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November 18, 2014 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

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After a quorum was established, Commissioner Paula Madison opened the meeting.  After a few brief comments from her and Commissioner Robert Saltzman, the meeting proceeded. 

For the Report of the Chief of Police, Chief Beck began by expressing sorrow for the victims of a recent violent attack in Jerusalem.  He stressed there were no credible threats of similar violence in Los Angeles, but the Department would increase deployment in the city’s Jewish communities as a precaution.  He went on to mention his plans to attend a funeral for an LAPD motor officer who died of medical complications.  Chief Beck added that 2014 had become a troubling year for deaths of police officers, as this would be the tenth such loss.  Finally, he discussed significant changes in Department administrative personnel before closing his report with the most up-to-date crime statistics. After his report, Commission President Steve Soboroff asked Chief Beck to comment on the upcoming Grand Jury decision relating to the Ferguson, Missouri incident, as well as a recent ballot issue voters passed that will release a large number of prisoners by reducing their charges from felonies to misdemeanors.  Accordingly, Chief Beck addressed these topics.

For the Report of the Executive Director, Executive Director Richard Tefank mentioned there would be only three commission meetings for the remainder of 2014, with no meetings on December 2, 23 and 30.

Consent Agenda Items proceeded with several public comments preceding commission approval.  After the comments, all items were approved. 

Regular Agenda Items then ensued with 10 items as follows:

Item E, the Executive Director’s Report, dated November 7, 2014, relative to the Official Police Garage Towing and Storage Rates for 2015, as set forth, was approved.

Item F, the Department’s Report, dated November 14, 2014, relative to the sixth amendment to contract #C-114355 with Motorola Solutions, Inc., as set forth, was approved.

Item G, the Department’s Report, dated November 3, 2014, relative to the request for payment of a reward offer on City Council File #11-0010-S20, as set forth, was approved.

Item H, the Department’s Report, dated November 5, 2014, relative to the Operations- Central Bureau Vice Command Accountability Performance Audit (IAID #14-053), as set forth, was approved.

The remaining six items (Items A through D and Items I and J) were verbal presentations or reports that commenced immediately with Item A, an overview focusing on the Pacific Area Community Police Advisory Board’s efforts for problem solving, crime strategies and related programs and goals. Pacific Area Commanding Officer Brian Johnson led the presentation.

Item B followed with a presentation about the city’s Domestic Violence Task Force.  Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese led the discussion and was assisted by representatives from the Office of the Mayor and the City Attorney’s Office.

The third presentation (Item C) was a report about the current status of Special Order No. 7 relative to Law Enforcement Agency Endorsement for Immigrant Victims of Human Trafficking and other Special Crimes Against Persons.  Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese also led this discussion.

Item D was the fourth presentation.  It concerned a departmental report dated November 14, 2014, relative to the report entitled “Perspectives on the Disciplinary System: Insights from the Men and Women of the LAPD.”  The Christopher Dorner manifesto instigated the report, which Chief Beck took very seriously.  Arif Alikhan, the Department’s Special Assistant for Constitutional Policing, and Deputy Chief Debra McCarthy, Commanding Officer of the LAPD Professional Standards Bureau led the discussion with assistance from Chief Beck.  Topics of the report included officer morale, fair treatment of personnel in connection with disciplinary procedures, recommendations for improvement and more.  After discussion, the commission approved the report with the stipulation for a follow-up in 60 days.

The fifth presentation (Item I) was about a departmental report dated November 12, 2014, relative to the case prioritization enhancement to the personnel complaint investigation and adjudication process.  Deputy Chief McCarthy and Special Assistant Alikhan also led this discussion with assistance from Stuart Maislin, Commanding Officer of LAPD Internal Affairs.  The commission subsequently approved the report.

The final presentation was Item J, about a departmental report dated November 14, 2014, relative to the biased policing update for the 3rd Quarter Report.  Commanding Officer Stuart Maislin once again led the discussion, and the commission approved the report.    


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