18-Year-Old Missing Man
Los Angeles Police Department arrests two men targeting the elderly throughout Los Angeles County on multiple elder abuse charges

Chief's Message


Making sure you go home safely is my most important job. When out on patrol, you use good judgment that guides you in dangerous situations. Anything that makes our job less safe must be eliminated and replaced with good solid tactics that become routine and second nature to you. This means wearing your seatbelt and reminding your partner to do the same. Remember, distracted driving is anything that takes your focus away from the road.

Lastly, remember the on duty training we have provided you and apply it off duty to keep you and your loved ones safe. When things are in order at home, you will have less to worry about while at work.

Historic Notes Elysian Park Academy

As you know our iconic police academy is currently being renovated, prompting many of us to look back at our own personal memories and appreciate its rich history. I found some interesting historical notes I wanted to share with you.

Approximately 33,210 sworn men and women have graduated from the Academy grounds. The first police recruit graduated in 1936. All officers received their formal training at Elysian Park until the opening of the Ahmanson Recruit Training Center in 1998. The mural on the athletic field represents men and woman of all backgrounds. It is a tribute to all who represent the LAPD family and a gift from the Class of 2-81. The mural replaced the Olympic Rings that were mounted for the 1932 Olympics.

In 1925, the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club was formed by a private organization of sworn members of the Department who opened an onsite pistol range, restaurant and café. In 1973, the Rock Garden was listed as No. 110 on the list of “Historic-Cultural Monuments” in Los Angeles, providing official recognition and protection for Los Angeles’ most significant and cherished historic resources

Patrol Shifts, Vertical Staff Meetings and Coffee with the Chief

Since I've been Chief, I have remained committed to meeting with you and working side by side with you to gain insight from where you sit and work everyday. I need to know what's important to you and what your likes and frustrations are when it comes to work efficiency or past practices. I find there is so much value in these meetings, which often prompts great suggestions I can work on that will improve your job effectiveness and ability to do your work.

Some have asked the status of the multi-function rifle racks. Motor Transport Division personnel are working very hard and quickly as possible to continue installing the racks in every new black and white police vehicle being rolled out this year. They are working hard for you, so please do all you can to take care of these new cars and your equipment.

Most recently, I was asked when the Digital In Car Video (DICV) cameras will be rolled out citywide. As of now, the infrastructure within Operations Central Bureau (OCB) is being installed and will be up and running in the black and whites by late summer and completion is expected by the end of the year. Operations West Bureau (OWB) is next and we have funding already identified for it. Eventually DICV will go citywide and the Department will continue to move forward. Currently the DICV software system upgrade for OSB is in progress and will continue as the infrastructure is built out across OCB.

Lastly, in 2013 the City allowed hiring for some of our civilian workforce and this should continue into 2014. I will continue to push for these new hires, upgrades and certification of eligible lists via the Managed Hiring Committee.

In closing, I do appreciate the candid and healthy discussions we've had in our meetings so expect I will be at your division soon. The offer still stands for each of you to send me a personal email if I miss you at your workplace. I answer my own emails and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Be safe and thank you for all you do,



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