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Notes from the November 19, 2013 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

• Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said the new Board members where running into once in a decade experiences seemingly once a week which has contributed to their learning curve.  He said he attended training at Camp Pendleton in which 100 Department police officers also attended.  President Soboroff then reminded all officers of the importance of buckling up and driving safely.  Finally President Soboroff offered an update on the On-Body Camera pilot program.  He said the Department has taken delivery of the selected cameras and interim guidelines are being developed.  The current Special Order which governs the storage of the video for the In-Car system will also govern the On-Body video storage.  Department personnel will meet with stakeholders to develop the formal guidelines for use and the final draft will be presented to the Board at a later date.  The Department is also looking to create a system where they can obtain public input on the development of the On-Body camera use policy.

• Police Commission Vice President Paula Madison said she was able to spend some good quality time at Valley Bureau and was impressed with the knowledge of the community in the area.  She said she is also looking forward to the domestic violence initiative presentation out of Van Nuys.

• Police Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa thanked the Board and Chief Beck for their kind words of support during a recent death in her family.  She also commended detectives at Northeast Community Police Station for their quick work in apprehending the murder suspect of a 19 year old who attended Eagle Rock High School.  Commissioner Figueroa-Villa concluded her comments by saying she went on a ride-along in the Hollenbeck Area. 

• Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger said the Cadet program is a labor of love for the Department.  He said the next Cadet academy class will begin on January 25th and involve more than 600 new recruits.  Chief Paysinger also thanked Commander Matt Blake for his work in putting together the Community Police Advisory Board Summit which included 800 participants making it the largest one to date.

• The verbal presentation and update from the Commanding Officer and Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) representative regarding community initiated problem solving, crimes strategies, and other programs and goals within the Devonshire Area was given by Captain Kris Pitcher and Mr. Larry Stern.  Mr. Stern informed the Board a major issue in the area was crime taking place in vacant, foreclosed properties.  He said the Devonshire CPAB developed a system where they could monitor the vacant property which resulted in a 15% drop in property crime in the area.  Mr. Stern also said Valley Bureau created a co-chair C-PAB where they could meet to discuss common issues.

• The Department’s verbal presentation and discussion relative to the Valley Cares Family Justice Center was given by Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas.  Chief Villegas said the program began with a grant that was awarded to the Department in 2010. It was set up as a 3 year pilot program and is in collaboration with the Valley Family Justice Center and Cal State University, Northridge.  The program allows victims of sexual or domestic violence to have access to multiple resources in a “one-stop-shop” facility which is inconspicuous. The goal of the program is to lead the victim to self-sufficiency.  The program is looking to expand to include North Hollywood in the near future and has obtained a grant from the City Council for construction of a new facility.

• The Department’s report, dated November 8, 2013, relative to the professional services agreement with Oak Tree Gun Club for rifle firing range services, was approved and transmitted to the Mayor.

• The Department’s report, dated November 8, 2013, relative to the request for approval of selected proposer, Starlims Corporation, to provide an evidence and property information management system, was approved.

• The Department’s report, dated November 1, 2013, relative to the request for payment of reward offer on City Council file no. 09-0010-S37, was approved and transmitted to the Mayor and City Council.

• The Department’s report, dated November 8, 2013, relative to the Ethics Enforcement Section quarterly report, third quarter 2013, was received. The Board directed the Office of the Inspector General to submit an analysis of this report along with any appropriate recommendations to the Board.

• The Department’s report, dated November 15, 2013, relative to the Vehicle Pursuit Audit (IAID No. 13-028), was approved.  Commander Matt Blake informed the Board the Department tested 14 objectives and received a 90% compliance rate.  He said training was offered to those who were not up to par.

• The Department’s report, dated October 31, 2013, relative to the Blake-Justice Consent Decree - fiscal year 2012-13 annual report, was continued until next week.  Police Commission Vice President Paula Madison requested the Inspector General to conduct an analysis of the report and present any recommendations he might have to the Board.

• The Department’s report, dated November 14, 2013, relative to contract no. 13112360 to present the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) courses – July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014, was approved and transmitted to the Mayor. 


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