good cops are the best people in the world, I'm convinced of it. My heart really hurts reading what Dorner wrote. I don't know any cops, I just follow news and read way too much....and my sense about this is that there's more than is being released to the public (there always is).

I can understand the fear, but at the same time, it is not clear to me what the evidence is against Dorner in the killings he's accused of. If the essay is the only evidence, I feel really funny about the whole thing.

We the public need you, we need to trust in you, we need you to understand, it's urgent that you understand there are forces shaping your departments that are very scary, forces turning you against your own people. Good cops can only do so much against these forces when they're trying to hold back the flood of psycho madness rolling through our streets.

Turn off your televisions, because they are lying to you-----lying, and lying, and omitting, and lying. Talk to military people coming back from the wars, talk to Iraq Vets for Peace, talk to the Occupy people, talk to the Oath Keepers, but turn off the pundits and Hollywood's main stream. For all of our sakes--please.

I am truly sorry for the loss of lives in this tragedy. And I pray that there are no more innocent people hurt. I DO NOT under any circumstances defend or support the actions of killing people by Christopher Dorner. I will say that Chief Beck needs to step down, man up and clean house on LAPD!! Dorner had a choice to kill or not. But LAPD had a big part in setting this all in motion. Corruption is not ok, lying and covering up is not ok. Man up, and take responsibility for why this started before the LAPD ends up looking worse than they do. You want people to respect the law and police, then give them a reason. Now is a good time to start. Get the egg off your face and do the right thing. LAPD's hand in this is just as horrible as Christopher Dorner's. Make it stop, tell the truth and clean house. Its so simple. Dont make the public do your job.

I think it's all bull...The LAPD is just shooting anyone driving a truck!! Yet, haven't said anything about this! No news station has consistently reported this! What's really going on??

Chief Beck, if your Officer's are going to shoot innocent people in arresting your Ex-Officer, I suggest you turn the investigation over to the FBI, and let them bring him in. Not that they are more efficient than your Dept, only that your Department is too trigger happy and no one in LA is safe until you and your so-called Officers of the Law are off the streets.

Do the police have shoot to kill orders against Christopher Dorner. Seems like they are a bit trigger happy right now. The tax payers are going to have to foot the bill for wrongfull shootings. What if it was a pregnant woman delivering news papers and she was killed? What do you have to say? Going hell bent for leather to get the ex cop traitor will get innocent people killed. It will be well and good when this person is caught but don't kill anyone trying to get him. This traject trail of deathof innocent people does not need more blood. Take this guy alive and give him his day in court no matter what he does. Thats what your suposed to do as polic officers. Dittry harry is not needed right not.

One question did the other office kick the person or not? If she did then well, he did the right thing and got punished for it. Then it would seem that unless you have video the citizen is a liar? Sound more like someone does not want to admit the truth. Something dosen't pass the smell test.

So now, after Mr. Dorner has the world's attention, Chief Beck is quoted as saying, "If he was to give himself up, we'd be happy to hear what he has to say,". The case is being reopened. Isn't that nice. Why wasn't this properly handled the first time?! How I detest shoddy and unethical work. LAPD has a well-earned reputation of appalling graft, corruption and covering up their crimes.

Since it is readily apparent that LAPD has systematically and relentlessly vilified Mr. Dorner for doing his job and acting in integrity, any blood spilled and yet to be spilled will also be on LAPD's collective hands.

At best the defense received by Mr. Dorner during his proceedings was farcical. Do you not see that this 'killing weapon' has lost not just his livelihood but has been so frustrated and psychologically fractured by LAPD, that his own moral compass now spins out of control? By allowing the behavior of any officer who uses excessive force to continue unchecked, or behave towards each other or their employers (that would be us, the taxpayer, by the way) especially when said behavior is known, you create the Dorners of this world.

It appears that you - LAPD - have created this mess yourselves. You have by your actions and your inactions in policing each other, have driven Mr. Dorner to his rampage of pointless vengeance. Now you will reopen his case. It is apparent to the meanest intelligence that you are doing too little, too late.

Mr. Dorner's targeting of the innocent and blameless family members of the LAPD's condoned criminals within its ranks is as heinous as LAPD's actions were against him. That is where my compassion ends for him.

I doubt you will find him alive. Given the state of his soul and mind, it seems to me that he will not stop until his reputation is vindicated, after which time he is smart enough to know that his prison time would make what you've done to him seem like a silly argument. Do you see him turning himself in? I cannot imagine it. I do imagine him doing the unthinkable to himself.

I'm not frightened by Mr. Dorner. His is a tragic story with LAPD as its author.

The officers responsible better damn well be fired for these inexcusable mistakes. You people make me sick!! Shame on LAPD. Glad I live in another state right now. I think that Dormer guy should come after the idiot cops who are randomly shooting innocent civilians and take a few shots at them, see how they like it.

its unbelievable that your police force investigates itself given the history of the force; your force is so isolated from the community it protects no sensible person could accept anything your force says about itself

Have you read his manifesto?
You don't understand someone with ethics, morals and values that has been pushed over the edge?

Your response is to shot little old ladies delivering newspapers?
Thank god I don't live in your city or your state.

How can you allow backward racist scum infect your force? You allowed this? You trained him, how are you going to end this?

You and I both know you will execute him. Justify it anyway you want. I have heard his side of the story.

I think there's more to this story than the Los Angeles Police Department is leading on. it's too bad that you guys didn't put this kind of effort into finding all criminals. that tells me that you are hiding something. maybe you should learn how to be honest and do things right the right way.

I do not live in California. However, I have noticed the increasing reports use of excessive force and abuse of our constitutional rights throughout the US by our "Peace Officers." The reports of your agency have by far been the most alarming. I pray that anyone who was instrumental in creating the problems you all now face are fully investigated. And if I was a California citizen, I would be speaking with the governers office and mayors office to have all mentioned in recent reports of insubordination to be suspended immediately pending further investigation.

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