Chief Charlie Beck Delivers Testimony to President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing
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Chief's Message

Now that we are beginning to settle into the new year, I'd like to reaffirm the focus of our efforts as a Department in 2015. Each and every one of you owns a valuable role within this organization by being more effective in the performance of your duties while creating opportunities to build community trust. You make this Department what it is, and you have the greatest ability to make an impact within our communities, so seize this opportunity.

I’m proud to say the LAPD is taking a huge step forward in American policing. We are leaders in the law enforcement community, sharing best practices as the national model for training, policy, investigations and community programs. The standards we hold and the effective manner in which we police this City are how we are measured, but most importantly creates trust. The communities we serve expect the Department to be accountable and transparent. We will do this by implementing the digital in car video program and providing every officer with body worn cameras. To put forward that every LAPD officer will record our interactions on the streets says a lot about how much faith I have in you and how much we as an organization value the way we treat the public. Trust is built on the truth and truth is displayed through transparency.

Building solid and genuine community partnerships reduce crime and ultimately create trust. A community that believes in their police department and knows how tough the job is, and appreciates the officers who do the job realize we value them as much as we value ourselves. Maintaining and increasing the trust and confidence of the community is paramount to do our jobs effectively.

Making Los Angeles safer and better in 2015 begins with every single member of our community. Together we can make our community safe, and together we will make our City better. Each of you deserves the support and faith from those you serve and I will continue touting the Los Angeles Police Department as having the greatest cops in the world.

Baker to Vegas (B2V)

One of the most competitive sporting events in law enforcement is right around the corner. The Baker to Vegas relay race can be very challenging due to the terrain and climate changes that will test more than your running endurance. To those running this year, I wish you luck as you proudly represent the LAPD. Thanks in advance to the support teams and event organizers. You are invaluable as you work long hours through the desert heat and the cold of the night. Travel safely and I look forward to seeing everyone in the race to help celebrate each other’s achievements.

Work hard, stay safe and take care of each other,



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