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Notes from the March 15, 2016 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

Narcotics Investigation Results in Seizure and Arrests

Canoga Park: Los Angeles Police Department Topanga Narcotics investigators, with the assistance of the Canoga Park community, recently conducted a major narcotics investigation resulting in numerous arrests and the seizure of large amounts of marijuana.

Local community members contacted LAPD to voice their suspicion of marijuana cultivation in the area. On March 9, 2016, around 2:00 p.m., narcotics investigators assigned to LAPD Topanga Area Narcotics Enforcement Detail, in conjunction with Gang and Narcotics Division, served search warrants at three warehouses in the 8500 block of Canoga Avenue in Canoga Park.

Over ten-thousand marijuana plants in various stages of growth, along with a large quantity of marijuana edibles, were recovered from the three locations. Investigators seized over seven thousand dollars in US currency and nearly 2,400 pounds of marijuana that included live plants and dried flowers which had an approximate wholesale value of $4.8 million dollars.

In one of the warehouses, investigators seized over 300 pounds of liquids, chocolates, and hard candy labeled as "infused with THC" (the active chemical in cannabis). Evidence found at scene indicated that at least one of the warehouses was connected to a large scale Marijuana Delivery Service in the City of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Seven suspects were arrested at one of the locations for 11359 H&S, Cultivation and Possession for Sales of Marijuana.

Any questions regarding his incident can be directed to the case agent, Police Officer III Matthew Mauldin, (818) 756-4850 at Topanga Community Police Station.


The idea of drugs is disturbing to the human being who is weak minded. The idea of drugs is fearless to the human being who is firm in the mind. I think most of us can read between the lines about this remark.

The drug weed enforces people do take there life more slowly while thinking about there whole life.

These on going thoughts being thought about while smoking weed/spice can cause a reaction from the smoker.

This reaction can be misrepresented to be the cause for more pain yet to who? If all this is not evaluated clearly the police can not completely secure the suspect.

The I do not care communications will lead to a penal code 5150 investigation which might already be well known before the duel started, period.

The Los Angeles Police Department must be more patient when securing a drug suspect lead or the waste will hit the ceiling fan.

Based on the past history of the Los Angeles Police Department the officers need to use a slow skill while getting all the information out.

If a police officer three is really in charge of this whole thing than he needs to act like it by following all of this tip line information.

I am the leader for The deuces Pride street gang. I am not yet noticed as controlled in a deep internal form.

I bring the balance to what side of some ones communication is going to live on.

I declare one side to be a waste of time, during the duel between two and more sides seeking for a movement to be allowed for there side to win.

The side that is a waste of time is the side that can no longer move all the way nor get back up within there well being at all.

The side which is a waste of time begins the process for no longer being existed to the human kind.

This is how waste is treated and how civil problems are fixed now days, period.

Now, who will fall faller?

Its great to see alot of these places being brought down. There has been alot of growth in these types of operations.

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