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Chief of Police Message - August 2014

August 2014 COP

Mid - Year City-wide Crime Statistics

As we have passed the yearly half way mark, we should take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of your hard work and the difference it has made in keeping crime levels down.  You have faced and overcome unprecedented challenges during one of the largest fiscal crisis the Department has ever experienced, while still reducing crime.  Each member of this Department has much to be proud of. 

In comparison to the first six months of 2013, property crimes have decreased 7.0% and Part I crimes are down 5.4%.  During this period, we have experienced a slight increase by 2.9% in violent crimes.  One of the reductions I am most proud of is our reductions in gang crime.  This City, not very long ago, was known as the gang capital of the United States.  We were also the murder capital of the United States, due to gang murders.  Over the past five years we have reduced gang crime in the City of Los Angeles by more than 52%.  We've reduced it by more than half.  We've done this with effective policing and the great police work by our gang officers and detectives.  But we also know we cannot do this alone.  We've saved lives with the support of the City's programs and its partnerships that understand every aspect of how they can make a difference in reducing gang violence with an emphasis on intervention and prevention.  This offers a community solution with smart and fair policing by our officers, with a solution that entails a route back into society with successful reintegration.  I am extremely proud of you for engaging and embracing the challenges that come along with fighting gang crime.  Ultimately your consistent and unrelenting commitment as officers to effectively improve the quality of everyday life in our neighborhoods has saved countless lives.  This is evidenced by the crime reductions and the successes of smart community programs.  When we review year to date gang-related aggravated assaults, they are down 9.1%, gang-related rapes are down 59.1% and total gang crime has been reduced 13.1%.  

As always we must remember that these numbers represent people. Our level of high quality policing has ensured there are less people who have been victimized in our City. Our quality of policing, predictive policing and the positive relationships we maintain with our communities, has enabled us to keep crime down to historic levels for many years.  Let us continue working together toward the end of 2014.

National Night Out

On Tuesday August 5, 2014, in a strong show of support, communities across the country will join their local law enforcement agencies in unity against crime and drugs to celebrate the 31st Annual National Night Out. This annual event is celebrated nationwide the first Tuesday of August as neighbors come together and take a unified stand in declaring their neighborhood crime and drug free.  Throughout the City our area stations will host open houses and block parties. Our police officers will lead vigils and community walks that promote neighborhood camaraderie and strengthen our police-community partnerships. Please lend your support to this great anti-crime effort.

LAPD Safe Summer Tipoff Recap

Congratulations to the LAPD basketball team as they emerged victorious 55 - 44 over the Los Angeles Fire Department team for a fifth consecutive championship title. This annual youth safety festival has served as a great way for kids across the City to kick off their summer vacation. It was great to see the positive effect our police officers have when interacting with so many kids and their families. A very special thank you to our event host Arsenio Hall for his energy and humor that made this event memorable and fun for everyone in attendance. I would like to give special recognition to Officer Sara Faden, Media Relations Section, for her remarkable efforts in organizing and making this event come together seamlessly for a fifth successful year in a row. Lastly, I cannot forget our gracious community sponsors who once again made this festival a huge success.  

The United States Police and Fire Championships

In late June, almost 5,000 police and fire department personnel from across the country traveled to San Diego to compete against one another in more than 55 sporting events. These competitive matches took place in more than 35 venues. This year 387 LAPD personnel competed, more than any other agency. Our Department employees had great success by capturing 95 Gold medals, 62 Silver medals, and 32 Bronze Medals. I am very proud of our police officers for their dedication, commitment to personal training and diet regimens they maintain all year long, and for representing the Department in this annual national competition.  I know it takes a lot of sacrifice and work to maintain a competitive level of skill and fitness, which makes me proud to see you representing this world class Department.  I always look forward to supporting you and watching you compete at the events. 

Labor Negotiations

At the time of this writing, the tentative contract agreement failed to be ratified by the majority rank and file.  It is important to recognize that union and City leaders will continue working together to reach an agreement that is fair and equitable to everyone.  In the days following the ratification meetings, I had the chance to attend several roll calls, listen to your concerns and pledge my support for this great Department and its members.  I was very pleased to see the level of professionalism and respect demonstrated by all of you during uncertain times. 

Again, I reaffirm my most sincere appreciation for each and every one of you.  I expect we will move through this process as professionals and continue to carry out your duties with the same regard you always do.  Most importantly, I ask that you discuss your differences of opinion in a respectful manner without allowing your personal viewpoints to create animosity or division in the workplace. 

Be safe,


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