Officer Involved Shooting in North Hollywood
Officer Steps in to Relieve Choking Woman

Chief's Message

Preservation of Life and Building Public Trust Initiative

Angelenos trust LAPD with their lives each and every day as demonstrated through the number of calls for service and public contacts you have. However, there are still some within the communities we serve who we need to work harder with to show our commitment. You and I both know our commitment to serve, but relationships are constant building and adjusting. As part of that building and adjusting, LAPD has developed a training initiative to include four key components:

1. Preservation of Life
2. Promoting Fair and Impartial Policing
3. Expanding Community Relationships and Partnerships
4. Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

This training program will discuss important objectives which will help us do our job more effectively. Topics of this training include building public trust, protecting and preserving life, tactical skills to de-escalate, assist the mentally ill, and use only the force reasonably necessary under the circumstances, search and seizure, fair and impartial policing and providing medical assistance.

This training will take our abilities and knowledge and enhance our effectiveness within the community. The fact that we are dedicated to continuous improvement is one of the many reasons that LAPD is thought to be the best in law enforcement.

Medal of Valor and Purple Heart Award

On Thursday October 1st, the LAPD will present 18 officers with the Department's highest honors, the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart award. The Purple Heart award recognizes officers who have sustained serious physical injury during a tactical situation and the Medal of Valor is awarded to officers who have performed acts of extreme courage while consciously facing imminent peril. I invite each of you to join us at the 2015 Above & Beyond Awards Ceremony and Luncheon at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland. For more information, please contact the Los Angeles Police Foundation at (213) 489-4636, or visit:

National Night Out 2015

The 32nd Annual National Night Out will be celebrated across the country on Tuesday August 4, 2015. Neighborhoods and community centers will host open houses, potlucks, and block parties. This annual celebration of community partnership and unification will take place at area stations throughout the City. This national event offers us the perfect opportunity for our police officers to meet families, educate people on Neighborhood Watch programs, and provide summer safety tips. Please be sure to participate and carry LAPD baseball cards to give out to the kids.

2015 Los Angeles Police Relief Association (LAPRA) Fitness Challenge

This month we reach the half-way point of the 90 day LAPRA Fitness Challenge. In what has become a summer tradition, sworn and civilian teams are formed with the goal of self-improvement through diet and exercise. What makes this a great challenge is the support that comes from your colleagues. Peer support is the huge motivational factor when scheduling early morning runs or workouts, avoiding ordering pizza delivery on Fridays, and not bringing sweets into the office. Since 2008, the number of teams that participate has increased along with the number of pounds they lose. A very special thank you to LAPRA for their kind sponsorship of this great competition that allows us to invest in ourselves.

Thank you for all you do and be safe out there.



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