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Notes from the April 30, 2013 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

• The April 30th Police Commission meeting was held at the John W. Mack Elementary School in South Los Angeles during the early evening hours.  The Commission holds these special meetings periodically in an effort to allow local community members to attend who might otherwise not be able to due to scheduling conflicts.

• Police Commission President Andrea Ordin said she attended the Community Police Advisory Board Symposium.  She said it was an excellent event.

• Police Commission Vice President John Mack welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Principal Brenda Grady for allowing the meeting to take place at the school.  He said the school was well maintained, had a great staff and excellent leadership.

• Police Chief Charlie Beck thanked LAUSD Police Department Chief Steve Zipperman for his attendance at the meeting.  He also thanked the Commissioners for their attendance at Los Angeles World Airport Chief Patrick Gannon’s swearing-in ceremony. He completed his comments by informing the Board he will be presenting the Department’s budget for FY 2013-14 to the City Council’s Budget Committee this week.

• Police Commission Executive Director Richard Tefank explained the role of the Police Commissioner Office which included support to the Police Commissioners, approval and issuance of police, parking, special event, and noise variance permits.

• Inspector General Alexander Bustamante explained his role as the oversight arm of the Board of Police Commissioners.  He said he as a robust role in the oversight of the police department that includes reviewing, monitoring and auditing Department policies, procedures and actions.  Mr. Bustamante completed his comments by saying he reports only to the Board of Police Commissioners and operates under their direction.

• Southwest Division Captain Paul Snell welcomed the attendees and discussed some of the programs and issues of the area.  He said the major issue in the area is burglary theft from vehicle and explained some of the tactics implement to curtail the crimes.

• University of Southern California Department of Public Safety Police Chief John Thomas spoke on his Department’s role in the surrounding communities and partnerships with the LAPD and other agencies.  He said his Department is very active in the community and looks to continue to grow existing partnerships.


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