48-Year-Old Missing Man
LAPD Seeks Public’s Help in Identifying Suspect(s) in Labor Day Weekend Murders

Chief's Message

Police work is never easy, never predictable, and always dangerous. The inherent dangers of our line of work clearly exist, and sadly have become more evident this past year for our Department. Across the country, police officers are often confronted with violent armed suspects, and tragically, some of these incidents result in serious injury to our officers. When I meet with our officers following these traumatic incidents I am always grateful to learn how their training, tactical skills and equipment have protected them from these violent assaults. But more importantly, I am in awe of the personal courage these officers display and their will to survive. We can provide them with hours of training and give them the tools to protect themselves and the community, but we can’t teach them how to be brave, that comes from within. These brave men and women truly embody the essence of what heroes are made of.

This year’s Above and Beyond Medal of Valor and Purple Heart Awards will be held on September 4th at the Hollywood and Highland Center’s Grand Ballroom. The ceremony will recognize twenty-six officers for their bravery, heroism, and courage. These humble men and women have gone above and beyond to serve this great City and this will be our day to honor them. I invite each of you to join us as we pay tribute to their extraordinary service and recount their heroic acts.

Congratulations to this year’s Medal of Valor and Purple Heart recipients:

Medal of Valor Honorees

Officer Canaan Bodell, Serial No. 34688, Metropolitan Division
Officer James Brown, Serial No. 31342, Metropolitan Division
Officer Michael Messenger, Serial No. 30403, Metropolitan Division
Officer Hans Almaraz, Serial No. 27559, Rampart Area
Officer Joseph Arevalo, Serial No. 35784, Rampart Area
Officer Mark Austin, Serial No. 40135, Rampart Area
Officer David Blake, Serial No. 40139, Rampart Area
Sergeant Joseph Broussard, Serial No. 35924, Criminal Gang and Homicide Division
Officer Juan Garcia, Serial No. 35969, Rampart Area
Officer Brad Gorby, Serial No. 36118, Rampart Area
Officer Ryan Nguyen, Serial No. 34595, Rampart Area
Officer Clinton Perez, Serial No. 34732, Rampart Area
Officer Sean Schneider, Serial No. 36133, Metropolitan Division
Officer Donald Thompson, Serial No. 25595, Emergency Services Division

Purple Heart Award Honorees

Sergeant Philip Scallon, Serial No. 35240, Pacific Division
Police Officer Sean Schneider, Serial No. 36133, Metropolitan Division
Retired Police Officer Richard Beardslee, Serial No. 15500, Wilshire Area
Retired Police Officer Jack Rand, Serial No. 17619, Wilshire Area
Police Officer Rick L. Webb, Serial No. 23955, Mission Division
Retired Police Officer Bill Skiles, Serial No. 21119, Hollenbeck Area
Police Officer Christopher Walter, Serial No. 27009, Information Technology Division
Police Officer Alejandro Valencia, Serial No. 36292, Foothill Division

Purple Heart Honorees Awarded Posthumously

Detective Robert Endler, Serial No. 6221, Wilshire Area
Detective Sergeant Charles Monaghan, Serial No. 6078, Wilshire Area
Detective Gerald Sawyer, Serial No. 11797, Narcotics Division
Policeman Norbert Huseman, Serial No. 7425, Newton Area

Thank You…

This coming March will mark my 40th year as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. I have been immensely proud to serve as your Chief for the past five years and I look forward to the opportunity to continue in this role for the next five. The reappointment process has been very difficult and personally challenging. It has created division and conflict within the Department far beyond what I had envisioned. Now is the time for us to come together in support of not only our mission but of each other. We have important work to do. We have a great City to police, one that deserves to be the safest big city in America to be policed effectively and constitutionally. Most of all, it deserves to have the best police department in the world.

I thank the men and women of this Department for the successes and the strides we have made over the years. You have worked hard and truly deserve to be recognized as members of the world’s finest police department. As we move forward, I am eager to work with you towards achieving the goal of making Los Angeles the safest big City in America. This begins with each and every member of this Department, in the way we act every day. Let’s demonstrate our professionalism and pride of this world class organization by the way we treat each other moving forward.

Be safe and take care of each other,



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