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Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 (LA2015)

From July 25 thru August 2, 2015, Los Angeles will proudly host the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. This is the biggest sporting and humanitarian event in Los Angeles since the 1984 Summer Olympic Games and it will be the biggest event the City will host this year. The 2015 Special Olympics World Games will feature 25 Olympic-style sports in venues throughout the Los Angeles region. 80,000 spectators are expected to fill into the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the Opening Ceremony on July 25, 2015. Millions of fans around the world will be watching ESPN’s live television coverage of the Opening Ceremonies and will air a one hour recap each evening of the Special Olympics World Games. The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

The LAPD has been developing strategic plans for this event for more than a year. During the nine day event 5,000 officers will be deployed and will have three Incident Management teams on hand. The Department will welcome an anticipated 500,000 spectators, 30,000 amazing volunteers who will support and cheer 7,000 Special Olympics athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries. For the Opening Ceremony, 700 LAPD officers will be deployed. The Department has taken great steps to plan in advance so it is anticipated to not have an impact on regular patrol functions.

Each of you will have the opportunity to come into contact with many of the visitors who will be in Los Angeles for this incredible event. Continue to represent The Department as the best law enforcement agency in the world. Maintain your professionalism and positive interactions with the community as we celebrate and honor the diversity and accomplishments of those participating and visiting Los Angeles from around the world.

Fairfax World Police and Fire Games

Congratulations to all who have trained hard to represent the LAPD in the Fairfax 2015 World Police & Fire Games taking place in Virginia. This amazing 10 day international sporting competition brings 12,000 first responders from 70 countries around the world to promote athleticism and camaraderie. Through your participation you will have the opportunity to represent The LAPD and show how talented and multi-faceted you are. This competition began Friday June 26 with closing ceremonies on Sunday July 5 during Independence Day Weekend. Our entire Department will be celebrating your athletic performances. For those personnel interested in future World Police & Fire Games, Canada will play host in 2017, followed by China in 2019.

LAPD Baseball Cards

The Department has partnered with the LA County Sheriff’s and the Los Angeles Dodgers to bring back an old tradition of law enforcement baseball trading cards. These baseball cards have helped officers develop relationships between law enforcement and kids. The front of the custom made Topps cards feature a Los Angeles Dodgers player and on the back has a thumbnail image featuring 40 LAPD officers from diverse assignments. Please be sure to carry plenty of LAPD-Dodgers baseball cards as kids may ask for an extra card for their brothers and sisters. A very special thank you to the Los Angeles Police Foundation for their generous contribution to this project.

Summer Safety

Be sure to use at home with your loved ones the same good judgment and safe practices you use in the field to keep your partner safe. Whether on a weekend road trip or on a vacation getaway inspect your vehicle, carry an emergency kit, and keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Thank you for the great work you do for this Department and please know how much I value and appreciate each one of you.

Take care and be safe out there,


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