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Robbery Suspect Caught on Tape

Notes from the April 16, 2013 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

•    The Board of Police Commissioners began their meeting with a moment of silence in honor of the people killed and injured in the Boston Marathon terror attack.

•    Police Commissioner Robert Saltzman attended the Department’s LGBTQ Community Forum with fellow commissioners Richard Drooyan, Rafael Bernardino, and Andrea Ordin.  He said the good turnout was an example of the extraordinary change in the relationship the Department has with the LGBTQ community.  Commissioner Saltzman also visited Hollywood Division to meet with officers and command staff.  He said he was very impressed with the many youth programs at Hollywood Division.

•    Police Commissioner Rafael Bernardino said he attended the LGBTQ Forum as well and thanked Deputy Chief Sandy Jo MacArthur for organizing the event.  He said he was impressed with Captain Dave Lindsay’s remarks at the forum.

•    Police Chief Charlie Beck expressed his compassion and support for the first responders and the people affected by the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  He said he has been in contact with Commissioner Ed Davis and thought his police department has done an incredible job of responding.  Chief Beck said his heart goes out to the families of the deceased and injured and added the incident underlies how suspicious activity reporting is everyone’s responsibility.  He completed his comments by stating he was a participant in the annual Baker to Vegas Relay Race and the both the Department’s Elite and Women’s team took home top honors. 

•    The Department’s report, dated April 5, 2013, relative to the Memorandum of Agreement between the Los Angeles World Airports and the Los Angeles Police Department, as given by Captain Melissa Zak, was approved.  Captain Zak said the agreement outlines the coordination and collaboration between the two agencies and delineates responsibilities for reimbursement, staffing, investigations, labor demonstrations and training.  Commissioner Richard Drooyan said this Memorandum of Agreement was a significant improvement over the previous version from 2006.


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