Officer-Involved Shooting in Southwest Division
27-Year-Old Man Shot to Death

Notes from the November 3, 2015 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

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Chief Beck stated that on October 20,2015, he was in Washington D.C. to meet with law enforcement leaders to discuss reducing crime and incarceration. Chief Beck met with more than 60 Chiefs of Police and Attorney Generals gathered to discuss what can be done on the federal, state, and local level to reduce incarceration and crime.

The next day Chief Beck joined President Barack Obama to discuss the incarceration levels in the country, police use of force, and public trust. Chief Beck found President Obama to be extremely knowledgeable on law enforcement issues. The following week, President Obama incorporated many of the lessons learned from Los Angeles when addressing the IACP, Internal Association of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Beck attended the Major Cities Chiefs Conference in Chicago which was attended by the Chief of Police from the top 75 cities in America. They discussed the similarity of issues law enforcement is dealing with: violent crime, public trust, police use of force. Chief Beck found the conversation heartening. He said Los Angeles is on the right path as many other police departments across the nation are putting into practice what LAPD is doing.

Yesterday it was announced the arrest of the Western Bandit. Highlighted an incident over the weekend in Metro Division crime suppression detail in Rampart area where a male gang member, concealed weapon and fired at officers. The officers took the suspect into custody without using deadly force or firing their firearms. This does not happen all the time but he recognizes the success of the officers and is thankful for their lives.

The Department will undertake an end of year Use of Force Review more comprehensive than ever before. The report will include what Police Commission wants to see a report that is respective and relevant to the issues Police Commission wants to see addressed. 

Verbal presentation and update from the Commanding Officer and Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) representative regarding community initiated problem solving, crime strategies, and other programs and goals within the Olympic Area.

Department’s verbal report and discussion relevant to the review of firearms qualification schedules for full-time and reserve police officers was presented by Deputy Chief Bill Murphy, Commanding Officer, Police Science and Training, and Lieutenant Darnell Davenport, Office in Charge, Reserve and Youth Education section.

Department’s and Inspector General’s verbal update report relevant to the progress in developing guidelines to be utilized in the process of procurement of supplies, goods and equipment by the Department will report back in 90 days.

Department’s Report, dated October 14, 2015, relative to the Project Management and Quality Assurance for Computer-Aided Dispatch and Related Systems Agreement, as set forth. [BPC #15-0331] was approved and will be transmitted to the Mayor.

Department’s Report, dated October 27, 2015, relative to the Personal Services Agreement with Emergency Response Crime Scene Cleaning for Emergency Crime Scene Cleanup Services, as set forth. [BPC #15-0332] was approved and will be transmitted to the Mayor.

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Things to keep in mind about getting the United States President to support you and your requests, concerns and issues.

The President of the United States of America knows what is happening before a person or group is allowed to meet with the United States President.

The United States President knows how to make a person or group of people feel like they have been heard.

The United States President knows how to ask questions to the person or group of people that he meets with so that the President gets the real truth from the person he meets with just by looking at the person he meets with.

The United States President dose not need the person he meets with to say the truth because the truth is seen through observation.

I am happy that the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department has had a up front conversation with the United States President because now our United States President commander and chief has a better understanding about what is happening with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The United States President will relay the information given to him in the most proper form so that there is a menatl connection to the social communication that is given by our United States President.

It seems like the police commission needs some help.

Please read this and let me know if you want my help.

I am a person who never loses a battle that I agree to take on as of yet still to this day.

I take responsibility for all of my actions all the time deep down within.

I am a person that others test for there enjoyment and for them to get to know about who I am also what I am able to handle.

I am the person treats waste like its waste. The meaning of that remark is if a person or group of people are not strong enough to win what they start than they have wasted time and they well be treated as such which is respect.

This is only a little taste of who I have been and what I able to become in the future.

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